Academic death sentence


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This poster details the challenges with an alternative school designed to support behaviorally challenged students. The poster outlines some flaws in the design of such efforts and how such schools amount to an academic death sentence for many of the students who end up there. Recommendations outline how the general concept for the intervention could be strengthened for a much better outcome for the students.

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Academic death sentence

  1. 1. INSTITUTIONAL INTERVENTION Alternative School + School-based mental health services: Well intentioned intervention or resegregation or academic death sentence?     PROBLEM EQUITY STATEMENT IMPLICATIONS Alternative school has 80%   Policy black male students who have _____________________________________________________ Demystify the role of significantly inferior academic interpersonal and institutional experience. DISPROPORTIONALITY OF PLACEMENT bias in disproportionate Placement criteria is based on multiple suspensions, chronic suspension and placement of Mental health interventions absences or significantly low grades black males in alternative not enough to prevent Students usually referred because of behavior incident schools. increase of suspensions for students. _____________________________________________________ Reframe the issue by FLAWED DESIGN examining the pathologies  Students are placed at inherent in the institution of Academic, behavioral, and SES varied greatly but the most increased risk of suspension, common demoniator was race American education, not black expulsion and drop out. Substandard facility male behavior. Inexperienced leadership & staff This is a race-based issue, Stigma of placement Practice an equity issue, and a civil Discover important links rights issue Lack of support and resources for overwhelming need Cross purposes of education and mental health between caring relationships, _______________________________________________________________________ _ culturally responsive classroom management, and the CRITICAL elimination of disproportionate QUESTIONS suspension and placement by How do district leaders and mental health directors more “It’s because bias. accurately identify and address the problem? I’m black!” Connect effective classroom strategies with eliminating Who’s problem is being disproportionate suspension and addressing? placement by bias. _____________________________________________________ What’s the motivator for addressing the problem?  ADDRESSING INSTITUTIONAL RACISM Addressing institutional racism can be overwhelming and must be What is the goal? precisely identified: Suspension & placement. Interventions should aim at leveraging resources and opportunities to simultaneously reduce the immediate impact on students and begin longer term sustainable change _______________________________________________ CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE INTERVENTION Prioritize and invest heavily in the most marginalized students. Recruit and incentivize appropriate leadership & staff that are best able to work with these students. Imbed these interventions within the current institutions. Deliberately overlap and align education and mental health.POSTER TEMPLATE