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Maximizing the Sponsorship Experience
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Maximizing the Sponsorship Experience


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Maximizing the Sponsorship Experience i.e. Make it a cappuccino, not a to-go cup! Paul Hanscom, CAE March 23, 2006
    • 2. Today’s Agenda
      • Sponsors: Why have them?
      • Who to target and how
      • Brainstorming sponsor benefits
      • Building your plan of attack
      • Leveraging the value to sponsors
      • Utilizing sponsors to promote your event
      • Nurturing the relationship
    • 3. What would you like to learn today?
    • 4. What is Sponsorship?
      • Sponsorship creates
      • a meaningful partnership
      • between a vendor and an association,
      • diversifies association revenue sources
      • and can allow additional funding to better serve your members.
    • 5. Why should someone sponsor?
      • Seen as supporter of industry
      • Build awareness of brand, product or service
      • Viewed as expert, resource
      • Meet new clients
      • Understand industry trends, buyers’ needs
      • Be seen as good corporate citizen
    • 6. Don’t be humble!
      • Their alternatives: cold calling, trade shows, direct mail, advertising etc.
      • Consumers place a lot of trust in nonprofit associations.
      • You’re offering sponsor respectability through partnership.
      • Be the $4.75 cappuccino, price to the experience, what market will bear
    • 7. Who should you target?
      • Who wants visibility in front of your audience?
      • Who sponsors similar events? Local/regional/national?
      • Logical tie-in with their business
      • Who is seen as leaders in the field?
      • Who’s going to influence other decision makers?
    • 8.
      • Who advertises in industry publications?
      • Who are biggest suppliers to your members, esp. board members?
      • Get board/committee help in fine-tuning your prospect list
      • Create top ten list to cultivate
      • Research!
    • 9. Your Ammunition
      • Mission of your organization
      • Demographics of participants
      • List of past participants
      • List of board members
      • Testimonials/awards/press
      • What’s unique about your event?
    • 10. Starting the Dialogue
      • How would your company like to be viewed?
      • What is your biggest challenge?
      • Describe the ideal project/prospect for you
      • What do you look for in a sponsorship?
      • Are you familiar with our organization?
      • Put them on your mailing list!
    • 11. Your Turn!
      • Why should someone want to sponsor your event?
      • Name three categories of businesses you should target.
      • Name one web site you will look at for sponsor ideas
      • Name one sponsor you’ll ask for suggestions.
    • 12. Secrets to Success
      • This is a partnership, NOT a one-time sale!
      • Put yourself in their shoes, how are sponsors treated?
      • Activation: MUST take advantage of benefits to see the value and repeat sponsorship. Give them a checklist!
      • Personal attention
    • 13. Building up to the Ask
      • The brochure is a reflection of the quality the sponsor can expect from your association.
      • Emphasize sponsors are making a contribution to your association, your members and your mission.
      • In person visits key to big asks. Start with basics, then fine-tune package to fit their goals.
      • “ Sponsors to date include…”
    • 14. Sponsor Recognition
      • Signage at event
      • Mention in printed materials
      • Ribbon on nametag
      • Hospitality/VIP tickets
      • Newsletter:
        • List sponsors
        • Individual spotlight
        • Ad
      • Insert in conference materials/bag
      • Booth or tabletop
      • Web site:
      • - logo
      • - hot link
      • - ad
      • Attendee list:
        • Printed
        • Electronic
    • 15. Sponsor Recognition
      • Give away company logo item
      • Profile company in onsite program
      • Logo on conference bag
      • One-time use of member list
      • Elevator pitch
      • Banner display
      • Product/Service Finder on association Web site
    • 16. Sponsor Recognition
      • Exclusive e-newsletter sponsor (e.g. MSAE)
      • Lanyards
      • Banner ad on promotional email
      • Creative but not NASCAR
      • Are you recognizing your biggest sponsors at your biggest event of the year?
    • 17. The Top Shelf
      • Naming Rights
      • Break Sponsors
      • Internet Café Sponsor
      • Sponsor of Event Series
      • Sponsor Keynote (logo sticker on book)
      • Private Reception with Power Brokers
      • Verbal Recognition from Podium (Get it right!)
      • Memory stick of presentations
      • Other examples?
    • 18. Packaging
      • Basic stepped levels but allow wiggle room
      • Tailor to fit particular needs of major prospects
      • Quantify value based on:
        • - Size of material distribution
        • what other organizations charge for similar packages
        • costs to deliver
        • what you’ve charged in the past
        • test the waters with select group
    • 19.
      • Annual packages:
        • May include membership and sponsorship of all events, some advertising
        • partner rather than vendor
        • one-time sale
    • 20. The Multiplier Effect i.e. adding the foam
      • Opportunity to present an award
      • Facilitate round table discussion
      • Personal thanks from staff AND board members at the event
      • Remind members to thank sponsors, keeps prices low
      • Give them extra copies of materials
    • 21. Plan of Attack
      • Set budget goal and revisit often
      • Send blast email
      • Direct mail
      • Sample email to committee for distribution
      • Personal calls!
      • Regular updates to committee/board
      • Staff wrapup: how can we improve?
    • 22. Feedback to/from Sponsors
      • Prompt thank you after the event with stats
      • Evaluations/testimonials from event
      • Hits on web site
      • Demographics of participants
      • Ask them how it went: first step towards resigning them for next year
    • 23.
      • Personal introductions to board members, stakeholders
      • Ability to host a meeting or event at their facility
      • Utilize opportunities for vendor staff to work side by side with association staff as volunteers at major events.
    • 24. Ongoing Communication with Sponsors
      • Call them!
      • Send communication in relation to their business, not just yours
      • Personal notes
      • Visit them in their office
      • Check ins, not just when you need something
      • Survey them
      • Don’t assume you know what they want
    • 25. Nurturing the Relationship
      • Focus groups to brainstorm new ideas
      • Keep your event fresh for reoccurring sponsors
    • 26. Get Sponsors to Help Promote Event
      • Give them extra brochures
      • “What’s the best way to let your employees/clients/stakeholders know about your support for this event?”
      • Ask for their client list
      • Provide them sample promotional email
      • Ask for link from their web site “We’re a proud sponsor of XYZ event”
    • 27. Summary
      • Be sponsor-worthy!
      • View sponsorship as a partnership
      • Always be looking for new prospects
      • Quantify your ammunition
      • Outline range of sponsor benefits, tailor
      • Leverage the value to sponsors
      • Utilize sponsors to promote your event
      • Nurture the relationship all year.
      • Be the cappuccino!
    • 28. Questions or additional ideas?
      • Please contact me
      • Paul Hanscom, CAE
      • Ewald Consulting
      • [email_address]
      • 651.290.6274