Sample Narrative report for seminars


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guys yan daw ung sundin n format for narrative report....isang ganyan per topic. ok

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Sample Narrative report for seminars

  1. 1. NEW ERA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE NARRATIVE REPORT Name : Jane G. Macasa Year & Course: 4th yr & BS Computer Science Topic : Server Virtualization Speaker: Mr. Jeff Dela Pena Date and Time : February 08, 2010 1:00-4:00pm Venue: Studio A I. Introduction We the 4th year BS Computer Science taking up the Cs Technology subject are required to have four topics of seminar regarding in I. T fields or in Technology. Our Professors organized a seminar for us. They invite speakers from different companies. In our first day of seminar the first topic they discuss is about the Business Continuity vs. Disaster Recovery and then the Server Virtualization. II. Knowledge / Learning Acquired
  2. 2. I have knowledge in virtualization because we use it in our Networking subject when we are in 3rd year level but honestly when I heard the topic that the next speaker discussed I was not really familiar with the server virtualization. Based on what I learned virtualization is virtually to have two or more virtual computing environments, running in different operating system and application in one piece of hardware. I learned that by the use of virtualization you can minimize the use of the hardware because you can use the partitioning which can run virtual machine in a single server. Like the speaker said that many large company use virtual server because it can minimize the space will be use by the company, reduce power consumption, resource allocation and high availability. I learned the two types of Virtualization the host-base which has operating system before the virtualization layer. While the base-metal virtualization has no operating system before the virtualization layer. III. Observation During our seminar I observed that our speaker have enough knowledge about the topic he is discussing. I also observed that they have freebies for the students to participate in their discussion and question answer portion. I observed that all students are interested to the topic discussed and participating with the speaker and listen enough to learn. IV. Recommendations / Suggestions I suggest that they provide a hand outs for all the participants of the seminar so that the participants or all students have notes to be compile and use it while the seminars going on so that they don’t need to copy instead they will focused on listening to the speaker.