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Personal bio mauro calcano

  1. 1. Personal Bio – Mauro Calcaño I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Fluent in Spanish, English and working knowledge of Portuguese. When I was young, my father was a petroleum engineer for ESSO de Venezuela, so for years we lived in and around the country’s oilfields…an educational experience all its own. I came to the United States to finish high school in Hollywood, Florida, then went to The George Washington University for my BA from the School of Public and International Affairs and an additional year of graduate study in Human Resources Management. Over the years since, I’ve had the chance to take on Human Resources leadership roles of increasing scope in some of the world’s best companies...companies like Merck, Beecham, Chiquita, Marriott In-flight, Sara Lee, Goya and Timex. I’ve been able to live and work not only in the US, where I proudly became a citizen but also in Latin America and Europe. Along the way, I’ve seen the Human Resources function evolve from "personnel," with its transaction-based mission to a much more strategic role, particularly for businesses operating across geographic and cultural boundaries, with culturally diverse workforces. In many ways, I think my career, and the skill set I’ve developed, exemplifies this change in what HR can and should be.
  2. 2. Personal Bio – Mauro CalcañoBefore going to the Timex Group, I was recruited by Goya Foods to play keyleadership role in spearheading the company’s strategic positioning fromdirect regional distributor to national Big Box Marketer in order to intensifyGoya’s mass channel sales with key focus upon Wal*Mart food distributionnetwork. Wal*Mart 2004 - 06 sales were projected to reach $50MM under thisnew strategic platform. Two family Board Members, strongly opposing newmass channel/Wal*Mart initiative, wrestled control of the company from theCEO & COO (Joseph and Andrew Unanue) and ousted them from theorganization – which subsequently brought about my departure and that ofother senior team members. Reference: Wall Street Journal article datedMarch 24, 2004, A Family fights over the future of Goya Foods.At Sara Lee International in London from 1995 to 2000, I built and led a team ofHR professionals located in-country across the globe in a complex marketingand multi-level sales and distribution organization with multi-layer salesteams focused directly on the consumer (i.e. the Avon model). Aftercompleting a 5 year expatriate assignment, in 2000 I was promoted to returnto the USA to integrate and build a new management team for several newlyacquired companies (Chock Full of Nuts and Nestle coffee brands). Despiteconsiderable success in capturing market share, Corporate eventuallydecided to exit the roasted coffee business in the US, and that led to mydecision to seek other opportunities. At Marriott, I transitioned after the In–flight food service business was acquired by Sky Chefs/Lufthansa in 1995 andwas offered a position as the VP HR for Latin America. I preferred to move toLondon with Sara Lee International.
  3. 3. Personal Bio – Mauro CalcañoAfter my expatriate assignment in 1992 with Chiquita Bananas Operations inSan Jose, Costa Rica was terminated due to budgetary reasons, I returned tothe US and joined Marriott/CaterAir. Previously I had an 8 year career path inthe pharmaceutical industry with Merck and Beecham and previously toreturning to the USA after university, I was a Director of Human Resources forGeneral Foods plant in Caracas, Venezuela.On a personal note, my wife, Isabel and I love to travel. I have a passion forwatching parrots (own a blue winged macaw; ara maracana) and other tropicalbirds. I’m also an avid cyclist (bike rack includes Specialized road bike andtriathlon bike, as well as a mountain bike) runner and avid floral photographer, My wife was born in Costa Rica,father was a Coronel in US Army Intelligence; she grew up in the PanamaCanal Zone. Isabel is bilingual and we have grown children (Cristina andMarisabel) living in New York City. I am 6’1’ – 200 lbs. Mauro Calcaño