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Personal bio   mauro antonio calcano
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Personal bio mauro antonio calcano






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Personal bio mauro antonio calcano Document Transcript

  • 1. Personal Bio – Mauro Antonio CalcañoI was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Fluent in Spanish, Englishand working knowledge of Portuguese. When I was young, my fatherwas a petroleum engineer for ESSO de Venezuela, so for years we livedin and around the country‟s oilfields…an educational experience all itsown. I came to the United States to finish high school in Hollywood,Florida, then went to The George Washington University for my BAfrom the School of Public and International Affairs and an additionalyear of graduate study in Human Resources Management.Over the years since, I‟ve had the chance to take on several HumanResources operational roles of increasing scope in some of the world‟sbest companies...like Merck, Beecham, Chiquita, Marriott In-flight, SaraLee, Goya and Timex. I‟ve been able to work not only in HQ but inmanufacturing environments starting with Merck chemical division toconsumer products plants. Along the way, I‟ve seen the HumanResources function evolve from "personnel," with its transaction-basedmission to a value added role, particularly for businesses operatingacross geographic and multi-sites with diverse workforces.In many ways, I think my career, and my skill set exemplifies thischange in what HR can do as a business partner on the work floor.Early in my career, I worked “on the floor” myself, and I‟ve never lostmy respect for the people who actually put the product out the door. Ibelieve this respect comes through and enables positive, openrelationships across the organization that helps me do a better job ofproviding HR hands-on leadership…whether taking ideas and concernsfrom the line up the organization to management, or communicatingbusiness strategy to the employee on the line.
  • 2. Personal Bio – Mauro Antonio CalcañoDuring my career, I have been involved in manufacturing businessform attracting talent from plant management to supervisors and lineoperators. At Timex, for example, I recognized the need for a newgeneration of engineering talent, and I developed the strategy foridentifying, attracting, selecting, and retaining „best in class”candidates. The strategy included realistically evaluating the type ofindividual Timex could attract, and branding Timex as an “employer ofchoice.” To execute the strategy, I launched an aggressive college andtechnical school recruiting campaign; built a user-friendly, high qualityinternet job application; implemented behavioral interviewingprograms; and established a solid on-boarding process. I researchedthe factors that had previously negatively affected on acceptance andretention rates, and made appropriate changes in our workenvironment, pay levels, benefits, development programs, corporateculture, and job content.I was promoted at Sara Lee to integrate and build a new manufacturingmanagement team for several newly acquired roasting companies(Chock Full of Nuts and Nestle coffee brands). Despite considerablesuccess in capturing market share, Corporate eventually decided toexit the roasted coffee business.I have implemented HR plant programs from salary and benefits plansto performance management, development, succession an on/offboarding programs in numerous companies, business environments,and geographies. Involving and installing on-going review and year-end appraisal mechanism to ensure that everyone in the organizationbalanced long-term growth with short-term accountability. In terms ofthe people planning, I use a variety of tools to identify high potentialsand managers with short/long-term growth potential, and established arobust professional development program that included job rotation,role expansion, and cross-functional assignments. More broadly, I ledproactive assessments of the labor market and other business trendsto ensure and quickly adjust changing business needs.
  • 3. Personal Bio – Mauro Antonio CalcañoOn a personal note, my wife, Isabel and I love to travel. I have a passionfor watching parrots (own a blue winged macaw; ara maracana) andother tropical birds. I‟m also am a cyclist (bike rack includesSpecialized road bike and triathlon bike, as well as a mountain bike)runner and avid floral photographer,http://www.flickr.com/photos/zuzanotte.My wife was born in Costa Rica, father was a Coronel in US ArmyIntelligence; she grew up in the Panama Canal Zone. Isabel is bilingualand we have grown children (Cristina and Marisabel) living in New YorkCity. I am 6‟1‟ – 200 lbs. Mauro Antonio Calcaño