Daedalus brochure November 2013


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In this brochure you will find a overview of the products and services that Daedalus Aviation Group can offer to the global military and civilian aviation market.

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Daedalus brochure November 2013

  1. 1. Daedalus Mission Statement "Deliver ultimate support for military and civilian aviation, covering the full scope from logistics to operations, in order to ensure maximum availability at lowest cost and highest quality standard" Daedalus Aviation Group, ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2120 certified, offers a unique "one-stop shop" concept to support military and civilian aviation customers worldwide. In close cooperation with its partners Daedalus offers fully integrated, turn-key solutions that cover the full scope of support activities for any Air Force or civilian operator. The main advantage for the customer is that they will receive an efficient and cost-effective turn-key solution, rather than having to assemble all separately procured elements themselves. Our aim is to be all you look for in a tier one supplier except for the price by doing more for less, while keeping or quality standards at the highest level. STRATEGIC GLOBAL PARTNER NETWORK Daedalus has Teaming Agreements in place with strategic global partners enabling synergetic solutions for a multitude of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft types. With over 100 experienced technicians on our payroll and a flexible system of more than 2.500 experienced technicians we are able to respond to almost any requirement in a very flexible way. Besides MRO partners Daedalus has also teamed up with supporting industry specialists such as dedicated Freight Forwarders, Export Control (ITAR) Specialists, Ground Support Equipment service providers, IT solution companies and even Flight Training Centers. We understand that the full spectrum of each operation should be integrated seamlessly in order to function in an optimal, cost-effective manner. We take pride in what we do and have customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list at all times as we strongly believe that good and honest relationships are the key to achieving win-win scenarios and to becoming successful in what you do. Daedalus is a proud member of Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  2. 2. Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrades MRO&U Activities Daedalus delivers support solutions for the whole scope of aircraft maintenance activities ranging from work planning, preventive and corrective maintenance to more complex work like overhauls and modifications. Daedalus is very flexible in the way it can provide MRO&U support. Customers can select for project based, temporary support, structural outsourcing of a select part of the business or they can just hire our experienced engineers, planners and technical personnel. Support can be delivered throughout all trades and all levels of your organization. We can support you on the flight line handling your aircraft or by performing any type of maintenance – preventive, corrective or modifications – at either O-level, I-level, D-level or in the backshops at component level. Furthermore Daedalus has gained experience in special maintenance activities like Post Desert Inspections and Anti Corrosion Treatment. Daedalus Component Repair Furthermore Daedalus offers component MRO&U for avionics, hydraulic and mechanical parts of a large variety of aircraft and helicopter types. These repairs are performed at various approved and selected Sources of Repair, but also “in-house" within the Daedalus Avionics shop which is conveniently located at the Logistics Depot of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Supported platforms Daedalus delivers support solutions for the whole range of aircraft maintenance activities on a multitude of fixed and rotary wing platforms (F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, C-130, DC-10, Fokker-50/60, AS-332/532 Super Puma, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, and many more). With our more generic trades like sheet metal workers and NDI support we also have experience in the civil aviation sector on Boeing, Airbus and Fokker aircraft. Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  3. 3. Logistic Support Besides all direct aircraft related activities Daedalus also provides support for activities that play a more facilitating role. These services range from consultancy to support with Aerospace Ground Equipment, IT Systems, Publication Management and Supply Chain Management. Consultancy support     Weapon System Management Maintenance Management Engineering Support Second opinion on FMS / Long Lead items Ground Support Equipment     Procurement of all types of GSE (teststand, power generator, cooling unit, etc.) Training (on-the-job) for users Training (classroom and on-the-job) for maintainers Service Level Agreement option  Maintenance Support only  Full Support: Daedalus takes care of all GSE, you just tell us what you need IT Support  Configuration Management System  Management support system Publication Management  Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs)  Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) Supply Chain Management     Warehousing Freight Forwarding Customs ITAR Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  4. 4. Personnel Support Daedalus Aviation Personnel services include recruiting, hiring and employing technical specialists in order to provide their customers with on-site expertise, to fill (short-term) manning gaps in areas such as flight line operations, O-level, I-level, D-level and back-shop maintenance. Furthermore Daedalus can provide experienced program managers, planners and maintenance managers to ensure swift execution of your activities by minimizing logistic delays. By hiring Daedalus technicians, our customers experience a rapid on-site manpower additions to meet operational needs which is cost effective considering the fact that our people are already trained and experienced. With well over 100 qualified, fully screened, technicians, engineers and logisticians Daedalus can offer you flexible solutions, short term and long term, to optimize the performance of your organization. Daedalus provides experienced multilingual specialists for a large variety of trades. Among the nationalities that work for us are technicians from the USA, Turkey, France and The Netherlands. Most of them with an extensive military background. The most common trades with which we provide support are the following.            Avionics Mechanics Armament Engines Sheetmetal NDI (up to level 3) Crewchief Egress Engineering Program Managers Work planning Our competitive rates include all required arrangements like transportation, housing, insurance, work permits, etc. Besides our standard work force our database contains well over 2.500 specialists that have worked for us in the past or sent in their CVs and passed our criteria. Daedalus predominantly works with field teams, that work on-site at the various worldwide customer locations. Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  5. 5. Technical and Pilot Training Technical Training Besides actually executing maintenance, Daedalus provides training for a wide range of trades and aircraft platform types or even support elements like training on GSE operation and maintenance. Training can either be performed at our facilities in The Netherlands or at the customer location incountry. Daedalus can also provide specific technician training on-the-job training (OJT) for (type) trained personnel in order to transfer knowledge and develop capability within the customer organization or any local support industry. In most cases these OJTs will be combined with actual execution of the MRO projects themselves. This concept of knowledge transfer and capability development has already successfully been applied in various countries, where personnel of the local aviation support industry or the air force customer themself has been trained on-the-job during the execution of a (complex) maintenance or upgrade programs. During these type of projects Daedalus gradually turns over the work to the customer or partner by initially performing the work themselves while the trainees looks over our shoulder, then perform the work together and finally have the customer/partner do follow-on work by themselves while Daedalus specialists watch over their shoulder. We believe in building honest and solid relationship rather than trying to keep everyuthing to ourselves. Pilot Training Besides technical training Daedalus support, Daedalus offers (advanced) pilot training for both fixed and rotary wing pilots in high detail similators as well as live flying. Rotary wing crew training is provided through our HELIOS Flight Training Center, of which is conveniently located adjacent to one of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Airbases. HELIOS offers courses for advanced helicopter operations, like NVG flying, Medical Evacuation, Fire-fighting and more for both pilots and supporting crew members like hoist operators, load masters and observers. If needed, depending on student entry level, CPL and PPL training can be provided as well. Fixed wing training is provided in close coordination with dedicated partners for both similator based training as well as live flying training. Although CPL and PPL can be provided we focus on advanced training like flight testing and upset recovery training. Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  6. 6. Spare Parts Provisioning Over the years Daedalus has built up a large network of sources of repair (SORs) and suppliers within the aviation market. We support our customers in obtaining spare parts and the best quality repairs for competitive pricing and the shortest turn times. The services we provide regarding Spare Parts management are the following.     Quote competitive prices on spare parts, test equipment, consumables and tooling Provide a second opinion on FMS Provide advice on long lead items Provide replenishment programs for TTFP materials Capability overview Our capabilities cover an almost full array of repair tools, fixtures and components for both aircraft engines and aero derivative gas turbine engines. CF6, CFM56, CF34, CJ610, CS700, CT58, CT64, F100, F110, LM1500, LM1600, LM2500, LM6000, J52, J69, J85, T53, T55, T56, T58, T64, T700, TF34, PT6 (i.e. Allied Signal, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Textron Lycoming and United Technologies) and components for the AWACS, A4, A6, A7, A10, AH-1, AH-64, B1, B2, B52, BELL 204, 205, 206, 212, C2, C5, C17, C18, C23, C130, C135, CP140, C141, C160, CH46, CH-47, CH-53, DHC-4, E2C, E3A, E6, F4, F5, F15, F16, F22, F/A18, F104, F111, F117, MHU-191/M, MJ-1, MJ-1A, MJ-1B, P3, S1, S2, S61, S65A, S70, S80, SH-2G, SH-60, UH-1, UH-60, V22, FOKKER, AIRBUS and many more. In addition we can supply various ground support equipment for these aircraft. We support Tactical Mobile Air Defense Radars – AN/APQ-122, AN/TPQ-36, TPS-43, TPS-63, TPS-70 and TPS75. Besides aircraft we can supply a great variety of spares for tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, jeeps, cannons, howitzers, night vision equipment, missile parts (i.e. AIM, CHAPARRAL, DRAGON, HAWK, NIKE, PATRIOT, SIDEWINDER, STINGER, TOW), fire control equipment, as well as all the special tools and fixtures used in the repair and overhaul of these items. All the items are custom made to your order in accordance with the applicable US government drawings and specifications. Specifically, we can supply spare parts for HMPT500 transmission, M1, M2, M3, M9, M17, M35, M40, M44, M47, M48, M50, M60, M63, M88, M107, M109, M110, M113, M118, M198, M242, M270, M543, M577, M578, M813, M814, M816, M818, M872, M9 ACE, M901, M915, M916, M923, M925, M927, M929, M930, M931, M932, M936, M939, M967, M970, M992, M993, M998, AAVC, AVLB BFVS, FMTV, HMMVVV, IBAS, LVTC7A1, LVPT7, OSTS0MBT, STRYKER vehicles. Also we have the capability to supply spare parts for various weapons: 5in-38, 5in-54, 3in-50, 20mm, 40mm, 76mm, Harpoon and Phalanx weapon systems. Furthermore we can supply spare parts for A/S32K-1, MK2, MK5, MK6, MK7, MK11, MK13, MK15, MK19, MK22, MK26, MK31, MK32, MK36, MK37, MK38, MK42, MK44, MK45, MK46, MK48, MK50, MK54, MK57, MK69, MK75, MK86, MK92, MK96, mobile electric power equipment NC-10B and NC-10C as well as, many other systems aboard ship. Aerostructures manufacturing capabilities: Fabrication, machining, forming, inspection, welding, processing and plating, painting, wet processing, detail parts, sub-assembly, final assembly, designing. Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl
  7. 7. Sales Support Air Force surplus equipment When Air Forces decide to sell their surplus equipment, this usually involves a lot of work besides just making the sale, especially when this pertains aircraft. Daedalus has an extensive knowledge of the military aviation market, has experience with buying and selling equipment (including aircraft) and is able to provide a solution for those Air Forces that are not equipped to support the sales effort. In most cases Air Forces aren’t even equipped with a sales organization nor have any experience in this field. Therefore we strongly believe that the combination of our large worldwide military aviation network and our MRO capabilities provide for a total solution to support Air Forces in selling their surplus equipment in the most effective and efficient way. Daedalus offers the following sales support:  Assist in finding the right customer  Provide full program management  Prepare aircraft or other equipment for transfer  (de)modification  perform any open or deferred maintenance  Assist in putting together a spare part support package  Assist in the setup and management of Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs)  Assist in transferring knowledge to the new customer  Provide training for new customers  Provide (long term) engineering support  Act as a liaison between seller and buyer as part of a support package  Support interested customers in the procurement process Daedalus' goal is to relieve any Air Force that desires to sell their surplus equipment from as much excessive burden as possible in order for them to maintain focussed on their primary tasks: operational readiness. Furthermore for every sale we will create a business case in such a way that our cost are reimbursed through the sale while maintaining the minimum price that the “selling” Air Force wishes to receive. This will creat a triple-win situation: the “selling” Air Force will be able to make a quick sale in “as is, where is” condition, the “buying” Air Force (or any other governemental entity) will receive full support from the start and is ensured of the most costeffective deal, whereas we will be enabled to provide our full portfolio of service in support of this. Daedalus Aviation Group - Wilhelminapark 36 - 5041 EC Tilburg - The Netherlands T: +31 - 13 467 8395 F: +31 - 13 - 463 – 5887 E: office@daedalus.nl I: www.daedalus.nl