National Government                                    101                                                College and     ...
Week 2                     Week 3                 Week 4: Public    Week 1 The                                            ...
Week 5: Interest             Week 6:                                                     Week 7:               Week 8:    ...
Week 12:                Week 13:Week 10:                          Domestic andJudiciary                                   ...
• Objectives can be supported and guided by course                    materials  Materials       • They are an integral pa...
movements and campaigns make and change America. As a prior and continuing student of this art Ihave witnessed many change...
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Political Science Course Map


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Political Science Course Map

  1. 1. National Government 101 College and Course Course Policies Resources and Resources Institutional Student Needs Syllabus Materials Policy FAQs Center and Links Assessment Instructor Academic and Rubric TechnologyInformation Honesty Policy FAQs Course Netiquette College My Grade Calendar Tutorial Writing Center
  2. 2. Week 2 Week 3 Week 4: Public Week 1 The Opinion, PoliticalDemocratic Republic Civil Liberties and Socialization and theand the Constitution Federalism Rights Media Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Required Learning Required Learning Materials Materials Required Learning Required Learning Materials Materials Discussion Federal Discussion on vs. State Gun Laws Discussion Political Experience Discussion on Poll Is anti- Readings What do discrimination a these two polls say? right or liberty? Discussion Gay Discussion ? Marriage Laws Yesterday and Today Discussion Discussion the role Name and explain of Social one of your civil Movements in White Paper liberties Legislation 1 Minute Paper Resources Your interests Upload Article on White Paper Liberties vs. Rights Social Movements Assessment Quiz to Wiki Instructions and Rubric Peer Review Muddiest Reflective Discussion on Point Reflection Discussion Formal Reasoning
  3. 3. Week 5: Interest Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Groups and Campaigns and Congress Presidency BureaucracyPolitical Parties Elections Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Midterm MLA resources on Required Learning White Required Learning Requirements and Research Paper Materials Paper Resources Materials Discussion outline assignment Discussion PACs White Paper Discussion: Are Effect upon Required Learning Assessment expanded executive Required Learning Presidential Materials Instructions and powers Materials Fundraising Rubric constitutional? Discussion: Should Discussion: What is Discussion: Is Discussion Should the Electoral College Required Learning the most important bureaucracy a fourth there be more than 2 rules be changed per Materials reason for a branch of political parties? state? presidential cabinet? government? Discussion: Is GOTV Discussion: Should Discussion: Post Open discussion on Upload PACs Article an effective method term limits be outline and peer role of president. for voter turnout? required? review Discussion: What Reflection: Survey on Reflection: Open discussion on Reflection: Journal branch of wekness and strength student campaign Muddiest Point of Entry on article government is of class since experience. Outline Assessment Congress? midterm. Midterm Reflection: Reflection: One Is a compound sentence summary of midterm helpful for effectiveness of students? "white paper"
  4. 4. Week 12: Week 13:Week 10: Domestic andJudiciary Reflection Foreign Policy Learning Objectives Learning Objectives Final peer reviews due Open discussion on Required Learning Required Learning journal entry on course Materials Materials review Discussion: Are theJudiciary Branches Quiz expanded executive Final project due powers constitutional? Discussion: Is the appeals process for Discussion: Should the Reflection: Muddiestdeath row inmates an US remain the wolrd point of course effective cariiage of policemen? structure justice?Discussion: Should theSupreme Court judges Final peer review be elected by the discussion people or Congress? Reflection: OpenUpload Writ of Certiori discussion on MLA Article Assessment requirements Reflection: Journal entry on article
  5. 5. • Objectives can be supported and guided by course materials Materials • They are an integral part of the learning process • Shared views extend peer learning and support Discussion • Discussions create student-led learning • Indicate level of involvement with class and materialsAssessments • Allow mastery of course contents and subject • Allow the completion of the circle of learning from student led discussions and assessments to ability Reflections to dissect self progress and that of the course.Course Map DirectionsCourse: National Government at CDLThis course is a general education requirement as a part of Social Science requirements for all students.My students may come to this class by force instead of interest. The class will include brief yet currentexamples of American political history, structure and legislation. I t is my job to teach and inspire toencourage and maintain participation.Productive Future Outcomes: Students will enhance their knowledge of government and politicalactions in everyday life. They should be able to reflect upon the materials learned in this class to formwell educated political opinions of our government. They should be able to recognize the structure andany changes within the next 3 years and beyond. Their definition of civil liberties and rights will becomeclearer and many may appreciate them more. Legislative decisions especially events such as the FiscalCliff will be clearer for my students. Students will understand the electoral cycle, Electoral College androle of PACs, lobbyists and public opinion in selection of politicians. Students may become morepolitically and socially involved based upon their extended knowledge of what, why and how social
  6. 6. movements and campaigns make and change America. As a prior and continuing student of this art Ihave witnessed many changes within fellow students and former colleagues as they learn more on thecomprehensive role of learned people in changing American government. This class usually inspiresactions by students.Course Materials: American Government and Politics Brief Edition 2010-2013 by Steffen W. Schmidt,Mark C. Shelley and Barbara A. Bardes.Course Schedule: Class will be designed and discussed on a weekly basis per topic presented in the 14chapters of the book. The course runs for approximately 12 weeks provided and stated by CCCschedule. Some weeks may be compiled of two chapters that are related and support compoundcognitive learning. There will be 2 quizzes (10 points each), 2 “white” papers (20 points each), groupproject (20 points) a mid-term research assignment (40 points) and a comprehensive research finalpaper (40 points). Weekly discussions (participation 10 points per week, 5 points per question) will beprovided on topics as well as a rubric to guide students. The class will be worth 280 points with apossible extra credit assignment to encourage and introduce motivated PowerPoint presentations.