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mac-interiors presentation

  1. 1. This is not a standardentry for Fit-OutContractor of the Year out wit h the o ldby mac-interiors
  2. 2. This is something different...
  3. 3. This is what the web knows about us check us out here
  4. 4. This is what our Directors say about us
  5. 5. We operate at the forefront of our industry...This is what our Directors say about us
  6. 6. We’re international, privately owned and operate in Ireland, the UK and Central EuropeThis is what our Directors say about us
  7. 7. We employ the best management level professionals we can find.....This is what our Directors say about us
  8. 8. We buy into our client’s beliefs and deliver without compromise...This is what our Directors say about us they m ay be a tad bia sed
  9. 9. ButRemember
  10. 10. “ “to understand a man, you must know his memories Sir Anthony Quayle
  11. 11. This is Ourlife’s journey
  12. 12. The hard facts Age eFul l Nam 10 rs e terio Prag u m ac-in ti on ur g, nt Loca ,H amb Curr e , Newry , Lo ndon in Dubl lity Na tiona Irish
  13. 13. In the beginning ... the heavens and the Earth were created. And then, many years later
  14. 14. 2002 We were formed in Newry.... ....and did our first job in Belfast. A 20,000 sq.ft. call centre for Teletech
  15. 15. We continued operatingout of Newry for another 12 months... ...but our workload and 2003 client portfolio grew so much that... ...we set up our Dublin office in 2003 Bertie was still in power then and opened it up for us!
  16. 16. Our first UK Project was secured in London in 2005... ...we did a 40,000sq.ft. 2006 job in the City and ran it from Dublin. The enquiries kept coming and that allowed us to set up our London office in 2006.
  17. 17. Within 12 months we had opened our Prague office... ...where we did a 100,000sq. ft. shopping centre in Prague. 2007
  18. 18. 2011 We decided we needed more European Clients... we opened our German office in 2011 Our first job was Intel’s European HQ in Munich!
  19. 19. We now successfullyrun our business across these regions... 2012 ...with 32 full time local professionalsWe think they’re the best people in the world!
  20. 20. We are always looking for new opportunities to challenge our skills and abilities... ...where this will take us, only time will tell.2012
  21. 21. Where we want to go“Beyond the moon! We would like to explore exciting opportunities in the commercialfit-out world, challenging ourselves and encouraging others to deliver true value”.
  22. 22. e love doing what wthis is
  23. 23. Solving problems
  24. 24. Solving problemsseeing how things fit together, in order to make sense of the project
  25. 25. Learning quickly
  26. 26. Learning quicklygive us a new task and will will do our utmost to master it
  27. 27. Thinking creatively
  28. 28. Thinking creativelywe thrive on doing things unconventionally and using our imagination in designing solutions
  29. 29. Delivering outstanding fit-outs
  30. 30. Delivering outstanding fit-outsbringing colour and vibrancy to an otherwise dull existence. We live in a beautiful world...why not work in one too?
  31. 31. We want to win fit-out contractor of the year so if you want to talk further find us on...
  32. 32. Email: dneary@mac-interiors.comTwitter @macinteriors10Facebook Thanks!