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The vampire of sacramento(CH)
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The vampire of sacramento(CH)


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. •Born on May 23, 1950.•Had a thing of setting fires as a child and liked tormenting animals.•Had a sister four years younger, and his father always bickered with himmother.•By the age of ten Richard was killing cats.•When he got in his teen years, he started drinking and would smoke dope.•He dated several girls, but could never be sexual, because he could neverstay “happy”.•With this he went to see a psychiatrist.
  • 2. •Richard was never married.•Nobody ever talked about Richard and his schooling.•He had no children just a younger sister.•He was a loner, he had no social life, and he could never keep a girlfriend.
  • 3. •Richard learned he had repressed anger and might suffer from a majormental illness. Except his psychiatrist didn’t have him committed.•Once he moved out, he had multiple roommates which never lastedbecause of his drug use and bizarre behavior.•He never noticed signs that something was wrong with him.•He went to emergency room one day saying someone stole hispulmonary artery.•Said his bones were coming out the back of his head, his stomach wasbackwards, and his heart would stop beating.•Another psychiatrist diagnosed him as paranoid schizophrenic, exceptalso believed he might be suffering from a drug-induced toxic psychosis.
  • 4. •Put under observation for 72 hours. Then he was allowed to leave.•Lived with mother (now divorced) but believed to be getting poisoned.•Father made him move out and bought him an apartment.•Richard soon killed and disemboweled rabbits and ate their entrails raw.•He sometimes put the intestines with the animal blood in ablender, liquefied them and drank it. Saying it stopped his heart fromshrinking.•He got blood poisoning from injecting rabbits blood in his veins.•He was committed as a schizophrenic suffering from somatic delusions•Doctors prescribed medication, but they didn’t work.•He escaped, went to his mothers and was returned to hospital.•He was found with blood around his mouth and two birds with brokennecks outside his window.
  • 5. •Chase moved into an apartment and began to capture and torturecats, dogs, and rabbits. Which he killed and drank there blood.•He was still on medication but his mother took him off it deciding hedidn’t need it.•Soon he became not only obsessed with guns but also the HillsideStrangler.•He had a fear of other people though.•But no boundaries to his blood fantasies.
  • 6. •He would go down the street and test doors to see if they were unlocked.•If they were locked then he wasn’t welcomed he said.•There were no methods what so ever to Chases killings.•Nor did he have a specific person he wanted.•If their doors were unlocked he was “welcomed”, if they were closed thenChase was “unwelcomed”.
  • 7. •First killing: Ambrose Griffin, 51, was shot twice with a .22-caliber.•Random drive by shooting done by Chase.•Run ins: Dawn Larson was neighbors with Chase for six months and foundhim odd. He asked for a cigarette and she gave him one but he grabbed heruntil she gave him the whole pack. Two weeks later, Jeanne Layton foundChase trying to get into her house, she walked up and faced him till he lit acigarette and walked away. Robert and Barbara Edwards came home tohere someone leaving their house. Robert chased him down but lost him.Their home was in shambles, and he urinated into a drawer of freshly –laundered baby clothes and had defecated on a childs bed.
  • 8. •Teresa Wallin, 22, was three months pregnant. Chase put a .22 caliberbullet in the mailbox then walked into the house to run into Terry. He shothe twice, once in the skull and once in he hand. He then shot her in thetemple. He continued to drag her to he bedroom, retrieving a knife andyogurt container from the garbage she was taking out. Her husband camehome to find her on her back, her breasts were shown and her pants andunderwear we around her ankles. She had her knees open in the sexualassault position. Chase had carved her left nipple off, and had her torso cutopen, he then pulled out her spleen and intestines. He then stabbed herrepeatedly in the lung, liver, diaphragm, and left breast.•Evelyn Miroth, 38, baby sitted her nephew, who was twenty months old.Just a mile away from the Wallins. Her friend, Dan Meredith was there, andalso Evelyn’s six year old son Jason.
  • 9. •A neighbor got worried and went over to see if everything was ok. Thepolice found Dans body on the hallway. Gun shot wound to his head.•They found blood in the bathroom and bloody water in the tub.•Evelyns body was found naked on the bed, her knees open like Teresa.Chase caught while she was taking a bath then dragged her to bed. Shothe in the head, and cut her abdomen open pulling her intestines out. Hestabbed her in the anus to her uterus , the police found at least sixtime, slices her neck and also tried cutting her eye out.•On the other side of bed, police found Jason, who was shot twice in thehead.•Later they found out Chase drank Evelyns blood, and mutilated the babyboys body in the tub. Cutting open his head and spilling the brains into thetub. He then took his body home to consume several organs.
  • 10. •The police considered Chase as a disorganized killer.•The police said he didn’t plan the murders nor hide/destroy the evidence.•The police ran a background check on Richard Chase and found his motherwas paying for an apartment, they went to it and knocked but Chase neveranswered.•They proceeded to act like they were walking away, when Chase cameout with a box in his had.•Chase on his way to his car got arrested but not without fighting them.•The box had his gun in it, and once at the station he only admitted tokilling dogs. What they found at his apartment was disgusting, boneseverything blood stained and some body parts in the refrigerator.
  • 11. •Defense wanted Not Guilty based on being insane.•Except Tochterman the lead prosecutor wanted to show he knew the rightbetween the wrong, he wanted to give Chase the death penalty•Chase on January 2, 1979 was charged six counts murder.•Chase said, “He thought that his problems stemmed from his inability tohave sex with girls as a teenager and he said he was sorry for the killings.”•Defense asked for verdict of second degree murder and to spare Chasethe death penalty since he was insane.•Jury found legally sane and decided Chase should die in the gas chamberat San Quentin Penitentiary.
  • 12. •Why are serial killers so hard to spot?•Serial killers blend in so well, some are charming individuals.•They lurk everywhere, malls, churches, streets, ect.•Serial killers hide behind a façade they constructed.•They don’t know how to feel emotion, so the observe others to see hownormal behavior is persuade.•Everything is an act to get the victims.•Most common act is a position of authority.•But when they are caught they say they are insane.
  • 13. •Characteristics that make up four types of serial killer crime scences.•Organized crime scene: •1. Planned offense 2. Transports body 3. Body hidden 4. Controlled conversation 5. Demands submissive victim 6. Missing weapon or evidence 7. Victim is a targeted stranger 8. Personalizes victim 9. Crime scene reflects control 10. Restraints used 11. Aggressive acts done before death
  • 14. •Disorganize crime scene: 1. Body left at death scene 2. Spontaneous offense 3. Evidence or weapon present at scene 4. Victim or location known 5. Body left in view 6. Depersonalizes victim 7. Sexual acts after death 8. Minimal conversation 9. Minimal use of restraints 10. Crime scene sloppy 11. Sudden violence to victim
  • 15. •Mixed crime scene: Shows characteristics from both the organized anddisorganized crime scenes. Could indicate the presence of twooffenders, or that the offender planned the crime and was interruptedduring the act. Also, the offender may have staged the scene.•Atypical crime scene: Crime scene that cant be classified by the dataavailable. Decomposed remains fall under this type. The police or profilersmay have to take other things into consideration when faced with thiscrime scene. They may look into crime databases to see if anything at thescene matches other previous crime scenes.
  • 16. •Its not really surprising just disgusting how someone could do somethinglike this to another human being.•Also how much time organized serial killers actually put into their killings.And how it just takes over their life most of the time, its shocking to apoint, but even though people got killed, its interesting to read why theykilled someone how they did it, ect.
  • 17. •••