Serial killer project by Roxy Poust
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Serial killer project by Roxy Poust






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Serial killer project by Roxy Poust Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By Roxy Poust
  • 2.        Born: February 28th, 1950 Died: June, 7th 2013 Lived in El Paso, Texas Richard was the youngest of seven children He had a troubled childhood, he was heavily influenced by an older cousin Mike. Cousin mike told him stories about the torture and mutilation that inflicted Vietnamese women during the Vietnam war. When Richard was 11 he witnessed his older cousin shoot his wife.
  • 3.      Cousin Mike and Richard smoked marijuana together, then that lead to petty crime to fuel his drug habit. The more and more he rebelled the more and more he spent time with his cousin. His criminal record started in 1977, with petty crimes and marijuana possession. Then he moved to San Francisco, then LA, his addiction grew to Cocaine, burglary and then an interest in weapons and Satanism. Also his dad had a bad temper and foughten beat Richard.
  • 4.     Then in 1983 a car theft charge in 1983 led to jail time. Then was released in 1984. He was described as a conscienceless, Satanic criminal with poor hygiene, rotten teeth and no prospects. Then in 1985 he went on a violent spree in the spring and summer. then at the age of 29 he spoke in the Southern California Courtroom in 1989.
  • 5.   He was a serial murder, a serial rapist, a Satan worshiper, a man who inflicted physical and emotional pain on his victims in countless ways. Then after years of delay Richards case went on trial in 1989, then was sentenced to death.
  • 6.    While Richard was still in California San Quentin Prison, he got married to women on October 3rd, 1996. her name was Doreen Ramirez. She even disagrees with people by saying “he’s kind, he’s funny, he’s charming,” she said “I think he’s really a great person. He’s my best friend; he’s my buddy.” They never had kids, it was always a dream for Doreen but so was being with Richard.
  • 7.  Well he started skipping school and then finally dropped after less than a year. But the only subject he did well in was physical education
  • 8.     Well he would creep up to the house in black, then sneak in and then sometimes he removed the eyes of his victims. Then he would draw a pentagram with lip stick on the walls or on the victims. He would also mutilate them, degrade them and he also raped then killed the victims. Sometimes the victims survived but not all of them.
  • 9.         Women Some men Ages ranging from 20 to 80 He raped children as well Some were stabbed some shot Raped shot then stabbed Some bodies were mutilated
  • 10.    Well Richard tried to steal a car but the owner was underneath doing repairs. Then Richard started the engine when the man underneath got out from underneath and started to chase him. So the mob was in pursuit then caught up to him, some of the mob beat him until the police arrived. Richard raised his hands and told them who he was .
  • 11.      In august, 30th 1985 there was an arrest warrant sent out for Richard Ramirez On September 20th, 1989 Richard was found guilty on 43 counts in Los Angeles, 13 murders with burglary, sodomy and Rape. Richard sat in San Quentin Prison, he sat on death row. Then Richard Ramirez died on June 7th 2013, of natural causes at the age of 53. He died at Marin General Hospital North of San Francisco
  • 12. This is a picture of a man that lost his Girlfriend to the “Night Stalker” the picture above him is him and his girlfriend. This family was about to have there car stolen from them, the person about to steal there car is Richard Ramirez.
  • 13. Well the little girl and woman were victims of Richard, the little girl was 9 years old she was found in an old hotel building. Then the woman was shot, she was 34 years old and in march of 1985. In this picture the man is Vincent Zazzara, 64 years old, and his wife Maxine, 44 years old. The wife’s body was mutilated.
  • 14.  Well most serial killers are hard to fine because they act so normal around people, they don’t act out. They go to work, make money, come home, do whatever they want then do the killings. Even in there own twisted way, there people I don’t agree with mind set at all but they act and look normal. But inside there own head there way out of line.
  • 15.     Well having a abusive father, or growing up with a bad influence, just like Richard he had a bad cousin that taught him a lot of things. Then also getting into drugs, really bad ones, getting into a lot of trouble. Also having parents that don’t care what they do or how they act. Then maybe parents that cant keep a relationship, like the parents getting a divorce then remarrying then divorce.
  • 16.   Well I learned that Richard really didn’t have a great father or great influence. So he didn’t know what was right and wrong because he was told only one thing in his life, and that was killing. I also learned that he might have a different life if he went to school and got good grades, he also got into drugs. Imp not saying that drugs are the main reason but it didn’t help him in anyway.
  • 17.    CNN Justice Crime Library- Criminal minds and methods Bio True Story
  • 18. By Roxy Poust