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Ottis Toole PowerPoint

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Ottis Toole - Kylie Ruhl

  1. 1. Serial Killer, Cannibal Necrophile,and Arsonist
  2. 2. Q: What was their childhood like?A: Toole was born in Jacksonville, Florida on March 5, 1947. He was the youngest of nine children. He had suffered several head injuries, which led to seizures. He was sexually molested by his sister and a neighbor. His alcoholic father left when he was young, his mother was a religious fanatic, and his grandmother was a Satanist who exposed him to various practices. His mother would even dress him up in girls clothes and would call him Susan.
  3. 3. Q: Were there any precursors?A: There were precursors in Toole’s childhood because he had a very troubled childhood. He tended to keep to himself. When he was 14 he got sexually abused to a traveling salesman. Ottis then proceeded to run over the man over with his own truck and killed him. That was his first murder.
  4. 4. Q: Did childhood behavior reflect problems?A: Yes, when he was a fairly young child he had started a life of petty crimes and the crimes seemed to escalate more and more when he finally had reached adulthood. Ottis ran away from home on several occasions and started fires in abandoned houses at a young age.
  5. 5. Q: What was their adult life like? A: Ottis Toole’s adult life was a very bloody one. First he started out with petty crimes like stealing and then he joined a partnership with fellow serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Their relationship soonOttis Toole andHenry Lee Lucas turned into a sexual one shortly after. Together they committed numerous murders . Toole and Lucas were suspected to over 200 murders.
  6. 6. Q: Did they finish high school/college?A: No, Toole never finished high school.He dropped out in the eighth grade andhad an extremely low IQ.
  7. 7. Q: Did they marry? Have children? Werethey loners?A: Ottis Toole did marry a woman 25 yearsolder than him in 1976. However it wasshort lived after only three days when hiswife found out of him being a homosexual.He had no children and was known as adrifter before and after he met Lucas.
  8. 8. Q: Is there an exact number of victims theyhave murdered?A: Ottis Toole’s murders he have beentraced to and confessed to have overexceeded two hundred. Police are still tothis day are not entirely
  9. 9. Q: What motives did the killer have for thekillings?A: Toole really never had any motives forkilling any of his victims. Ottis Toole andHenry Lee Lucas were drifters on theabandoned roads of America and preyed onanyone anywhere. Both did disturbing thing tothe bodies, and Toole was even a cannibaland a necrophile. He had confessed to overhundreds murders with Lucas and hismotives were never revealed.
  10. 10. Q: What was the profile and characteristicsof their victims?A: As said before that there never reallywas a set characteristic that Ottis wouldprey upon to commit all of his murders.Ottis killed almost every type of person. Hekilled from old to young and from male tofemale. There was nothing that would stophim from killing.
  11. 11. Q: What was their most famous murder?A: Ottis Toole’s most famous murderwas the murder of Adam Walsh. Helured Adam away from the Sears storehis mother was in and offered Adam Adam Walshtoys and candy. Toole then knockedAdam out then pulled out into anabandoned road and decapitated him.Although Toole confessed to the murderhe was never formally charged. Adam’sfather John Walsh is now an advocateto victim’s rights and inspired the show“America’s Most Wanted”.
  12. 12. Q:What factors led to them getting caught?A:Lucas had been arrested foranother crime aside from Toole,Lucas had pointed police to Toole Toole in prisonfor mass murder. Ottis wasalready serving time in prison for aarson charge. He then admitted tothe confessions on his own.
  13. 13. Q: What were they charged with and sentencedto?A: Both were murders that occurred in Florida. In1984, Toole was convicted of murder for a 1982arson incident that resulted in the death of anelderly man. He was sentenced to death, andreceived a second conviction and deathsentence later that year for the murder of a 19-year-old girl. Both death sentences were reducedto life in prison on appeal. In 1991, Toole pleadedguilty to four more murders and received fourmore life sentences.
  14. 14. Q: Did they live and are surviving to thisvery day, or did they die?A: Ottis Toole died on September 15, 1996in prison for natural causes. Toole hadcirrhosis of the liver and AIDS. He was 49years old.
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