Krystina Cornell - 1st Period


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Krystina Cornell - 1st Period

  1. 1. Aileen WuornosBy Krystina Cornell
  2. 2. Childhood• She was sexually abused as a teenager• Pregnant at 14 claiming her brother as the father• Raised by her grandparents – both abusive “parents”• Ran away and became a prostitute• Possibly could have become a murderer due to her father being a child molester.
  3. 3. Adult Life• Spent most of it being a prostitute • Spent his $10,000 life insurance on a fancy car that she wrecked• Sent to jail in May 1974 for later. disorderly conduct, drunk driving, • In 1986 she met Tyria Moore at a and firing a weapon from a vehicle gay bar and that relationship lasted for 4 years.• hitchhiking to Florida she met a man, 69-year-old Lewis Fell, and fell in love. Married in 1976. Divorced soon after due to a restraining order against Wuornos after she hit him with his own cane.
  4. 4. She stated that all the victimshad either raped or tried torape her and she killed themin self-defense. Motives
  5. 5. She would usually use a gun to shoot hervictims with a small-caliber weapon
  6. 6. Characteristics of the victims•Older men•From the Florida area•Some were truck drivers
  7. 7. Police got calls from people saying thatWuornos and Moore drove a car awayfrom an accident scene. They also foundsome of the victims’ belongings inpawnshops and they retrievedfingerprints. And the fact that Wuornosalready had a criminal record it was easy
  8. 8. Charged WithOn January 14 she went to trial for the deathof Richard Mallory. During this trialpsychiatrists said that she was mentallyunstable. She then pleaded guilty for all theother murders. And was sentenced to death.
  9. 9. Before DeathFinal Words Final Meal• "Id just like to say Im • A cup of coffee sailing with the rock, and Ill be back like Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, Ill be back."
  10. 10. On October 9, she was killed by lethal injection.
  11. 11. Monsters Or Victims • Some killers would disguisethemselves as other people; they also would blend in with the “regular people” They would act differently to gain the trust of people.
  12. 12. Scene of the CrimeOrganized Disorganized• 1. Planned Offense. • 1. Body left at scene.• 2. Transports Body. • 2. Known Location.• 3. Body Hidden. • 3. Crime Scene Sloppy.• 4. Restraints used. • 4. Sexual assaults after• 5. Missing weapons / death evidence
  13. 13. Scene of the Crime cont.Mixed Atypical• Shows characteristics of • Can’t be classified as any both organized and of these different crime disorganized. scenes.• Could have been interrupted during the crime.
  14. 14. Surprising Information•The most surprising information I found was that there are different types of crime scenes. I also found out that murderers are harder to spot then I thought they would be.