Kenneth Bianchi (A Starnowsky)


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Kenneth Bianchi (A Starnowsky)

  1. 1. The Hillside Strangler
  2. 2.  Born in Rochester, New York Mother was a prostitute Went up for adoption after two weeks Adoption mother described him as “a compulsive liar” Intelligent but an under achiever who was quick to loose his temper.
  3. 3.  Diagnosed with passive- aggressive disorder Father died of pneumonia when he was 12
  4. 4.  Graduated from Gates-Chili High School Soon after married his girlfriend who divorced him in 8 months with no explanation Dropped out of college after one semester Ended up as a security guard at a jewelry store Stole many pieces of jewelry to give to girlfriends and prostitutes Moved around a lot due to many small crimes
  5. 5.  Moved to Los Angeles in 1977 were he met his cousin Angelo Buono Bianchi was impressed by Buono’s success and worked with him as a pimp Soon after meeting up the two began a spree of raping and murdering ten women before their arrest in 1979
  6. 6.  The two killers were both violent men with a history of aggression towards women A logical reason for committing the murders were for the sexual pleasure and possibly for the thrill of killing someone The victims would usually be lured using face police badges to abduct them then would rape and strangulate the victim before dumping the body. The two did experiment with electrocution, lethal injection, and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  7. 7.  All of the victims were between 12 and 28 years of age The first few were prostitutes but they began to be middle class girls There was very little similarity between the victims except that they were all female It is believed they killed at random
  8. 8.  After the two partners in crime failed an eleventh murder Bianchi told Buono that he had been riding in police cruisers looking for the Hillside Stranger. Buono became enraged and forced Bianchi out on the threat of killing him Bianchi moved to Bellingham, Washington were he murdered a pair of girls in a house he was gaurding but left many clues and was captured the next day.
  9. 9.  Bianchi origionally pleaded not guilty on the basis of insanity, and even created a fake personality to convince the court. Unfortunately for him the court hired a psychologist who pointed out many flaws in his “disorder” and soon after many psychology books on multiple personality disorder were discovered. With this new evidence brought to light he changed his stance and admitted to his and Buono’s murders.
  10. 10.  Both Bianchi and Buono were sentenced to life imprisonment Bianchi is currently serving his time in Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washingon. While imprisoned he had a relationship with Veronica Compton who testified in his defense and even ended up in prison herself for trying to strangle someone to make it seem as if the strangler was still at large.
  11. 11.  No serial killers are easy to spot, they act normal and don’t openly show their murderous side Many serial killers have horrible childhoods, but they hide it and create a personality of normalcy to hide their true identity
  12. 12. ORGANIZED CRIME DISORGANIZED CRIMESCENE SCENE1. Planned offense 1. Body left at death scene2. Transports body 2. Spontaneous offense3. Body hidden 3. Evidence or weapon present at4. Controlled conversation scene5. Demands submissive victim 4. Victim of location known6. Missing weapon or evidence 5. Body left in view7. Victim is a targeted stranger 6. Depersonalizes victim8. Personalizes victim 7. Sexual acts after death9. Crime scene reflects control 8. Minimal conversation10. Restraints used 9. Minimal use of restraints11. Aggressive acts done before 10. Crime scene sloppy death 11. Sudden violence to victim
  13. 13. MIXED CRIME SCENE ATYPICAL CRIME SCENE Shows characteristics from  Crime scene that cant be both the organized and classified by the data disorganized crime scenes. available. Decomposed Could indicate the presence remains fall under this type. of two offenders, or that the The police or profilers may offender planned the crime have to take other things into and was interrupted during consideration when faced the act. Also, the offender with this crime scene. They may have staged the scene. may look into crime databases to see if anything at the scene matches other previous crime scenes.
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