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Gerard john schaeffer



By Ryan Kirkhoff

By Ryan Kirkhoff



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Gerard john schaeffer Gerard john schaeffer Presentation Transcript

  • Killer CopBy: Ryan Kirkhoff
  •  Parents did not have a good relationship Schaeffer thought his mom was always on his back to do better, and his dad was always critical Had thoughts of suicide Practiced masochistic bondage
  •  Met a girl named Cindy, and started dating Cindy became a lover She would only perform in scripted scenarios. She later dumped him
  •  Was a social outcast Labeled weird by his peers Was not active in any clubs or teams Voyeuristic towards females
  • Suicidal thoughtsPracticing Masochistic bondageVoyeurism
  •  Started dating Sandy Stewart Applied to St. Johns Seminary but denied Went to Broward Community College • Mediocre academic performance Told Sandy about past girlfriend and how other girls made him angry when they flaunted themselves Sandy ended the relationship
  •  Told a teacher of homicidal thoughts, then referred to counselor Schaefer started killing animals, beheaded them and raped the dead bodies He was able to graduated with an associates degree and then went to Florida Atlantic University Parents got a divorce Got engaged and married Martha Fogg
  • Was denied by many police departmentsForged a letter of recommendationHired by Martin County PolicePulled over women and flirted
  •  Schaefer became a snitch, by helping with sting operations He also met Ted Bundy and discussed murder with him Also met Ottis Toole another serial killer Ted Bundy Ottis Toole
  • Schaefer had decided he wanted to rid the world of indecent women and prostitutes
  •  Killedin doubles Kept an item that belonged to his victims (Items were found in his house) Sometimes raped victims
  •  Victims were young girls People he thought flaunted themselves Hitchhikers Killed in doubles
  •  He detained Pamela Wells and Nancy Trotter, and tied them to a tree at gun point. The girls escaped and Schaefer was arrested After he posted bail two more girls, Susan Place and Georgia Jessup, were found murdered in the same fashion Police searched his house and found evidence
  •  Schaefer was charged with the murders of Susan Place and Georgia Jessup He was found Guilty Sentenced to Life in prison
  •  They are usually • Charming • Friendly • Good-looking They don’t show sympathy They are Natural actors
  •  Visionary Motive • Psychotic • Hear voices • See visions Mission Oriented • Tries to rid world of unworthiness • Kills certain groups Thrill Oriented • Kills for fun • Very Sadistic Lust Killer • Sexual Killer • In touch with reality
  • Iwas surprised at how well some people are able to act normally but then actually be a deranged serial killer
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