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David richard berkowitz Andrew Erdman

  1. 1. DAVID RICHARD BERKOWITZ Born June 1 st 1953 ChildhoodDavids childhood was for the most part normal but his mother “Betty”and birth father “Falco” superheated before Davids birth. Betty had aaffair with a real estate agent named “Joseph Kekeinman”. David wasput up for adoption and was adopted by “Pearl and Nathan Berkowitz”David was known as a spoiled boy that was a kind of a bully threw out school according to his Nabors and his relatives. The misbehaviors never ended in any legal intervention in his school records.
  2. 2. ADULT LIFE At the age of 18 once David finished school he joined the Army and served in the united states and south Korea war. In 1974 David located his birth mother Betty, and visited her a few times. David eventually stopped visiting her due to details about illegitimate birth, witch disturbed him. They say it was a “primary Crises” and shattered his sense of identity. David did keep in touch with a sister named Roslyn. David was more of a loner and was by him self.
  3. 3. MOTIVES the police said that his motives for killing the girl is because of the dog barking and David said they were orders to kill women. Later on they found out David killed those women just out of sexual frustration and inadequacy. he was a virgin his hole life, even when he went to jail. David also said he was not alone in the killings of theses girls, he said people led him on to it.
  4. 4. METHODS David methods were simple, stalk them, weight for the right moment and kill them with 5 shots if he could. He would also always shoot the girls and not the guy she was with, the boys were mostly injured.
  5. 5. VICTIMS CHARACTERISTICS All girls, long flowing hair and at a younger age, 16-21years of age
  6. 6. HOW THEY GOT CAUGHT David always used the same car to drive around in, which was a 1970 four door yellow galaxy He also on the map started in new York city and moved south threw out his killings and was caught north of new York City from were his first murder took place First murder Most activity Final killing Got caught
  7. 7. CHARGES David was charged with murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life for each killing
  8. 8. WHY ARE SERIAL KILLERS SO HEARD TO SPOT1. They often don’t stay in the same area of their killings2. They are random people that blend in with the rest of the world, a person could not see or tell the difference in appearance and maybe some cases the way the act.3. They don’t leave any tracks and are usually very smart and intelligent.
  9. 9. FOUR TYPES OF CRIME SCENES FROM DIFFERENT TYPES OF SERIAL KILLERS?1. A Organized Crime scene: when the killer plans everything out and leaves not trace evidence for the cops to find. A smart serial Killer, or very intelligent. (has a Motive)2. A Disorganized Crime scene: when the killer leaves everything as it was when he killed the person. This is usually used by a killer that selects random people to kill. Serial killer who just wants to kill random people and get away with it, (thinks they wont get caught)3. Mixed Crime scene: when a killer plans everything out and the plan is interrupted during the act. it looks like the killer stages the scene. Bad luck and should of planed more, not very smart.4. Atypical Crime scene: when the crime scene may contain other objects from other crime scenes. FBI or police look into the crime scene before moving anything or disturbing it. This serial killer is playing with the cops and is twisted and makes killing more of a game challenge for himself.
  10. 10. WHAT SURPRISED ME !! The most thing that surprised me is that the serial killers usually have a family problem or a terrible child hood. The parents and people around them kind of brought this on and didnt realize it. All of the stories I read I still didn’t find out what really drives these people to doing this? Like people had depression, terrible child hoods and etc.… but why do some just shoot random people. All murders that connect in why they did make sense because they have a big motive/extremely motivated to get back at those who hurt them badly. But I think the random killings is just because depression and they cant overcome that. That is what I thought was surprising and beneficial to me in this project. Reverences http://www.crimelibrary.com http://membrers.tripod.com