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David berkowitz2

  1. 1. AKA: Son of Sam
  2. 2.  Berkowitz did not having the most promising future as a child. He was adopted immediately after he was born His adoptive parents were middle-class He felt uncomfortable around his peers during childhood. He was a bully, for no reasonable explanation at all.
  3. 3.  He had a known violent streak His adoptive mother died when he was 14, causing him to believe it was a plan to destroy him He was abandoned at the age of 18
  4. 4.  He became a loner at age 18, allowing his fantasy world to take over his life. He had one relationship, with Iris Gerhardt, even though it was mainly fantasy for him Berkowitz attended a few classes at a local community college in the Bronx. He served in the Army from 1971 to 1974 He got briefly back in touch with his biological family, but separated himself again.
  5. 5.  He started 1,488 fires in New York City, keeping a diary of each fire that he started. He wrote a letter to his father saying that people hated him and wanted to kill him, that the world was becoming a dark place. He told psychiatrists that he was giving into the “demons” of her personal life.
  6. 6.  His personal demons He claimed that the demons inhabited local dogs, and when the dogs barked, it was telling him to go on a search for blood. He was a paranoid schizophrenic He wasn’t able to establish good relationships with women.
  7. 7.  Each time he used a Charter Arms .44 caliber Bulldog handgun He approached them in the middle of the night He usually did his killings around one in the morning.
  8. 8.  All women They all had dark hair They were all between 18 and 20 years of age
  9. 9.  Eye witnesses were stating that they had seen Berkowitz, and they described his looks. Two Yonkers Cops: Chamberlain and Intervallo conducted an investigation, searching all of Berkowitz’s places of work. Berkowitz’s neighbor Craig Glassman called in under suspicions of arson, when he went to check the apartment, he found the notes of Son of Sam.
  10. 10.  He was called in for parking tickets He was finally caught by the New York City police, on their second try, the first of which was unsuccessful, because it was his next-door neighbor Craig Glassman.
  11. 11.  He was sentenced to 365 years in jail
  12. 12.  Bardsley, Marilyn. David Berkowitz: The Son of Sam. <Crimelibrary> Criminal minds and methods. 2011. Accessed November 11, 2012 from http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_ killers/notorious/berkowitz/16.html