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Charles albright mr brandt Charles albright mr brandt Presentation Transcript

  • By : Andrew Speck
  •  Albright was adopted by Delle and Fred Albright from an orphan’s home in Amarillo, Texas. As a child his mother was extremely overprotective and strict. She sometimes dressed him in girl’s clothes. Albright’s mother was also a school teacher and taught him enough to allow him to skip two grades. As a young boy, Albright was fond of killing small animals and his mother would help him stuff the animals. He was interested in taxidermy. Albright received his first gun as a teenager.These could all be viewed as precursors towards Albright’s killings.
  •  Charles was only 13 when he became a criminal. He was arrested for aggravated assault. At the age of 15 Charles graduated college and began attending North Texas University. In college he was known for cutting girl’s eyes out of pictures and pasting them on the walls. At the age of 16 the police arrested Albright for the possession of petty cash from a cash register, two hand guns, and a rifle. This required him to spend a year in jail. After getting out of jail, Charles began to attend Arkansas State Teachers College majoring in pre-med studies. He was expelled for stealing from the institute. Chales did not legally graduate from college, but he stole documents, and forged signatures until he was illegally given fictitious bachelors and masters degrees. View slide
  •  After marrying his college sweet heart, Bettye Nestor. He and his wife had three children. As an adult Charles failed to maintain a job, and forged checks to try to maintain an income. In 1975 Albright and his wife separated. They divorced in 1987. He was charged for stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a hardware store and given 2 years in prison. But after serving only 6 months he was released. After being let out of prison he began to settle down in his neighborhood and make friends, so much so that he was asked to babysit children for local friends. In 1981 Albrights mother died, and he went to visit some friends during the time of mourning. View slide
  • Adult Life Continued While visiting his friends, Charles sexually assaulted their 9 year old daughter. Charles was reported and pled guilty in trial, but he only received probation. In 1986 a woman named Dixie Austin moved in with Albright. Dixie was known to support him financially, and Charles was known to go on newspaper runs in the morning to visit prostitutes without Dixie being suspicious.
  •  The three women suspected of being killed by Albright were all prostitutes.Dec 13, 1990- Mary Lou Pratt 35 years oldFeb 10, 1991- Susan Beth Peterson 27 years oldMar 19, 1991- Shirley Elizabeth Williams 41 years old All three victims were found shot in the back of the head and their eyes carefully surgically removed.
  •  At the age of 15 Charles had his first sexual experience with a prostitute, and received a sexually transmitted disease. This could have influenced his choice to kill prostitutes. Profilers felt that the killer had murdered for pleasure and had taken the eyes as souvenirs to help him relive the erotic sensations of his violence. He received a feeling of power from killing and once that feeling wore off, he had to kill again. The fact that Charles’ mother was very strict and abusive may have contributed to his dislike of women.
  •  All of the victims were killed by being shot through the back of the head with a 44 magnum with silver tipped bullets. The killer skillfully removed their eyes in such a way that it was not noticed till the coroner opened the lids to observe their eyes and was shocked they were not there. All bodies were found around the town of Dallas, Texas and all were partially clothed. All the victims were killed somewhere outside of town and then their bodies were brought back and dumped in the open to be easily found.
  •  Charles Frederick Albright was arrested March 22nd 1991. Plead Not Guilty. Eight hairs that matched Shirley Williams were found in Albrights vacuum cleaner. Three pubic hairs from a blue blanket at Shirley Williams murder scene were matched to Albright. Investigators also found hair on a yellow raincoat that matched his. They also discovered a public hair on Williams neck that they could also match to Albright. Three head hairs from Susan Peterson were found on a blanket in Albrights truck
  •  Found guilty by a jury of his peers on December 18th, 1991. He was sentenced to 8 consecutive life sentences with no possibility of parole. Conviction was based almost entirely on forensic evidence. Charles is serving his life sentences in Amarillo, Texas. Charles Albright is 79 years old.