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Jim Sharman Powerpoint Final
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Jim Sharman Powerpoint Final


Literature on film "Movers & Shakers

Literature on film "Movers & Shakers

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  • 1. James "Jim" Sharman
  • 2. Born March 12, 1945toJames Michael & Christina McAndleish-SharmanatCrown Street Woman’s Hospital located inSydney, Australia Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Troupe
  • 3. Childhood/Education
    Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Troupe
    Stationed in Randwick-a suburb of Sydney
    1966 Graduate of National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney
  • 4. Early Influences
    Boxing/carnival childhood
    Rock music
    Art movements (including the artist Andy Warhol)
    Films (Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”)
    Lou Reed
    Weimar Cabaret
  • 5. Productions
    His stage work includes over 70 productions
    Opera such as Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”
    The classics including Shakespeare
    Most of the screen/stage work for Nobel Prize Winner in Literature-Patrick White (1973)
  • 6. Locations and Popular Productions
    United Kingdom
    United States
    “Hair” (1969)
    “Jesus Christ Superstar” (1972)
    “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1973)
    For 20th Century Fox, he co-wrote the screenplay and directed “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975)
    “Aftershock” (1981)
    Other works include “Summer of Secrets” (1976)
    Night of the Prowler” (1979)
  • 7. Overview
  • 8. A Cult Classic
    There are 6 showtimes within 75 miles of Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, USA:
    Angela Triplex Theatre (39.5 mi)Coaldale, PAPhone: (570) 645-6204Weekly: Sat: 11:30 PMCast: Erotic Daydreams
    Bellevue Theatre (50.9 mi)Upper Montclair, NJPhone: (973) 744-2543Bi-Weekly: 1st, 3rd Sat: 12:00 MidCast: Home of Happiness
    Strathmore Cinema (53.6 mi)Matawan, NJPhone: (732) 583-7160Weekly: Fri: 12:00 MidCast: Friday Nite Specials
    Chelsea Cinemas (61.2 mi)New York, NYPhone: (212) 691-5519Weekly: Fri, Sat: 12:00 MidCast: NYC RHPS
    Bergenfield Cinema 5 (63.0 mi)Bergenfield, NJPhone: (201) 385-1600Bi-Weekly: 2nd, 4th Sat: 12:00 MidCast: Home of Happiness
    ***Also still done as a play
  • 9. RHPS Prop ListHere is a basic list of props and instructions for their use in participation to RHPS. This list may vary according to theater policy or local customs.
    Rice: At the beginning of the film is the wedding of Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Munroe. As the newlyweds exit the church, you should throw the rice along with the on-screen wedding guests.
    Newspapers: When Brad and Janet are caught in the storm, Janet covers her head with a newspaper The "Plain Dealer". At this point, you should likewise cover your head.
    Water pistols: These are used by members of the audience to simulate the rainstorm that Brad and Janet are caught in. (Now do you see why you should use the newspapers?)
    Candles, flashlights: During the "There's a light" verse of "Over at the Frankenstein Place, "you should light up the theater with candles, flashlights, lighters, etc. (Be careful to respect the theater's policy about open flames - remember you are wearing newspapers on your head!)
    Rubber gloves: During and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his rubber gloves three times. Later, Magenta pulls these gloves off his hands. You should snap your gloves in sync each time to create a fantastic sound effect.
    Noisemakers: At the end of the creation speech, the Transylvanians respond with applause and noisemakers. You should do the same.
    Confetti: At the end of the "Charles Atlas Song" reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti as Rocky and Frank head toward the bedroom. You should do the same.
    Toilet paper: When Dr. Scott enters the lab, Brad cries out "Great Scott!" At this point, you should hurl rolls of toilet paper into the air (preferably Scotts).
    Toast: When Frank proposes a toast at dinner, members of the audience throw toast into the air (preferably unbuttered... things could get sticky).
    Party hat: At the dinner table, when Frank puts on a party hat, you should do the same.
    Bell: During the song "Planet Schmanet Janet," ring the bell when Frank sings "Did you hear a bell ring?"
    Cards: During the song "I'm Going Home," Frank sings "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain". At this point you should shower the theater with cards.
    Hot dogs and prunes: It has happened on occasion, that fans will throw hot dogs and prunes at their appropriate mention in the film. This should not be encouraged because it attracts rodents and leaves stains on the screen.
  • 10. Achievements/Awards
    The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films inducted “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” into their Hall of Fame (1980)
    Artistic Director for the Adelaide Festival (1982-Australia)
    Created Lighthouse-a theatre company
    Won a Helpmann Award for Performing Arts (Australian-similar to Broadway’s Tony)
    Wrote Blood & Tinsel (memoirs-released 2008)
  • 11. Mover and Shaker???
    Variety of works
    Ability to influence an audience
    RHPS-long-running film, meant to be watched as a group in a theater or as a play which is the goal of any film/production