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Student handbook presentation
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Student handbook presentation


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This is a presentation of classroom procedures for a fourth-grade class.

This is a presentation of classroom procedures for a fourth-grade class.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Welcome to 4th Grade! Room 17 Mrs. Zorger’s Class
  • 2. OUR CLASS PROCEDURES Room 17 Mrs. Zorger’s Class
  • 3. Arrival at School
        • Go directly to your desk and unpack your book bag.
        • Place your homework assignments in the Homework bin.
        • Hang up your jacket and book bag on your assigned hook in the closet.
        • Visit the restroom.
        • Use morning time to sharpen pencils, complete morning work, select A.R. books, and prepare for class.
        • You must be seated at your desk and quiet by 8:45. Everyone MUST be SILENT for morning announcements.
  • 4. Restroom Breaks
    • When you arrive at school
    • Mid-morning restroom break with the class
    • During Lunch
  • 5. Any Other Time…
    • It must be an emergency.
    • Get permission (thumb up).
    • Sign out at the Sign-Out Desk.
    • Take the appropriate hall pass.
    • Walk in the hall without disturbing others.
    • Sign in when you return.
  • 6. Drinks
    • Bring a filled water bottle to school!
    • ONLY plain WATER is allowed.
    • Our water fountain break is right after recess.
    • I will call each group to get a drink.
    • You may also use this time to refill bottles.
  • 7. Supplies
    • Supply Closet
    • Do not remove or use items from Mrs. Zorger’s desk, the shelves, or the work tables unless you have special permission.
    • Tissues will be stored on the Sign-Out desk, as well as on the filing cabinet by the sink.
    • Do not use paper towels or wipes without permission.
  • 8. Cleaning Up
    • If you use something, put it away when you’re finished.
    • If you drop something, pick it up.
    • Throw away all scraps.
    • Empty pencil sharpeners over the trash can.
    • Keep the area in and around your desk neat.
    • You will only be dismissed if your area is clean.
  • 9. Leaving the Room
    • You must have a teacher’s permission to leave the room.
    • Take the Hall Pass.
    • Walk in the hallway without disturbing others.
    • Take the most direct route.
  • 10. Nurse
    • Fill out a Nurse Pass.
    • Give it to a teacher to sign.
    • You do not need to take the regular Hall Pass.
  • 11. Lining Up
    • We will line up in ABC order by first name AT ALL TIMES.
    • We will have a line leader, door holder, and line ender as class jobs.
    • In a special class, line up the way the teacher tells you to.
    • The line will only move once everyone is in the correct spot, and quiet.
  • 12. Homework
    • You will have Reading/ELA and Math homework 4 nights per week.
    • No homework will be given on Fridays or the day before a holiday.
    • Longer-term projects will be assigned.
    • Expect to have 1 hour of written homework each night.
    • Reading Log - 20 minutes
  • 13. Copying Homework
    • Assignments will be written on the chalkboard.
    • You will be given time after recess to copy homework assignments and reminders.
    • Homework MUST be copied in your agenda every day!
  • 14. Dismissal
    • We will begin packing up at 3:15.
    • Walkers and Car Riders - Raise hand and wait to be dismissed.
    • Bus Riders - I will walk you down to the buses.
    • Must be done quickly and quietly!