Propaganda & Advertising Strategies
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Propaganda & Advertising Strategies






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Propaganda & Advertising Strategies Propaganda & Advertising Strategies Presentation Transcript

  • Propaganda & Advertising Strategies Created By: Brenda Martinez
  • Advertising
    • Company is trying to sell their product
    • Try to convince you to buy their product to make a profit.
  • Propaganda
    • Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause
    • Usually one-sided information intended either to support or threaten a view
    • Appeals to emotion, rather than intellect
  • Types of Propaganda
    • Bandwagon
    • Testimonial
    • Transfer
    • Repetition
    • Emotional
    • Card Stacking
    • Plain folks
    • Name Calling
    • Logical fallacies
    • Glittering Generalities
    • Rewards
    • Imagery
  • Bandwagon
    • Everyone is doing it.
    • Be a part of the crowd.
    • Don’t get left out.
    • EXAMPLE: Everyone in Lemmingtown is behind Jim Duffie for Mayor. Shouldn't you be part of this winning team?
  • Testimonial
    • A famous person endorses a product.
    • May also use some who isn’t famous, but who claims to have used the product successfully to obtain their goals.
    • Other products, use people who are not famous, but who claim to have successfully used their product to improve their lives.
  • Transfer
      • Using words that will get your feelings about one thing transferred to another thing.
        • Patriotism
        • Sex Appeal
        • Love or Popularity
        • Power and Fame
        • Money and Wealth
  • Repetition
    • Repeating a key word or phrase in hopes that it will be remembered.
    • A logo might also be used repeatedly
  • Card Stacking
    • Comparing two similar products with one always superior.
    • Stacking all of the “cards” in favor of one of the products over another.
    • Frequently used in political advertising .
  • Glittering Generalities
    • Using words that sound good, but don’t really mean anything.
    • Creates a favorable image in the mind of the consumer
  • Name Calling
    • Uses words to give you a negative impression of the other person or product.
    • Used a lot in political campaigns.
    • Usually goes had in hand with Compare/Contrast.
  • Plain Folk
    • Just one of the guys (or girls).
    • An average Joe.
    • Used to appeal to the general public by saying that the people in the ads are the same as you, have the same problems, and understand you.
    • Gives consumers a sense or camaraderie.
  • Buyer’s Beware