The Digital Native


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The Digital Native

  1. 1. e Digital Native @anna_debenham photo:
  2. 2. “Today’s students are no longer the people oureducational system was designed to teach” —2001, Marc Prensky Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants
  3. 3. “In short, students who more readily usetechnology for their studies are more likely than others to be deeply engaged with their work.”—2011, Older Students’ use of Digital Technologies in Distance Education. photo: nicoleabalde
  4. 4. “Digital Immigrants don’t believe their students can learn successfully while watching TV or listening to music, because they (the Immigrants) can’t.” —2001, Marc Prensky Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants photo: nicoleabalde
  5. 5. “e time has come for mobiles inschools to be placedin the category of a potentially offensive weapon” —2007, NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates
  6. 6.
  7. 7. “e person who seized the item mayexamine any data or files on thedevice, if the person thinks there is agood reason to do so.” —Draft Education Bill (Part 2, 6E) photo: nolifebeforecoffee
  8. 8. “…if the person has decided to return theitem to its owner, retain it or dispose ofit, the person may erase any data or filesfrom the device if the person thinksthere is a good reason to do so.” —Draft Education Bill (Part 2, 6F) photo: nolifebeforecoffee
  9. 9. photo: chaparral
  10. 10. photo: hockadilly
  11. 11. photo: sidelong
  12. 12. “e SchoolBooks were thesnitchiest technology of themall, logging every keystroke,watching all the networktraffic for suspiciouskeywords, counting everyclick, keeping track of everyfleeting thought you put outover the net.”—Excerpt from Little Brother by Cory Doctorowphoto: MrPessimist
  13. 13. Always Monitoring, Always Protecting, Always Teaching  —RM Tutor software tagline photo: nolifebeforecoffee
  14. 14. “Even more distressing was that we couldn’teven show kids the power of View Source,because that feature was actually disabledon the library’s computers.” —Atul Varma photo: nolifebeforecoffee
  15. 15. “Amongst the young, IT anarchy rules.” —e Future of ICT in Schools photo: judybaxter
  16. 16. “I was flabbergasted to learn that today computer science isn’t even taught as standard in UK schools.”  —Eric Schmidt Photo: Vincent Sobotka
  17. 17. “Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it’s made.  at is justthrowing away your great computing heritage.”  —Eric Schmidt Photo: Vincent Sobotka
  18. 18. —e Royal Society
  19. 19. GCSE ICT 57% in 5 years —e Royal Society –
  20. 20. Michael Gove,Education Secretary
  21. 21. “By valuing Latinover ICT in hisEnglishBaccalaureate heshows just howout of touch hereally is.”—Andy Burnham, MP
  22. 22. —
  23. 23. — 2009, Exemplar Coursework Project (PDF 1.8MB)
  24. 24. “Computer Literate” photo: lrargerich
  25. 25. “Kids think that the Internet and the WWW are the same thing (owned by Microsoft) and tell me that when theycan not find what they are searching for on Google, that the internet is not working” —ICT Teacher in the TES forum photo: lrargerich
  26. 26. 1 Millon UKChildren lack computer access at home,2 Million lack Internet access— 2010 BBC article machado17
  27. 27. Home Access Scheme Scrappedphoto: Svadilfari
  28. 28. City Learning Centres Shut Downphoto: Svadilfari
  29. 29. “the ICT curriculum is contracting - thelikelihood of more girls going forward into the industry is now less likely to happen”—ICT teacherphoto: Svadilfari
  30. 30. “Play with it.You can’t break it”—Aral Balkan’s Dadphoto: splorp
  31. 31. Photo:
  32. 32. Raspberry Pi
  33. 33. Scratch
  34. 34. Hackasaurus
  35. 35. Want to help?
  36. 36. Register as aSTEM ambassadoror write to your old school and offer to give a talk about what you do.
  37. 37. Visit the TES’s ICTteacher forum and give advice.
  38. 38. Help make opensource projects like Hackasaurus better
  39. 39. If you have school-aged kids: Find out what monitoring devices the school uses and question it if youthink it’s unreasonable.
  40. 40. If you have school-aged kids: Find out what softwarestudents are using, and suggest alternatives where appropriate
  41. 41. Write to your MP and the Education Secretary
  42. 42. tnk u@anna_debenhamphoto: nowhere77