SOLAR TRACKING USING STEPPER MOTOR-Sun sail tracking elliptical path of the sun

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  • 1. SUN SAIL – Tracking Elliptical path of the sunNormally solar cells are placed in a ground in one directiononly. But sun moves in a elliptical path. So only few hours thesunlight falls into the cell. During the rest of the hours thepercentage of Sunlight, which falls into the cell, is very less.Which results in less amount of energy generation. Summer Sun - Winter SunThe sun in its daily east-west traverse over western Europedescribes a high, almost vertical arch in summer, and aflatter, more southerly path in winter. The angle of the sunsrays, therefore, changes gradually with the seasons. Anideally directed pv-system would follow the suns path, as the89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 2. performance of solar cells depends not only on the intensityof the radiation, but also on the angle of incidence. Thedensity of the rays is highest when the photons reach thecells at an angle of 90°, where energy loss through reflectionis also at its lowest. Static solar power arrays mustcompromise -- panels can sometimes be adjusted to a winteror summer position. For a larger array, the investment in anautomatic tracking system with electrical motors is worth it.To overcome this problem we can construct a model wherewe can place the solar cell in it and which can move inelliptical path .To track the sunlight. This is achieved with thehelp of light intensity sensors to move the panel frommorning to the evening. There is also a second degreemovement for tracking the sun’s elliptical path troughout theyear. So according position the solar panel, which results ingood efficiency. (i.e.).the solar cell can produce energy bytracking the sunlight with the help of sensors and mechanicalmodel. The Movement is controlled by a PIC Microcontroller.89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 3. Mechanical arrangement: Motor 1 Solar cell Motor 289 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 4. Block diagram: Light intensity sensors LCD Display Potential Divider PIC Microcontroller Power PIC 16F877 Supply Opto Opto Opto Opto Coupler Coupler Coupler Coupler Pre Pre Pre Pre Driver Driver Driver Driver Signal Power Power Power Power Conditioner Driver Driver Driver Driver Circuit Solar Cell Stepper Motor 1 Stepper Motor 2 Mechanical Model89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766