ROBOTICS PROJECTS ABSTRACT-Cellphone controlled 3axisrobot
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ROBOTICS PROJECTS ABSTRACT-Cellphone controlled 3axisrobot ROBOTICS PROJECTS ABSTRACT-Cellphone controlled 3axisrobot Document Transcript

  • Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis Robot With Artificial IntelligenceIntroductionA robot is an electro-mechanical device that can perform autonomous orpreprogrammed tasks. A robot may act under the direct control of a human(eg. the robotic arm of the space shuttle) or autonomously under the controlof a programmed computer. Robots may be used to perform tasks that aretoo dangerous or difficult for humans to implement directly (e.g. nuclearwaste clean up) or may be used to automate repetitive tasks that can beperformed with more precision by a robot than by the employment of ahuman (e.g. automobile production.)PL VISIT
  • Abstract: This project aims at designing a robot, which has freedom ofmovement along all the 3 axes and its motion is controlled by means ofwheels. The user can control the movements using a Cellphone from aremote place. The system is made more useful by introducing artificialintelligence to it. By artificial intelligence, we mean designing the robot issuch a manner that in situation which require decision making, the robotidentifies the presence of the obstacle, alerts the user and moreover awaitsinstruction from the user for the further action. Other condition, which thePL VISIT
  • robot can determine, is presence of fire. I.e., high temperature and presenceof metals in vicinity.Existing Technique and Proposed Idea: Although robots exists which can be controlled by a short rangewireless or wired communication only. Today GSM Communication havebecome a common thing with the advancement in the communication field.So we planned to implement the GSM Communication (using cell phone)for controlling the actions of a Robot.Working: A robot is constructed and is connected to a cell phone with associatedelectronic circuits. Now the user can dial the no of the cell phone to whichthe robot is connected from a remote place using another cell phone. Theelectronic circuits will identify the incoming call and connects the call forthe user to communicate with the robot. Now the user can control themovements by pressing the desired key. For eg 1 – Forward movement,2 – Reverse, 3 – left etc. This project is divided into modules for better understanding of thecircuit.The modules include Mobile phone Control Circuitary PIC Microcontroller Board Optocoupler With Stepper Driver Board Stepper Power Supply Board. Fire Sensing UnitPL VISIT
  • Smoke Detector High Temperature SensingMobile Phone Control Circuitary This Board is used to convert the commands given by the cell phoneto logic level signal and provides the input to the microcontroller.PIC Microcontroller Board This is the board which contains PIC Microcontroller Chip as well asthe clock Circuitary, Reset Circuit and Power Supply for theMicroController.OptoCoupler With Stepper Driver Board. The need of Optocoupler is to isolate the Microcontroller Board formthe Stepper Motor to restrict any high voltage to the Microcontroller board.And this board also contains stepper Driver circuit to amplify the Voltge andto withstand high current because the pulse coming out from theMicrocontroller is not tough enough to drive the Motor.Stepper Power Supply. This board contains the power Supply for the stepper motor and relaydriver.Flame Sensor An LDR is used as a flame Sensor. And the output is given to aDigital input of the Controller. So when the Flame is sensed we can givealarm +Visual Indication and immediately transfer the Message to a nearbyFire Station.PL VISIT
  • Temperature Sensor A Thermistor is used a Temperature Sensor. When OverTemperature is detected We can stop the movement of the Model. Also wecan give the Visual +Alarm Indication.Intruder Sensor An Infrared sensor is used as a intruder detector. So when an intruderis sensed we can redirect the movement of the Model.Metal Sensor A Proximity Metal Detector used as a Bomb detector. So when anbomb is detecte we can indicate it through the computer.Smoke Detector: A smoke detector is used to detect Smoke in an area and providesalarm output.All this information is transferred to a remote computer and further to aremote mobile phone.PL VISIT
  • User Cell phone which controls the Block Diagram robotic movements. Visual + Alarm Mobile phone control Indication Circuitary PIC Microcontroller Optoco Pre Board (PIC16F877) upler Driver Driver RelayTransformer( +5v Power Driver Stepper Motor)OR-BATTERY Supply Robo Model 1. Forward/Reverse Relay Driver 2. Left/Right Power Supply 3. 0-360Deg Free Rotation Smoke Sensor Sensor control circuitary Temperature Fire Sensor Intruder Metal Sensor Sensor (Bomb) Sensor PL VISIT
  • Reasons For selecting the field: As of today Robotics is the vast field to explore the things withouthuman intervention. The word robot is used to refer to a wide range ofmachines, the common feature of which is that they are all capable ofmovement and can be used to perform physical tasks. Robots take on manydifferent forms, ranging from humanoid, which mimic the human form andway of moving, to industrial, whose appearance is dictated by the functionthey are to perform. Robots can be grouped generally as mobile robots (eg.autonomous vehicles), manipulator robots (eg. industrial robots) and selfreconfigurable robots, which can conform themselves to the task at hand.Advantages of our Project Utilizes High speed embedded controller Cellphone controlled Freedom movement for all three axes. Flexible automation type. Rigid mechanical construction. Optoisolation for Outputs. Industrial motors with Gears. Artificial inputs like Flame, Obstruction, and Metal detection.Applications • Material Handling • Movements of goods • Security surveillancePL VISIT
  • • Rover • Antenna positioning etcFuture Scope With some modifications of mechanical construction andprogramming we can serve many useful applications using the robot.PL VISIT
  • • Rover • Antenna positioning etcFuture Scope With some modifications of mechanical construction andprogramming we can serve many useful applications using the robot.PL VISIT
  • • Rover • Antenna positioning etcFuture Scope With some modifications of mechanical construction andprogramming we can serve many useful applications using the robot.PL VISIT
  • • Rover • Antenna positioning etcFuture Scope With some modifications of mechanical construction andprogramming we can serve many useful applications using the robot.PL VISIT