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RFID PROJECTS ABSTRACT FOR ECE/EEE-Protection system for two wheeler rider using rfid based helmet
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RFID PROJECTS ABSTRACT FOR ECE/EEE-Protection system for two wheeler rider using rfid based helmet


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Protection system for two wheeler rider using RFID based HelmetProject Scenario: Now a days people ignore to wear helmet while riding two wheelers. This may lead to high riskwhen such a person met with an accident and lost their lives due to head injuries. We would have comeacross a statement said by the doctors, “If he would have weared a helmet he would have been saved”.So a helmet is necessary for two wheeler riders.Project idea: Our idea is to indicate the user that he should wear a helmet while riding using RFID.Project Block diagram: Helmet Battery +5V Encoder RF Regulator Transmitter +9v HT12E Two Wheeler Battery +5V Decode RF Regulator Receiver +6v HT12E PIC Alarm Alarm Unit Microcontroller Driver ckt
  • 2. Project working: A rf transmitter is fixed in the helmet which works on a battery. It keeps on sending code singalsthrough it. A rf Receiver is fitted with the two wheeler with a alarm and a microcontroller unit. So when theRF code is not received by the receiver, the microcontroller unit senses it, and it knows that the Helmetis not nearer to the bike. So it gives an alarm to the user that he has to wear a helmet.Block diagram Explanation:Battery Unit: Provides power supply for the electronic circuitary.+5v Regulator: Converts +9v dc to +5v dc for use with the encoder and rf transmitter units.Encoder: A encoder HT12E is used to generate a code to transmit.RF Transmitter: A rf transmitter converts the digital code to rf signals and transmits them in the air.RF Receiver: A rf Receiver converts the rf Signals from the air to digital code.Decoder: The HT12D Decoder decodes the digital data and sends it to the microcontroller for processing.Microcontroller: A PIC 16F877a Microcontroller is used to process the decoded data and send signals to alarmunit if required.Alarm Driver: A microcontroller cannot drive a alarm directly. So a driver circuit is needed to signal the alarm.Alarm: A buzzer unit to indicate the used that he should wear a helmet in order to ride the bike.