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  1. 1. About UsMAAS TECH is an embedded solution provider with a vision to developindustrial and educational systems with a specific approach on thecustomer focus and need. Started with a professional approach toproblem identification, analysis and solving.MAAS TECH was started in the month of august 2002. MAAS TECHhas the means And aspirations to become a leader in the embeddedindustry. MAAS TECH is presently into training development and acts asservice providers.MAAS TECH undertakes training for students. The student segment isreached through Advertisements in various media and through localpromos and event sponsoring.Instructor led training, where students are thought from the fundamentalssuch as electronics and computer software languages. The training isconducted in MAAS TECH premises. We are developing projects forembedded system using PIC micro controller.We are here to clarify any doubts and provide technical support for thestudents. It is not a full time course and usually lasts for a week or twice,which is organized in our premises or clientsWe also conduct In-plant training and embedded system certificationCourse for the students.In addition to the above, MAAS TECH has its own sourcing unit. MAASTECH is always on the lookout for professionals who have soundtechnical qualification, right attitude towards work.
  2. 2.  Wireless,GPS,GSM and Mobile Communication Projects IVRS and Voice Recognition Projects Bio-Medical and CAN Projects Biometrics,RFID,Access control and Security System Projects Robotics and Mechatronics Projects Process Control,Instrumentation and Fuzzy Logic Projects Electrical,Motor Drives and Power Electronics Projects & Students innovative Idea implementation
  3. 3. Wireless, GPS, GSM and MobileCommunication Projects1. SMS based Device / Home Equipment Control System2. Remote Motor Speed Control using Cell Phones3. GPS Based traffic Monitoring system4. GPS Based Fleet Management System5. Implementation of Mobile / Cell Phone Jamming systems Design6. Intelligent Security System for industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer7. GSM Based Remote monitoring system for Electronic Energy meters8. Wireless distributed energy billing system using GSM9. HNet - a Home Networking System with Mobile Communication10.Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology11. An ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system for fire fighting robot12.Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM13. RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications14. Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication15. On Line Dynamic Code Acquisition For Spread Spectrum Systems16. Single Photon Quantum Cryptography17. Pseudo Random Code modulation based Secured Data Communication.18. Frequency jammer as a life guard
  4. 4. 19. Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP20. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks21. Contact less Measurement Of Emission Of Automobiles22. Remote Monitoring and Control using Mobile phones23. Network enabled Electronic Digital televoting machine.24. OFDM Based Wireless Encryption/Decryption of Transfer of Messages.25. Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration Sensors Using RF Technology26.Anti Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GPS - Intelligent Train System with GPS27. GPS & GSM based remote Accident indication System with location indication28. GPS Based Active Fleet Management - Automated Vehicle Tracking system with Dual channel communication system29. GPS based intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation30. Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology31. Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle notification System using Remote Pc32. Advanced remote accident report system for highways using GSM network & PC33. GSM based advanced home / industrial automation controller system34. Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile / Cell Phone Jammer35. prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader
  5. 5. 36. A Control Design for Vehicle Speed using Wireless Communication Technology37.Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways on Toll plazas38. Tracking Moving Persons Location (Position) Finder In Multi- Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking39. Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback.40.Smart palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF37. Control of substation equipments thro mobile phone.38. Mobile Password Activation System for industrial applications39. Tracking Moving Persons Location (Position) Finder In Multi- Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking40. Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control
  6. 6. IVRS and Voice RecognitionProjects 1. IVRS Based Electronic Tele-voting System 2. IVRS Based smart home automation with voice feedback. 3. Voice controlled household device Activation and Control System 4. Voice controlled complete protection system for Home/Industries 5. IVRS Based Home Automation With Immediate Voice Feedback 6. Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Lines with WAP 7. Speech Recognition based complete Car Security System 8. Voice Activated Multipurpose robots
  7. 7. Bio-Medical and CAN Projects 1. Zigbee Based Hospital Automation with online graph and WAP 2. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless 3. Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients 4. SMART Coat with biomedical senors for walking patientsCollision/Accident Avoidance system using Ultrasonic Sensors 5. SMART palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF 6. ICU Care Taker - Life Support System using RF with BP Monitoring 7. Medi Care Patient Monitoring System with BP using RF 8. DsPIC Based Automated Peritoneal Dialysis with PC Interface 9. Automatic Anesthesia controller with respiratory system using Heart beat Sensor 10.ICU Support System using RF with BP Monitoring 11.Bluetooth enabled ICU Support System with SMS to Doctors using mobile phones 12.Smart Medi Kit – Care taking System for Elderly Persons / Patients with Auto Dialer
  8. 8. 13.Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS System using GSM Technology14. Medicare System for Hospital Automation15. IR based human radiation detection online16. Vest helps keep Balance – Disorder patients from Wobbling17. Navigation by the soles of your feet.18. Floating Wind turbines could off-shore possibilities19. Remote Serving and control of irrigation systems, using distributed WSN20. Airport Baggage claim using Embedded Systems21. PC based emergency ambulance calling system22. PC based body temperature measurement and control23. Automatic anesthesia feeder based on respiratory19. Synchronized DC Defibrillator with PC Interface20. Stand-alone Synchronized DC Defibrillator with LCD Interface21.A Smart Patient parameter reading device using GSM Technology22.Smart Medical Automated System Handheld Device with Wireless Technology23. Hand Talk – Assistive Technology for the Dumb24. Real time Remote Patient Wireless Heart Beat & Status Monitoring using RF Technology25. A versatile drop foot stimulator for research applications26. Hand Talk using Flex sensors with voice indication.27. Finger Plethysmograph for glucometry28. Remote Patient Monitoring System with WAP29. I-Ball movement Detector
  9. 9. 30. Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals31. Anesthesia Machine Model With AEP Simulator32. Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR33. Respiration rate monitor (using piezoelectric sensor)34. Heart rate measurement by optical method (Photoelectric)35. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Using Oscillometric method36. Digital pulmonary function test using Microcontroller (DPFT)37. ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep38. monitoring system for premature babies39. Web/wap based system for remote monitoring patients with data mining support.40. RF Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System Using WAP41. RF Based Medi-Kits for Houses with Emergency Dialer.42. RF Based Wire less Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System43.Complete automation of automobile control system using CAN44. Control of process parameters in Industries using CAN45. Lift controllers using CAN Technology46. Portable Lift for Carrying House Hold Items47. Multichannel Missing Event Detector48. Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication49. Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries50. Master / Slave Control System for Process Industries51. Vehicle speed management system52. CAN based car security system53. CAN based Collision Avoidance system for automobiles
  10. 10. Biometrics, RFID, Access Controland Security System Projects1. Intelligent Vehicle accessing sytem using RFID Cards2. Campus Management system using RFID Cards3. Distant Vehicle Identifying and Automatic Entry System using Active RFID4. RFID based ATM Center Automation5. RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems6. A multipurpose Identification Card using RFID Cards7. Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Access Control System with Double Level Security.8. Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Time and Attendance System.9. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation.10. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation with WAP.11. Bio Metrics (Finger Print) based Authentication & Access Control System12. Finger Print plus EMPCR card based ATM Authentication system and cash delivery system13. Finger Print Authenticated, Access Control & Automated Door Opening System
  11. 11. 14. Finger Print Identification based Digital Voting System15. Finger Print Identification Equipment Control System on Industries16. Fingerprint based Complete car security system17. Fingerprint based Physical Access Control Car Immobilizer18. Mobile Password Activation System For Industrial Applications19. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Access Control System20. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Time Recorder with Weigand Output21. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Bank and Locker Security system22. Fire protection system with Fire Extinguishing Ball23. Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location24. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Vehicle Access System25. Biometric Fingerprint Based Guard Alert Monitoring system with PC interface26. RFID Based Guard Patrolling system with PC Interface27. IRIS Recognition system in Authenticating Highly Secured Data.28. IRIS Scanner Using Access control Monitoring system29. Voice activated door control systems30. Voice command system for home appliance control31. Non-Contact Smart Card Reader Based Campus Management system.32. Secured Postal Data Communication using RFID and E-POST33. Smart Card based Attendance monitoring with Multi-Door output.34. Secure Transmission of Sensitive data using Multiple channels
  12. 12. 35. Embedded System Based Interlocking Sytsem For Chemical And Pharmacheutical Industries36. Home appliances control using voice Dictation37.Industrial Security system with Sensor data acquisition and Wireless transmission38. Advanced Wireless Multi Point Security System for Fire Safety with Alarm39. Contact Less Electro Magnetic Proximity based Campus Management System40. Remote activation of Electrical Applicances with mobile phones41. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors and Web Cam42. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors43. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors with Voice Indication.44. Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader45. Attendance Marker system with IRC Reader with FACE indicator46. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Safety Road Control With WEB CAM47. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Controlling of devices through Telephone Lines48. Home Networking and Security System With Wap49. RFID Based Guard patrolling system with Handheld Device50. Blue tooth Enabled Home/Industrial Automation51. Advanced Sensors Controlled Bank Security System.52. A Central Monitoring device for Detecting Intrusion, Electronic Security & Control System54. Vehicle Accessing using Authentication55.RF based Controlling of Home Appliances56. Guard Supervisor for Industries.
  13. 13. 57. Guard Alert System for Home Security System. 58. Guard Alert System for industries With Patrolling system. 59. Fire Alarming Control panel with Auto dialer to Fire Station.Robotics and Mechatronics Projects 1. Self Guided Pedestrian Crossing Robot for Blinds and Elderly Personals(WALKING STICK) 2. Remote Guided Automatic warfare Gun Vehicle with Laser Target and Wireless Camera Monitoring system 3. Intelligent Tanker Robot for Security Operation in the Protected/Affected Area with RF Secured Communication – Unmanned & Operative 4. Electromagnetic Magnetic Type Pick and place robot for material handling 5. Flying Robot with Search & Rescue for an Accident area or Natural Disaster area 6. Embedded controller for traffic controls 7. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model 8. Finger Gesture Recognition using Flex sensors with Voice Output 9. Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging 10. Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with WAP 11.Path Planning for Blind Person using Ultrasonic 12. Ultrasonic based Parking Guidance System 13. Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation 14. Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation 15. Two Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  14. 14. 16. Three Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI)17. RF Based Wireless Multi Axis Robotics with WAP18. Hardware Design for Pick and Place Robot19. Fire Fighting Robotics with artificial intelligence20. Fire Fighting Robotics With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and WAP21. Intelli mobile robot for multispeciality operations22. PCB Drilling Machine using Cartesian bot23. Programmable Grass Shredding Robot24. Automatic Valet Car Parking System using conveyors53. Railway pedestrian crossing between railway platforms without staircase.54. Conveyor for grade selector and diverter applications25. Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers26. Land Mine Detectors with Automatic Indication using GPS and GSM27.AI Based Image Capturing and Transferring to PC/CCTV using Robot28. Vision Guided Law enforcement LAND ROVERS for military applications29. Automatic Color Sensing Robot with wireless PC interface30. Embedded System based Cockpit White box automation31. Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robotics for Relief Operations(smoke/LDR/fireball)32. Wireless AI Based smart Mobile Robot for Materials Handling or factory automation33.Wireless Industrial Security Robot with Motion Detection(PIR SENSOR) System with PC INTERFACE
  15. 15. 34. Walking Robot FOR IMPAIRED PEOPLES (MUSCLE WEAKNESS)35.Unmanned FLYING device for surveillance with RF Controller & Wireless Camera36.Self Guided Advanced Robotic Wheel Chair for Emergency Patient Transportation system for preset locations37. Remote controlled Flying Machine to fertilize fields and conduct aerial surveillances.38. IVRS Based Control Of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed Back39. Automated Vertical Car Parking System40. Voice Activated Multipurpose robots41. Embedded Micro controller Based Nomad Robots for exploration Application42. Embedded Micro controller Based Robots for weather forecasting.43. Wireless AI Based voice controlled intelli robot for multispeciality operations44. Tracking Sun’s path for efficient use of Solar Cell with Model45. Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis Robotics with AI.46. Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis Robotics with AI.47. Mobile phone controlled alive human detector using robotics48. A Voice Command System for Autonomous Robots49. Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair
  16. 16. Process Control, Instrumentationand Fuzzy Logic Projects1. Length counter using Embedded system2. Pc based data scanner/ logger for 8 – channel3. Pc based data scanner/ logger with field programmable channel4. Embedded controller for traffic controls5. High Pressure hose Test Rig for Brake line Manufacturing Industries6. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Petrol Bunk Automation7. Speed Control of an Electrical DC Vehicle8. Fault Tolerant Neuro Controlled Level Processing panel9. Embedded controller for non linear partially interacting process (NLPIP)10. Power Distribution Management System using WAP11. Virtual instrumentation for temperature controlled loop12. Pc based attendance cum visitor management system13. Micro controller based Boiler Management System14. Priority Indicators in Alarm Annunciators15. Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA16. Micro controller based Position Control for Stepper Motor17. PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces18. PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant.
  17. 17. 19. Temperature And Humidity Measurement System for Agricultural Applications20. Wireless Parameter monitoring on Irrigation systems21. Micro controller Based Multichannel PID Controller for temperature22. Micro controller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature23. PC Based Pollution Tester For Vehicles with WEB CAM Interface24. PC Based Pollution Tester For Vehicles with CO Analyzer25.Fuzzy logic based DC-DC Converter using 8 bit Microcontroller26.Application of Fuzzy Logic in intelligent Traffic Control System27.Automatic Control of Bottle Filling System using PLC with Conveyor Model28. Control of Boiler Turbine Unit Based on Fuzzy Logic System29.Development of man machine interface using SCADA Package30.Fuzzy logic based Speed Control of AC Motor Using Microcontroller31.Implementation of Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Fuzzy Logic32. Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance33.PLC based Automatic Boiler Management34. Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention35. Fuzzy Logic based Collision Prevention for vehicles.36. Intelligent Application of Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Train Speed Control System.37. Fuzzy logic based Traffic Control System - A Replacement strategy38. Automatic Temperature Control using Fuzzy Logic
  18. 18. 39. Automatic Valve Control using Motors with Fuzzy Logic in Process stations40. Brightness Control System by Lamp Dim / Bright Illumination inside city areas41.Automated weigh load cell / Commercial weighing system42.Automatic anesthesia controller using infusion pump with heart beat rate43. Automatic Toll Gate Opening / closing with vehicle details logging44.Batch weighing & automation system using converyors45. Fault Identifiaction (Annunciator) using Embedded System46. Categorized Alarm Annunciator using Embedded System with controls47. Categorized Alarm Annunciator with Voice using Embedded System with controls48. Multi-Parameter Measurement System and Control with Graphs49.Best operating point tracking/Positioning of the solar cell power supply system50.Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation51. Solar power for automatic water heating52. Solar energy for Electrical Applications53. DAS and Remote Control through Internet54. SALVO RTOS Based Data Acquisition System and control with PC Interface55. SUN SAIL - Tracking Elliptical Path Of The Sun56.Solar Air Heating System57. Solar Water Heating System58. Automated car parking system
  19. 19. 59. PC based electronic weighing scale with set point60. Bluetooth Enabled Advanced Data monitoring and control Using Hitech c.61. PLC ‘s for bottle filling station with conveyors62. Embedded System Based Automatic Furnace Control For Improvement Of Hardness On Materials63. Design Of Digital Cryogenic Temperature Controller64. Micro controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System.65. Micro controller Based Ultrasonic Pulse Detector.66. Pc Based Flow Control And Level Measurement In Petrol Bunks.67. Pc As A Pid Controller.68. smart solar tracking for optimal power generation69. Pc based Wireless Weather monitoring System
  20. 20. Electrical, Motor Drives and PowerElectronics Projects1. Embedded PIC MC based_Electronic Trivector Meter2. Embedded Pic Microcontroller Based Power Multimeter3. Embedded Pic Microcontroller Based Motor Protection System4. Energy Management System For Pulse Output Meters5. AC Power line Monitoring motor generator application6. Speed Control of AC Motor7. Speed Control of DC Motor with Field and Armature Control8. DC Drive using IGBT9. AC Drive using IGBT10. Maximum Demand Indicator / Controller for Industries11. Power Factor Correction Using Multiple Capacitor Banks12. Electricity Billing Automation13. Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation14. Digital Tri Vector Meter15. Multiple starter with overload protection16. Multiple starter with overload protection with AI17. Multiple starter with overload protection with WAP18.Hybrid SCADA for Power station Substation Monitoring & Automation
  21. 21. 19. Embedded System based POSI-CAST controller for Dc-Dc Buck Convertor.20. Novel ZVT- PWM Converters with active snubbers21. Active resonant snubbers for high frequency PWM converters22. A ZVT-PWM Single stage PFC Converter with active snubber23. Electrical Station Variables Reader/Controller with True Graph and SCADA24. Electrical Station Variable Reader/Controller with True Graph25. Remote On/Off Controller for AC Motors with Parameter Monitoring26. Remote Switching System for home appliances27. Power Sharing of Transformers with WAP28. Power Sharing of Transformers with auto protection29. Computer Keyboard as a dual controller for switching Electrical devices30. Energy Saving In 1- Phase Induction Motor using A.C Chopper31. Harmonic Reduction using Capacitor Clamped Multilevel Inverter32. Harmonic Reduction using Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter33. High Frequency Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Converter34.Integral Cycle Controlled Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive35. L-Type High Frequency Quasi Resonant Zero Current Switch36. Micro Controller based Transformer Protection Third Harmonic Auxiliary Commutated Current Source Inverter37. Thyristor Switched Capacitor scheme for fast changing industrial loads38. Two input full bridge DC-to-DC converter for selective Harmonic elimination.39. Two input Full Bridge Inverter with improved output waveform
  22. 22. 40. Closed Loop Speed Controller for DC Motor using Microcontroller41. Design of a Microcontroller-Controlled Personal Static Var Compensator (PSVC)42. Fuzzy Logic Based Faults Identification System for a Three- Phase Induction Motor PID controller for real time dc motor speed control43. Sensor field oriented control of 1 phase induction motor using microcontroller44. Programmable Single Phase Motor Overload Automatic Preventer45. Speed Control of DC / Induction Motor using PID / Fuzzy Controller46. Dual control of Electrical devices through Computer Keyboard and H/W47. Centralized Powerhouse Automation using WAP.48. Slip Ring Induction motor Drive with slip Recovery using IGBT49. DC motor Starter using MOSFET50. Microcontroller Based Oil Temp/IND/CON51. 3 Phase AC Motor Drive using IGBT52. Two / Four Quadrent chopper in Indian Military.53. Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA54. Micro controller based Position Control for Stepper Motor55. WEB-SCADA56.Speed Control of AC / DC / induction Motor with RF Technology57. Electric Power Generation using Footstep Method.58. Embedded Micro controller based Grid Synchronization.59. Energy Management Control System with WAP
  23. 23. 60. Home Automation Using X-10 Protocol.61. Bi Directional VF Control of Single Phase AC Motors.62. Frequency Actuated Load Shedding with substation monitoring63. Management of sub-transmission and distribution system in power systems64. Mobile - Half Bridge Configuration Based High Voltage Generation of 10KVA_1KHZ65. Vector Controlled Drive for Energy Saving in Air Conditioning system66. High Performance AC Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for multiphase AC Machines.67. Enhancement of power system performance using STATCOM68. Management of sub-transmission and distribution system in power systems.69. Remote data monitoring using WAP Information Gateway70. Vector Controlled Device For Energy Saving Air Conditioning System.71. Fuzzy Logic Based Differential Relay For Power Transformer Protection.72. Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter For Driving 3 Phase Motor using Single Phase73. Embedded System based Automatic Furnace control for improvement of Hardness on materials.74. Distributed Multi area Power systems load flow monitoring75.SCADA Based Temperature Measurement & Control System76. SCADA for instrumentation with Artificial intelligence Control77. Intelligent Briefcase with digital code lock and shock generator during unauthorized access78. Digital Timer with Thumbwheel setting with On and Off delay type
  24. 24. 79. Digital Counter using Proximity Sensor80. Digital Energy meter using Embedded Controller81. Digital Energy meter with voice annunciation82. Digital RPM Indicator using Proximity or Magnetic Pick up83. Digital Frequency indicator84. Digital Voltmeter using Embedded System85. Digital Ammeter using Embedded System86. Cyclic Timer using Embedded system87. Remote Digital RPM Indicator using Proximity or Magnetic Pick up with SCADA @@@@@@