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FUZZYLOGIC PROJECTS-Fuzzy logic based differential relay for power transformer protection ieee
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FUZZYLOGIC PROJECTS-Fuzzy logic based differential relay for power transformer protection ieee


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projects details, dont hesitate, pl call me …

projects details, dont hesitate, pl call me

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  • 1. Article InformationProtection of power transformer using microcontroller-based relayRafa, A.; Mahmod, S.; Mariun, N.; Hassan, W.Z.W.; Mailah, N.F.Research and Development, 2012. SCOReD 2012. Student Conference onVolume , Issue , 2012 Page(s): 224 - 227Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/SCORED.2012.1033098Summary: This paper describes the design and implementation of the micro controller-based system for protecting power transformer. The system includes facilities fordiscrimination between internal fault current and magnetizing inrush current, differentialprotection, over current protection, over voltage protection and under voltage protection.In this paper, software and hardware of micro controller based system have beenexplained and designed. The design implementation and testing of the system are alsopresented. Fuzzy Logic Based Differential Relay for Power Transformer ProtectionNeed Power Transformers or any CNC Machines or any electrical devices arealways subjected to Highvoltage and low voltage transients. Many devices willget failed due to this. Hence we need to monitor the voltage constantly and if goesbelow or above the range then we need to trip the supply immedieately. Onemethod of protecting power transformers is to use a differential relay. Theoperation Diff Relay is to trip the equipment if it finds any difference in theprimary and secondary current. 89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24 PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 2. Two basic requirements that the differential-relay connections must satisfy are: (1) The differential relay must not operate for load or external faults; and (2) The relay must operate for severe enough internal faults.This is because the diff relay can act due to the following other factors also.In the case of power transformer applications, possible sources of false differentialcurrents are:  Mismatch between the CT ratios and the power transformer ratio  Variable ratio of the power transformer caused by a tap changer  Phase shift between the power transformer primary and secondary currents Magnetizing inrush currents  Transformer overexcitation  Current transformer saturation 89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24 PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 3. So, There should be an intelligent Mechanism to prevent the diff relay from fault triggering. In this project we have employed fuzzy logic to prevent this fault triggering. Our system when detects a current difference between the primary and the secondary it also checks for other causes using fuzzy logic and operates the relay only when essential. The other factors which induces the fault triggering is given to the controller through switch inputs.About Fuzzy: Fuzzy Logic was initiated in 1965 by lofti A. Zadeh, professor forComputer science at the university of California in Berkeley. Fuzzy logic is a powerful new technology and has emerged as aprofitable tool for the controlling of subway systems and complex industrialprocesses, as well as for household and entertainment electronics, diagnosissystems and other expert systems. Although, fuzzy logic was invented inUnited states the rapid growth of this technology has started from Japan andhas now again reached the USA and Europe also. Fuzzy has become a keyword for marketing. Electronic articleswithout fuzzy component gradually turn out to be a dead stock. As a gag,that shows the popularity of fuzzy logic, there even exists a toilet paper with‘Fuzzy Logic’ Printed on it. In japan fuzzy-research is widely supportedwith a huge budget. In Europe and the USA efforts are being made to catchup with the tremendous Japanese success. For instance, the NASA spaceagency is engaged in applying fuzzy logic for complex docking-maneuvers. 89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24 PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 4. Fuzzy logic is basically a multivalued logic that allows intermediatevalues to be defined between conventional evaluations like yes/no,true/false, black/white etc. Notions like rather warm or pretty cold can beformulated mathematically and processed by computers 89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24 PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766
  • 5. Block Diagram: Monitor CPUMismatch between the Rs232 MagnetiziCT ratios and the ng inrushpower transformer currentsratioVariable ratio Transformerof the power overexcitatio PIC Microcontroller ntransformerPhase shift between Currentthe power transformertransformer primary saturationand secondarycurrents Relay Driver Full Wave Precision Full Wave Precision Rectifier Rectifier Differential Relay PT CT PT CT Power Transformer Power Line 89 RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD,KODAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI-24 PL VISIT,mobile:098402 34766