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Developers in the .NET space can make use of NuGet to install third party libraries and components in their own software. The packages containing those components are typically hosted in the public NuGet gallery at for everyone to use.

What with your in-house components and libraries? Internal frameworks don't belong on the public NuGet gallery yet NuGet is a great way of distributing internal components amongst a developer team.

MyGet allows you to create and host your own NuGet feed. Include packages from the official NuGet feed or upload your own NuGet packages. We provide advanced user management (who can read/write), build source code into a NuGet package and support many development workflows that are not implemented anywhere in the market.

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MyGet pitch deck - long

  1. 1. Xavier Decoster –
  2. 2. We’re
  3. 3. We live at
  4. 4. We’re developers!More precise: there’s three of us.
  5. 5. We have a pain!
  6. 6. Incorporating software fromothers hurts like hell!
  7. 7. And only then we can startreferencing it
  8. 8. Another 10 steps! *sigh*
  9. 9. Microsoft solved our painwith
  10. 10. But they missed somethings…
  11. 11. is public.
  12. 12. is not.
  13. 13. Safely storeyour team’s IP with us.
  14. 14. Also, creating packages ishard.
  15. 15. Not with
  16. 16. We build themfrom your sources.No friction.
  17. 17. We have user privileges.So not everyone can add packages to your feed.
  18. 18. We have activity streams.See who’s made which changes.
  19. 19. We have symbol support.Sources can be related to libraries.
  20. 20. We supportthe developer workflow.Push upstream. Multiple feeds.
  21. 21. We support businessprocesses.So the guy who pays has something to play with as well.
  22. 22. We provide insights.Which projects use which packages?
  23. 23. So why ?
  24. 24. We are developers.
  25. 25. We share your pain.
  26. 26. We useto build
  27. 27. We listen to the community.Our users originate from trust.
  28. 28. Our next big leap: enterprise.
  29. 29. We’ll have to shrink-wrap.
  30. 30. We’ll need partners to get usin.
  31. 31. We’ll need evangelists andmarketing.
  32. 32. To make development teamsaround the world moreefficient.
  33. 33. Xavier Decoster –
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