Tape-less Workflow Applcation Architecture


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Lucture on digital media production and in particular the process of application architecture conception, given by Maarten Verwaest (Limecraft) during the Belgian Broadcast Days.

The presentation discusses the state of the art and the functional and non-functional requirements of future systems.

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  • In principe: - Automatisch verwerking metadata- Automatisch generatie metadata- Beter indexering en zoeken in (bestaande) meta- & mediadata
  • Tape-less Workflow Applcation Architecture

    1. 1. - Limecraft’s Point of View - <br />Tape-less Production Application Architecture<br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3. archiefnummer : ALG 20010813 1<br />fragmentnummer : 1 <br />reeks : 1000 ZONNEN EN GARNALEN<br />bandnummer : E03024404<br />formaat : DBCM<br />fragmenttitel : 1000 ZONNEN & GARNALEN<br />beeld : KL/PALPLUS<br />fragmentduur : 18 20 <br />tekst : 0'00" TOERISTISCH REPORTAGEMAGAZINE OVERZICHT <br /> ONDERWERPEN GENERIEK TOERISTISCH REPORTAGEMAGAZINE, <br /> OVERZICHT ONDERWERPEN <br /> 0'50" VANDAAG : KUNSTENAAR LUC HOFKENS ONTWIERP EEN OASE <br /> OP ZIJN DAKTERRAS IN BORGERHOUT DIE DOET DENKEN AAN DE <br /> GRAND CANYON INTERVIEW MET LUC EN ZIJN VROUW <br /> MARILOU BUITENBEELD DAK MET OMGEVING BUITENKANT <br /> ARBEIDERSWONING, PANO OVER ROTSWANDEN, KRATEN MET WATER, <br /> BEPANTING, FOTOALBUM MET VERLOOP WERKEN <br /> 4'00" JUNIOR : KLAARTJE ALAERTS, 13 JAAR WIL ASTRONAUTEN <br /> WORDEN ZE BEZOEKT HETEUROSPACE CENTER METRUIMTEVEREN, <br /> RAKETTEN SIMULATIE IN RUIMTEVEER, INTERVIEW, HEEFT EEN <br /> UFO GEZIEN MAAKT ZELF KLEIN RAKETJE, SCHIET HET AF <br /> 7'50" DE SCHEURKALENDER : ARCHIEF RECLAMEFILM IBM <br /> INTERVIEW MAURICE DE WILDE, EERSTE PERSOONLIJKECOMPUTER <br />trefwoorden : BELGIE; BORGERHOUT; ARTIEST; OASE; KUNST; GRAND<br /> CANYON (NATUURGEBIED); DAK; TERRAS; INTERVIEW; EURO<br /> SPACE CENTER; RUIMTEVAART; PC; BOOTTOCHT; RIJKDOM; <br /> PASSAGIER; GASTRONOMIE; RESTAURANT; PERSONEEL; <br /> VAKANTIE; BINNENBEELD; SCHIP; BECKERS LEEN; VRT; <br /> LOTTO; RADIOOMROEPSTER; KLANKSTUDIO; UITVINDING; <br /> BARBECUE; BETONMOLEN; IBM; RECLAMESPOT<br />rechthebbende : VRT<br />Opzoekscherm FILM Set: 16 Aantal: 1<br />blz 1 van 3<br /> trefwoorden: ibm and vrt <br /> archiefnummer: - <br /> uitzendjaar: maand: dag: <br /> fragmentnummer: fragmentduur: <br /> reeks: <br /> formaat: bandnummer: <br /> aflevering: afleveringsnummer: <br /> programma: uitzenddatum: <br /> fragmenttitel: <br /> tekst: <br /> kategorie: <br /> opnamedatum: opnamenummer: <br /> journalist: rechthebbende: <br /> SETS <br />The strings required for the operation are not defined <br /> F11 F12 F13 F14 F17 F18 F19 F20 Ent <br />Eindigen Sets Refset Toon Vorige Volg/Leeg Thesaurus Commando Opzoeken <br />
    4. 4. 4<br />
    5. 5. Beyond the State-of-the-Art<br />?<br />
    6. 6. State-of-the-Art Media Production<br /><ul><li>Tape-less - high-definition
    7. 7. Distribution toTV, radio, internet or mobile
    8. 8. Linearor on-demand</li></ul>Challenges<br /><ul><li>Model-Driven Development
    9. 9. Collaborative production – Real-time co-production
    10. 10. Profile-based publishing of “Smart” content
    11. 11. Seamless Integration of Live and On Demand</li></ul>Challenges<br />
    12. 12. Assumptions (1) - Future Media<br />Smart Content<br />Scalable - From mobile, standard-def and high-definition<br />Non-linear - Seamless integration of live and on-demand<br />Enhancements<br />API’s enable 3rd party integration<br />Participation – Interaction with the consumer enables an economy of scale<br />http://labs.vrt.be/myradio<br />
    13. 13. Assumptions (2) – Collaborative Production<br />
    14. 14. Issues – News Production<br />Correspondent<br />(email)<br />Documentation<br />Services<br />Archives<br />Web Sites<br />EBU Consignment (Superpop – NMS)<br />Reuters Consignment<br />(NewsML1.1)<br />EBU popserver<br />(NMS)<br />MAM system<br />Telex Services – ‘Wires’<br />(IPTC7901)<br />Lack of effective standards <br /><ul><li>Brittle point to point integrations
    15. 15. Redundant information – Overflow
    16. 16. Missedpotentially relevant items</li></ul>News Production System<br />
    17. 17. Issues – News Production<br />Correspondent<br />(email)<br />Documentation<br />Services<br />Archives<br />Web Sites<br />EBU Consignment (Superpop – NMS)<br />Reuters Consignment<br />(NewsML1.1)<br />EBU popserver<br />(NMS)<br />MAM system<br />Telex Services – ‘Wires’<br />(IPTC7901)<br />Lack of effective standards <br /><ul><li>Brittle point to point integrations
    18. 18. Redundant information – Overflow
    19. 19. Missedpotentially relevant items</li></ul>News Production System<br />
    20. 20. The Problem (1) – System Functionality<br /><ul><li>Type example: Media Asset Management systems
    21. 21. Re-use of material assumes a central Media Asset Mgntsystem
    22. 22. The system is not aware of the production processes
    23. 23. The lack of proper APIs requires custom development
    24. 24. An out-of-context workflow engine must manage overall consistency
    25. 25. Custom Integration of “Best of Breed” components compromises stability of the overall system and quality of the product
    26. 26. Fragmented application landscape leads duplicates, long and unpredictable response-times and overall storage inflation(!);</li></ul>Media Asset Mgnt<br />
    27. 27. Media Asset Mgnt<br />Problem (2) – Understanding the Requirements<br />EBU Production Management Seminar 2009(!) about Service Oriented Architecture<br /><ul><li>An SOA “has the ability to manage the complexity” (CISCO) but it usually increases it;
    28. 28. “The ESB should replace all application specific interfaces by an general purpose abstract interface”(IBM), while it should support proper standards (NewsML-G2, TVAnytime, Mpeg7,…);
    29. 29. “The SOA and the ESB simplify your service portfolio” (a Broadcaster) - e.g. a single video transcoder, which may lead to massive overconsumption of IT infrastructure;</li></ul>SOA – Some Overstretched Assumptions?<br />An inconsistent architecture will remain inconsistent and an ‘Enterprise Service Bus’ does not cure that particular problem. <br />If applications are designed for purpose and behave correctly, we probably don’t need additional service busses or workflow engines.<br />
    30. 30. Lessons Learned – Principles of System Integration<br />Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.<br />
    31. 31. Media Asset Management is a process and properimplementation relies on interoperability of applications.<br /><ul><li> Metadata - Electronic and Structured Information
    32. 32. A MAM System enables(!) data integrity
    33. 33. Metadata Standards enable(!) interoperability
    34. 34. Semantic technology may enable(!) information integrity
    35. 35. Yet, applications need to be designed for purpose: being aware of the state of the processes, tracing dependancies,...</li></ul>!<br />An sound application architecture is based on <br />proper design requirements<br /> and makes technology fit for purpose.<br />(≠ Integration of available “Best of Breed” components)<br />
    36. 36. Architecture<br />Courtesy of Wim Goes Architectuur<br />
    37. 37. From ‘Digitisation’ to ‘Software as a Service’<br />Digital Silos<br />Collaborative Model<br />Corporate Systems<br />Media Asset Management systems have enabled re-use and internal collaboration.<br />Custom development is expensive and results in moderate stability.<br />User-friendlyonline app platformswill drive collaborative production.<br />Independant developers will create reusable apps, thus resulting in increased stability and lower cost<br />Digitisation has enabled <br />increased functionality<br />Corporate Network<br />Central<br />Media Asset Mgnt<br />Access via Internet<br />ApplicationPlatform<br />Infrastructure<br />
    38. 38. Tackling the Infrastructure Problem<br />Digital Supply Building Blocks<br />Collaboration, Participation and Interaction<br />Production-Grade Application Services<br />Digital Asset Mgnt<br />Media Data Center Solution<br />(network, storage and embedded services)<br />Courtesy of CandIT-Media<br />
    39. 39. Application Platform – Work in Process<br />EDL processing<br />Packaging<br />Goods Receipt<br />Search and Retrieval<br />Labeling<br />Identification<br />Core Digital Asset Mgnt<br />Goods issue<br />Decomposition<br />Asset<br />Database<br />Search Engine<br />Digital Supply Building Blocks<br />Media Repository<br />Media Repository<br />Collaboration, Participation and Interaction<br />Proxy<br />Repository<br />Metadata<br />Repository<br />Index<br />Repository<br />Media Repository<br />Media Repository<br />Media Repository<br />Media Repository<br />Production-Grade Application Services<br />Digital Asset Mgnt<br />Media Data Center Solution<br />(network, storage and embedded services)<br />
    40. 40. Enable Interaction and Participation<br />Editorial<br />Consumption<br />Feedback and Opinion<br />Flow Control<br />Selection<br />User-Generated Content<br />Tagging <br />Production<br />Master Control<br />Post-Production<br />Digital Supply Building Blocks<br />Collaboration, Participation and Interaction<br />Production-Grade Application Services<br />Digital Asset Mgnt<br />Media Data Center Solution<br />(network, storage and embedded services)<br />
    41. 41. <ul><li>Maarten.verwaest@limecraft.com
    42. 42. http://twitter.com/limecraft
    43. 43. http://www.limecraft.com</li>
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