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RnM Brochure

  1. 1. SpecializedEngineering &Construction Company
  2. 2. ABOUT US R & M International Pvt Ltd is leading We are dedicated and a centre of attention for: Specialised Engineering and Construction Company. We are a rapidly growing solution • Structural Strengthening provider for Improvement/protection/repair Increasing the axial and flexural strength of of concrete/structures in India. Seeing the the structural members. So that they are able current growth and revamping of total Indian to meet up the design requirements. infrastructure market which includes Railways, Airports, Roads, Bridges, Hydro Power, the • Base Isolation company plans to start offices across major cities The integrity of a structure can be protected and to have a business relationship with various from the attack of severe earthquakes either international organizations. We bound to meet through the concept of resistance or isolation. up the client requirements due to which we were In designing a structure by resistance, all the able to grow consistently over the past few years. members of a structure are designed with sufficient size to take the load elastically and allowed to undergo in the inelastic range with sufficient ductility. Such approach can prevent the collapse of the structure but not the damage i.e. the structure rendered to be unsafe after earthquake. • Water proofing Membranes made of bituminous material provides good water-proofing to roofs and terraces. Also Specialized waterproofing chemicals with nano compounds in it enhances the efficacy of certain chemicals in waterproofing applications.1 2
  3. 3. PRODUCTS PRODUCTS R&M Carbon Fiber Laminates Carbon laminate is a stiff composite plate use to enhance the flexural and moment enhancement R&M G-Fiber BD-80 for structure. Glass fibre is made by weaving fibreglass Various thickness and width are together to give it a cloth or a fabric shape. (10,20,50,80,100) and (1.2,1.4) respectively. Any The type of fiberglass used are mainly E-glass (alumina borosilicate glass). FRP sheets are combination can be choosed. R&M Matrix 20 Base, Used in Pre-Stressed System for following wrapped around the columns, with fibers •Flexural enhancement for slab and beam Hardener oriented perpendicular to the longitudinal axis R&M C-Fiber UD-300 •Diagonal bracing for brick wall Fiber Composite Resin is a two component of column, and are fixed to the column using Carbon fiber (CF), is a material consisting of •Shear wall enhancement system and the primary functions of the resin epoxy resin. They provide Ductility Enhancement, extremely thin fibers about 0.005–0.010 mm •Moment enhancement in tall structure are to transfer stress between the reinforcing seismic strengthening and junction confinement in diameter. These threads are then weaved •Deflection recovery system fibers, act as a glue to hold the fibers together, together to form a sheet fabric. and protect the fibers from mechanical and Areas of Application environmental damage. •Flexural enhancement (low quality of substrate) Areas of Application •Axial load enhancement of columns •Composite FRP system •Placement of stirrups in columns •Concrete and masonry surface imperfections •Filling pinholes prior to over coating •Sealing of surface cracks and General fair facing over large areas They have the following advantages over Used in non-PreStressed System for following conventional materials. •Flexural enhancement for slab and beam •Dimentionally stable •Diagonal bracing for brick wall •Moisture Resistance •Shear wall enhancement •High Strength •Moment enhancement in tall structure •Fire Resistance Properties •Chemical Resistance Properties •Hiigh modulus carbon – tensile strength- 2900 •Very high strength to weight ratio higher than •MPa, E-Modulus- 210 even glass fibers •Corrosion resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture. Packing of 5 kgs including base and hardener •Dimensionally stable Packaging Tests done •Moisture resistance Rolls of 100 m, 150 m, or cut to size. an Flexural strength test, and tensile strength test. Testing unwinding reel is available upon request. Special •Tesile Strength ASTM D-3039-93 dimension upon Request •Pull-off test Tests recommended •Tensile strength test as per ASTM D-3039-93 •Pull off test to check the bond with substrata3 4
  4. 4. PRODUCTS PRODUCTS R&M Resin Primer 11 Base, Hardener R & M ModPoxy ST R & M Nano-proof-51 It is a corrosion resistant coating for structural A single component emulsion which is steel and processing vessels’ exteriors. Excellent NANO enhanced, Waterborne, Economical, water resistance. Exhibits excellent performance ECOFRIENDLY, User-friendly (nil minerals) and in industrial and marine environments subject to is having multiple applications. It Very well acids, alkalis, solvents, salts and other aggressive compatible with Cement. It is also UV resistant. EPDM Water proofing Membranes exposure. R & M Nano-Coat-505 It is easy to use and very well suited for internal Membranes made of bituminous material DL -505 is an excellent modified acrylic Resin and external building applications. roofs, terraces provides good water-proofing to roofs, terraces R & M ModPoxy SP Emulsion enhanced with NANO additives (for and chajja’s are the main areas of application. and other large areas of applications. Specially formulated epoxy mastic that is high better adhesion) based waterborne masonry build and surface tolerant. It is recommended as paint for concrete substrates. It is a Single R & M Nanopoxy-23/75 R & M WaterRepell a maintenance coating with suitable top coats. component, ECOFRIENDLY, user-friendly, high It is a 2K waterborne ECONOMIC, User-friendly, DL-WR is a Single Component Coating which The product is suitable for application on steel performance paint with anti carbonation ECOFRIENDLY, Flexible Epoxy Composition, is Economical, Ecofriendly, Waterborne, as well as concrete surfaces. properties. It also finds extensive use in painting enhanced with NANO and other performance Nonflammable, Water and Oil Repellent. It is It is recommended in fertilizer, chemical, refinery, and coating of core infrastructures like bridges, additives. It is used with either white or grey applied on Porous surfaces like Plaster, Concrete, petrochemicals, bridges, marine installations, dams, skywalks, etc. cement and has very good compatibility with Paper, Wood, Bricks, Stones, Fabrics, Cardboards, pulp and paper, pharma industries. Modpoxy SP DL505 is also recommended for steel structures Cement. It is a heavy duty compound and is Asbestos cement sheets, Gypsum Boards, POP, –N is nano ceramic modified variant which has in chemical industry over a suitable primed very well suited for swimming pools, podiums etc. DL-WR is Transparent which results into still better chemical resistance and adhesion. surface. gardens like areas. performance water and oil repellent surface. It is ready to use by brush or spray application. R & M SiliCoat R & M Integral-Waterproof R & M Nano-Coat-145 It is an excellent Exterior Silicone Resin Integral Water-Proofing liquid Compound for R & M Bondagent Nanocoat- 145 is a waterborne coating for Emulsion based waterborne paint that also Plaster and Concrete. It gives concrete improved superior performance, particularly as an excellent performs Water-Proofing. It is Single component, Dl-BA is a very flexible polymer based bonding Anti Corrosive coating for difficult substrates like cohesion and acts as a plasticizer. agent having tack for strong bond between old ECOFRIENDLY, userfriendly, high performance COPPER, ALUMINIUM, ZINC, etc. It can be used as paint known for very high durability. It is applied and new cementitious substrates. DL-BA finds R & M Rust-Killer extensive use as a bonding aid for new and old top clear coat for variety of substrates, including on cementitious (concrete, plaster etc.) surfaces. This Coating is a liquid formulation which is certain plastics like Poly Carbonate and on Road concrete / mortar. Also applicable for bonding marking paint. non-acidic, water borne, eco-friendly, non- brick slips, tiles, stones, wall cappings, repointing R & M PU-Aliphatic flammable, user-friendly rust inhibitive type brick work and for protection of concrete from Rust Killer. It has excellent use as reinforcement R & M Fire-EPON Two pack acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocyanate dampness. based top coat with good chemical resistance coating during rehabilitation of old structures. Fire-EPON is a 2K Fire retardant EPOXY COATING and weatherability. It is recommended for R & M Water-Retardant enhanced with NANO and other performance application on suitaby primed surfaces of additives. It offers excellent chemical and DL - RET is a water reducing and retarding structural steelwork, vessels, pipelines, etc in corrosion resistance. admixture for concrete. It is a special fertilizer, chemical, refineries, petrochemical performance admixture for RMC plants. It helps plants which are exposed to corrosive in achieving increased workability in all grades environment. It is recommended for core of concrete, increased compressive strength infrastructure like bridges, skywalks, canals, etc. at economical dosage and better retention of slump values.5 6
  5. 5. PRODUCTS PRODUCTS R&M Resin Primer 11 Base, Hardener R&M Laminate Adhesive Primer is the concrete bonding adhesive for use with the Composite Strengthening System. 20/30 Base, hardner Laminate Adhesive is a two component mixture It is a 100% solids low viscosity epoxy resin specifically made for bonding Carbon-Fiber (CFK) able to cure in the presence of moisture and Laminate to the concrete. It is applied to the at temperatures as Low as 20C. When applied laminate which is then bonded to the concrete. to sound concrete Composite primer gives It is viscous and gains tackiness in half an hour high tensile bond strength to the Composite which makes it an excellent adhesion material. Strengthening system. R&M Non-Prestress Anchor Aplication area R&M Aggregate White Cement which is used to prepare Plates •In Non- PreStress and Pre-Stressing of Carbon- Putty when mixed with adhesive or Primer in Aluminum alloy plate which is specially Fiber Laminates proportionate amount. designed and manufactured for anchoring the It is used to fill gaps and even the uneven Non-PreStressed C-Fiber Laminate at the ends so surface. that the laminate does not peel off from ends. Application area •For concrete surface smoothening •To remove any unevenness putty made with •To remove any unevenness putty made with adding R&M aggregate into it. adding R&M aggregate into it. Test recommended Tests Recommended •Compression, Tensile and Flexural strength test •Tensile and Flextural tests as per IS 4456 as per IS 4456 Part-I •Pull off test for bonding strength •Pull off test to check the bond with substrata7 8
  6. 6. SERVICES SERVICES Fiber Wrapping A Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite is defined as a polymer (plastic) matrix, either thermoset or thermoplastic, that is reinforced Pre-Stressing The pre- stressing of Carbon-Fiber laminate is (combined) with a fibre or other reinforcing a very effective way of using the high Tensile material with a sufficient aspect ratio(length to Application Method Application Method strength property to much greater extend. thickness) to provide a discernable reinforcing •Surface Preparation •Surface Preparation and marking External prestressing with other materials of the function in one or more directions. Surface is chipped to remove all loose concrete. Surface is well grinded to make clean & existing structures have always been difficult There are several situations in which a civil Major cracks are injected with epoxy mortar & even so that marking can be done easily and especially in view of the materials to be used, structure would require strengthening or corroded steel is treated with Anti- corrosion adhesive bonds strongly to the concrete. After reinforcement corrosion, lateral instability, end rehabilitation due to lack of strength, stiffness, treatment. The surface is then re-profiled. Any which marking of laminate positions and anchorages and ofcourse space constraints. ductility and durability. Some common situations surface irregularities are removed. marking of plate , machine area is done. The advantages of resistance to corrosion and where a structure needs strengthening during its •Primer Coat •Drilling and bolting high specific strength make these materials ideal lifespan are A low viscosity epoxy primer is applied with a After Marking, holes are drilled as per marking for reinforcing existing structures with minimum brush to promote adhesion between FRP and and High-Tension bolts are inserted for plate intrusion. Popular method adopted is bonding concrete surface. and clamp to be fixed. This should be perfect them adhesively to concrete structures. •Surface Leveling and very little error is allowed. After primer application the surface is checked •Fixing of clamping device and alignment check again for local irregularities and unevenness. First the clamping device is fixed just behind This is then filled with putty to make it even. the plate area in the machine area with the •Fiber Application help of L- Clamps. Fiber is cut to measured length. In large •Final Alignment check and fixing of laminate projects fiber is saturated with epoxy using Piston body and plate anre fixed and checked wet- layup machine and applied to surface. For for alignment. After which the laminate is shorter lengths the epoxy is applied manually cut to the measured length and fixed in the and then applied to surface. Rollers are used to clamping device at both ends. Plate and the remove any bubbles formed and make the fiber piston body is fixed for process to start. The Company has developed a system which adhere to the surface properly. •Pre-Stressing easily and effectively makes it possible to Stress •Seismic retrofit according to current code •Anchoring fiber wraps The laminate is stretched according to the the carbon laminate to a designed load and bond requirements. Fiber anchors are put in the drilled area where design requirements and is pre-determined. it adhesively to the existing structure to transfer •Upgraded loading requirements; damage by the fiber wrap overlaps so that it does not peel After sufficient load is given the adhesive the load on itself to support the structure. accidents and environmental conditions. or loosen up from ends. is replenished between the laminate and Applications •Initial design flaws •Quality assurance concrete surface also the gaps which were Restoring the Beam and slab load carrying •Change of usage. During curing time, the fabric is checked developed after stretching are filled with capacity and also giving it more strength. Design regularly for any irregularities or bubbles which additional adhesive. RCC members strengthening. Complete design of strengthening by using FRP are removed. •Dismantling of Pre-Stress Machinery composites are performed as per ACI (ACI110R), •Finishing Finally after applying pressure the laminate Euro Code (Ec8), CEB – FIP (Bulletin14) and After curing a second coat of epoxy adhesive is is kept in the stretched position for a day Japanese (JBDPA) guidelines. applied and sand sprinkling is done to make it with the help of stoppers. This is done for Testing rough so that plastering can be done to keep the adhesive to get cured and hard. Hence, Cube Testing is done extensively over cylindrical the fiber wrap system enclosed and has a long the laminate becomes active i.e. it starts and rectangular cubes with fiber wrapped system life. supporting the structure(Beam and Slab) by and they show improved enhancement in their giving a upward force to it. flextural and compressive strengths. For bonding strength of fiber wrap Pull-Off test is recommended which ensures the efficacy of fiber wrapping.9 10
  7. 7. SERVICES SERVICES NonPrestressing Pre-Cured Carbon Fiber composites in the form Application Method Grooved Laminate of laminates, more popularly known as CFK laminates, is a new material used for external •Surface Preparation and Marking Surface is very well grinded to Level the System strengthening and retrofitting of RCC members. surface and make it clean. After which Marking Often there are cases in which a rectangular Pre-stressing Systems As laminates they have a very high tensile of laminate and plates are done for proper column has an aspect ratio greater than 3 i.e. •Surface Preparation and marking strength to weight ratio, around 8-9 times of positioning of laminate. If required Grooving the longer side dimension is more than three Surface is very well grinded with grinding steel, which makes it a very suitable material for is also done in cases of uneven surface or in times the dimension of that of the shorter side. machine to make it smooth and easy to work providing extra strength and hence increasing case of laminates in both direction where It has been proved that fiber wrapping is most on. parallel lines marking on the surface as per the load bearing capacity of members. overlapping Is happening. effective with circular column and is less with the length of laminate in equal spacing as per The most common form is Non Pre-Stressed •Preparation of end anchorage square and even lesser in rectangular columns. the design. laminates mounted on the surface of concrete. To fix the laminates at ends either a groove of This reduction in effectiveness of fiber wrap •Grooving It increases the shear resistance and flexural 50 mm is prepared in the side wall or anchor increases with the aspect ratio. For round Columns Grooves are done on the strength. This near surface mounted technique plates are fixed at the ends. in case of fixing The square and rectangular columns are to be marked area to the depth specified in design. is based on fixing, by epoxy adhesive , CFK anchor plates, drilling and bolting of high given a curvature at the edges. This is done so It is done keeping the width and thickness of laminates into pre-cut slits opened in the tension bolts is done in the plate area. that the confinement is effective which sharp laminates in mind. For rectangular columns concrete cover of the lateral surface of beams •Cutting of laminate edges reduce. In case of rectangular columns Each face of the column is marked according to and slabs. In a clean area away from the resins, the confinement is further reduced due to different its width. It is then grooved to depth specified When more load is applied on the member slab laminate is carefully measured and cut side lengths. If the aspect ratio is very high the in design. or beam the laminates become active and share according to the length required. After which a column does not show any effect of increase in •Primer Application and finishing the load on themselves. Hence increasing the layer of adhesive is prepared over the laminate load carrying capacity achieved by confinement. Adhesion between the fiber wrap and the load which the member can take. for fixing it with surface. This effect is taken care by partitioning the column, and also to alienate the the fiber wrap, At the ends of laminate anchor plates, called •Fixing of laminate longer side into parts so that it behaves like a a low viscosity Epoxy Primer is applied with non Pre-Stressing Plates, are fixed with help of After putting adhesive on the laminate it is square column and give good confinement. The a roller until the column surface is locally adhesive so that the laminates does not peel off fixed on the surface and the ends are either carbon fiber Laminates are put in grooved spaces saturated. The bad and uneven sectors are the concrete surface in future. put inside the groove prepared or anchor which are 25-40 mm deep depending on what is corrected and leveled with the help of putty. plates are fixed. Pressure is applied with the desirable. •Cutting and fixing of laminate This laminates which are grooved and put inside In a clean area away from any chemical, the the column also give extra strength in terms of laminate is carefully measured and cut to shear failures. the required length. Adhesive is applied on both sides of the laminate it is inserted inside the groove and is further pushed properly by rollers. •Finishing Finally after inserting Laminates the column is further confined by means of fiber wrapping system throughout the length including help of Rollers so that it is properly stretched junctions. and pasted on the grinded surface with good bonding. Testing •Finishing operation on fixed laminates Tensile testing of the laminates according to The sides of laminate are covered from both ASTM standards for their load bearing capacity. sides with more Adhesive to replenish the Pull-Off test for the bonding strength of adhesive fallen through while carrying out the adhesive and its efficacy to transfer the loads. process.11 12
  8. 8. SERVICES SERVICES Column Pre-Stressing It is an innovative technique for retrofitting uustrav enimiusultum of columns and joints of a RCC structure. It involves confining of column with Carbon/ forei par Epoxy or Aramid/ Epoxy composites. Moreover Dii fauctur, audeste det; nequideris mant. Gra these confinement belts are Pre-Stressed before •Primer Application move, stritus, sa co vivilis temus, culinerrari ina, application which changes a lot of things as Primer is applied to increase the adhesion dit. Castiam noctation nonsum confend ucientia compared to traditional confinement with Fiber and alienate the fiber wrap from the concrete pere et; nostimiure porum sidendem, Patquam Wrapping. moisture. It also makes the surface smooth and iningulis auctum esus, apes inatur hostrat This Pre-Stressing has a lot of added advantages. easy to work on. uustrav enimiusultum forei parestum iniri Pre-Stressing allows us to use the Superior •Fiber Application faciorbem vendam tum inves ina, quam intemen Properties of FRP composites to a much greater This step is crucial as it fulfils the importance depopubli, Ti. Fecerficae is orum avo, fecena, extent. The difference lies in Active Confinement of previous prepration steps. It involves fitting mora a rena mentilis, nium Romnit. and Passive Confinement. Active Confinement is of machine and clamping of Fiber wrap with Um moribus, nit ari pes aut vident, nos catante done by confineing the column by pre-stressed it. Hydraulic jack is attached to stress the Fiber mquast pos auc rei iptio uteatus tra L. Equid FRP composites. Which starts taking loads Wrap composite. Pressure is applied through potia neque in publicam siliquo diessentem while there is no extra load given to column. hydraulic jack attached manually. The fiber is des? quem avere fue in tem con vivir pon On the other hand Non-Stressed FRP composite stressed to the retrofit design load . rehemus? Ocul hem int, ut iacciost quodiis becomes active i.e. takes load only when extra •Curing and Quality control solusa tervividefex nos huister ad cles voctuium load is being applied on to the column. For the next 24 hours the fiber is kept in the averaed eatidet? Rortus fuides aus. Sim delicum Active confinement is very useful for seismic stretched position with the help of stoppers deres ine perumus faciac tum, quem hilicaelum retrofitting apart from other strengthening attached to the machine. Column is then conit. consum auro, voc, quam publibem publis. properties. constantly monitored for any misformation or Artum nes, vid C. Mis. mo in spiorus, condius, undesirable behaviour. nonclar issenteat. •Anchor placement and finishing Ox nulum sua iusa vistium intiaci sa it. Huctuus Fiber Anchors, specially designed to lock the aci consuli nterfec onsimo moricaperem tes ad overlapping area which completely removes diessenimus, opon diem simolus pertem, ses any possibility of fiber to peel off the column, por labis hilii per quo viveris? O tum ocre ac re are put in the previously drilled holes and novitere, esupica tilicae aude adhum Application Method fixed using the Epoxy Saturant. Finally one •Surface Preparation more layer of epoxy is applied and then sand Surface is well Grinded to remove any is sprinkled so that the system is permanently unevenness and local/sharp undulations. preserved inside and plastering done. This is done to promote easy application and adhesion of primer. An innovative technique and machinery for •Marking retrofitting of columns and joints of a RCC After Grinding Marking of of machine area structure have been developed by us. It involves which clamps the fiber and pre-stress it. It confining of column with Carbon/Epoxy or is crucial for proper fitting of machine and Aramid/ Epoxy Composite-Belts and Pre- hydraulic jack, to perform stressing of the Stressing it so that it confines the column in composite while application and to hold it stressed position. This is new and exclusive in pre-stressed state till it is cured and load technique which enhances the capability of FRP transfer has happened to confine the columns.13 12
  9. 9. SITES SITES Reliance Special Economic Flyover, National Highway 7, Zone (NMSEZ), Navi Mumbai Bangaluru A change in usage of a 9 storied building At the National Highway 7 (NH 7) between required the beams to be strengthened. More Bangalore and Hyderabad two Flyovers had than 200 beams are to be strengthened in each shown Live cracks in the slab. Which were building to achieve desired result. A full design confirmed by testings carried out. They skew of Strengthening was proposed which is now box slabs were then strengthened by External undergoing. strengthening by non- prestress and Pre-stress The strengthening is done using carbon technology using Cabon Cimposite Laminates fibre laminates and composite fibre wraping in both the directions forming a grid of Carbon system. Also composite rods are also used for Fiber laminates. strengthening. Column Strength Enhancement Fiber wraping of columns, and grooved laminate.15 16
  10. 10. SITES SITES JNPT, Navi Mumbai HPCL, Mumbai Turnkey Project Turnkey project Only Transportaion Bridge Between JNPT and The PDA Structure, which supports the various cities. Due to extensive movement of Heavily accessories of the oil refining, had its columns loaded cargo verhicles in the past 12 years and beams showing serious cracks and the bridge has lost its all strength and started reinforcing steel corrosion. heavily vibrating causing a threat of collapse. Complete repairs and retrofitting of Beams and Turkey Project involved Strength enhancement columns of the PDA structures of the spans Structural members are repaired and Epoxy Grouting, Steel girders installation, strengthened by epoxy modified Epoxy Modified replacement of almost all damaged Bearings, Mortar, Cement grouting, Epoxy Grouting and enhancement of girders by external Pre-stressing confinement through fiber wrapping system. and non-prestressing using carbon fiber laminate and Carbon- Fiber wrapping system.17 18
  11. 11. SITES Other Projects •Mhape Gulraj Hotel •Universal Hotel Airlink •Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Indu Projects •Manthan Plaza, Vakola •ADPL Hotels •Sheffields Towers •Platina Wadhwa complex, Mumbai •ECCI Park, Chennai •CCCL, Chennai •Llyod Hotel •Syndicate Bank, Mumbai •SP Info-City, Chennai •ESIC Hospital •IIT Madras •Rashtryia Chemical and fertilizers, Chembur •Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai •Bangalore International Airport •Amba Bhavani Temple •Private bunglow, Mysore •Oberai Mall, Goregaon •Neelyog Square Mall, Aditya Ventures19 20
  12. 12. CONFERENCES LECTURES WSRR IEI lecture Workshop on Rehab and retro of structures The Institution of Engineers (India), Maharashtra 28th 30 August State Lectures on “Innovations in Tall Buildings: This workshop aimed at creating a clear Structural Systems” & “The 90 Day Crisis in understanding among participants on the Manhattan: The Tale of Teetering tower” by complete process of investigation, repair, Mr.Ravindra Mysore, President, LeMessurirer Lecture Series at VJTI,Mumbai strengthening and rehablitation of reinforced FICCI Consultants, USA on Friday, October 30, 2009 A development course on “Structural Audit and Rehabilitation of Buildings” was held at concrete buildings and infrastructure. Knowledge Partner Organized at IIT Bombay WSRR had a VJTI, Mumbai. The lectures were on Structural participation of more than 200 people from FICCI jointly with Dept of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Govt. of India and R&M Lecture Series, IIT Bombay Deterioration, Structural Audit, NDT, Structural industry and educational institutions. A total A series of lecture on Performance-Based Rehabilitation, Heritage structure Protection and International as the knowledge partner of 30 papers spanning over all Structural Seismic Design (PBSD) by Subhash C. Goel, Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings. The lectures organized “International Conference on Rehabilitation fields, were presented in WSRR. Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil were given by well known experts in the Construction Chemicals” on February 11-12, 2010 and Environmental Engineering, University of industrial and the Academia space. at Hall of Culture, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA was organized The aim of the conference was to discuss the challenges, market opportunities, advance case successfully on 29th Jan 2009. Lecture Series at VJTI,Mumbai studies, strategic tie-ups and technology transfer A development course on “Structural Audit in the construction chemicals. Lecture on Grand Pagoda and Rehabilitation of Buildings” was held at The key people participating spanned among Grand Pagoda which was considered for VJTI, Mumbai. The lectures were on Structural Manufacturers Consultants, Architects Engineers, construction with massive span of 85 meter Deterioration, Structural Audit, NDT, Structural Contractors Traders, Marketing professionals and seating capacity of 10000 persons keeping Rehabilitation, Heritage structure Protection and Builders & Supliers. in mind the aesthetics and long lasting of Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings. The lectures masonory structures. The lead of designing were given by well known experts in the team, Mr. Mahesh Varma and Proof checking industrial and the Academia space. consultant Prof. R.S. Jangid (Professor, IIT Bombay) shared their design and execution experience during the lecture conducted. AaKar, IIT Bombay A platform for young Civil Engineering students to present their new research findings to a distinguished panel of Professors from our Department. More than 100 entries were recived in the event and A journal was published by IIT Bombay with the winning entries. It had lectures conducted by Speakers from BARC, Central Water Resources and Power Research Station, ACC, ENSOFT and it was a good platform for students in civil engineering to interact with industry.21 22
  13. 13. RESEARCH REASEARCH JNPT CPRI, Bangalore In collaboration with Sardar Patel college of Engineering, tests and instrumentation was Reactor Safety Division (RSD), BARC along with Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) carried out in the three spans of the JNPT bridge Bangalore conducted a round robin exercise and at Karal. Different NDT tests were carried out theme meeting on pushover test on prototype and sensors were installed at various loacations Reinforced Concrete structure at CPRI Bangalore. to asses effect of rehabilitation. Following is the MIAL The test was Asia’s largest pushover test and was IIT Bombay, detail •NDT tests consisted of Rebound Hammer test For Showing the effectiveness of the techniques and materials used at the Chatrapati one of its kind. The structure built was a replica of a substructure of an existing office building at A Masters project and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test to assess the International Airport tests were carried out. They BARC. The structure was tested till failure in the A project for fire and heat resistance for Glass quality and durability of concrete present. were follows tower testing facility present in CPRI. fiber reinforced polymer on structural members •Measurement of deflection using linear •Pull of tests of carbon Fiber wrap and carbon This structure was then repaired and retrofitted was studied and ways to enhance it were found. Potentiometers mounted at the center of bridge fiber laminate to check its bonding strength and using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites It was found that a coat of vermaceal gives a at the bottom face. hence the efficacy of load transfer. (FRPC). The institutes/organizations who retention time against fire much higher than a •Measurement of Flexural Strains and shear •Beam test of fiber wrapped beam which gave a participated in the second phase of the exercise plastered FRP. strains with foil type strain gauges mounted at much higher flexural strength. included, BARC, NPCIL, DCS&EM, IIT Bombay, IISc All the materials and technical support in centre of girder at bottom face and at the end at •Reinforcement in cube and testing its bond Bangalore, CPRI Bangalore, SERC Chennai, Thapar collaboration with IIT Bombay professors was an angle of 45 deg. strength with the concrete. Institute of Technology Patiyala, UVCE Bangalore, provided. This project successfully developed a •Measurement of change in crack-width using IIIT Hyderabad, SIT Tumkur and PSN College of system for making G-FRP resistant to fire for a omega type displacement transducers. Which Engineering Tirunelveli, Sardar Patel College of much longer time so that it does not loose its were tested on full capacity loading. SPCE, Mumbait Engineering, Mumbai. All the Materials used and stresngth and hence the structure becomes more •Measurement of vibrations before and after We have been associated with Sardar Patel fibre wrapping on the structure was taken care resistance to fire damages. strengthening by piezoelectric accelerometer College of Enginnering and have carried out alot by R&M International at the site. and full load moving truck to induce vibration of testings and Research work for our products In order to evaluate the fundamental frequency according to IS codes. and services which are proof-checked by experts of the structure in the two directions, before Seismic Ability of FRP The results have shown reduction in strains at college. commencing the pushover test, a free vibration BARC, Mumbai and vibrations hence showing the effect of strengthening. All the materials including fibers, laminates matrix, Primer, adhesive etc have been tested for test was conducted for the retrofitted structure. The failure of structures due to recent Highly sensitive accelerometers were placed their properties and application methods. earthquakes has exposed the vulnerability of at different floors to pick up the vibration structures to the seismic forces. Hence seismic IIT Madras The company has been involved in constantly upgrading its products and service by doing signal generated by the blow of a hammer. Fast retrofitting has come out as an important area All types of fibers were studied for their Fourier Transform (FFT) of the signal gave the research related to it at the college. Beam for Research. effectiveness in confining by fiber-wrapping information on the fundamental frequency of the testing, cube testing, flexural test, tensile tests, At BARC, Mumbai under Dr. G.R. Reddy. Fiber technique. This was a comprehensive study structure. bonding strength tests etc are carried out wrapping has come up as an promising way of which involved testing various variants of The conclusions involved the effect of fiber over our serviced structure for the improving retrofitting structures for earthquake resistance. fibers with their thickness and number of layers wrapping on the structure. The fundamental effectiveness of our services and constant Tests were carried out on a structure varying. frequency determination of the structure after upgradation. strengthened by fiber wrapping. Earthquake For achieving the objective different cube rehabilitation with fiber wrapping and before A new epoxy was developed and tested Conditions were simulated and tested for samples were prepared. These samples were pushover test in two directions were also carried at college with the help of Dooall corpro earthquake resistance of fiber wrapping. then tested for compresive and flexural strength. out. The testing gave a insight about earthquake construction chemicals for its breathable The results gave us the capabilities and resistance of rehabilitation with fiber wrap and nature which actually increases breathability limitations of our services so that it can be also it was shown that almost 100% of strength of concrete and makes the fiber wrapped further developed and used for betterment of was gained back by Fiber wrapping on the structure more Durable. The product is still the technique. damaged structure. under development phase and is undergoing upgradation and changes to be used at site.23 24
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