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Open erp presentation

  1. 1. E-nova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Improve and evolve your company with E-nova
  2. 2. You are ? • A new company whose want to have good basis? • A company in evolution whose to give the best tools to your workers? • A company with a complicated IT structure? • A company with new department? • A plant? • And you need a simple all in one IT structure for all of your departments?? We have the solution for you!!!
  3. 3. What is an ERP? One database for all the company One views per company department All company process integrated Automatic notification Automatic communication between department Automatic actions historic
  4. 4. Our Solution? An all in one solution!
  5. 5. Why Open ERP ? An all in one solution!
  6. 6. ERP Comparison
  7. 7. About Open ERP  In 2009 it was named Open ERP (before was Tiny ERP since 2005)  Open source  Huge Community  Over than 350 modules  Adaptable for Big & Small companies, Factories, Web sellers……  Adaptable for every type of Companies  Experts state Open ERP having 2 years of competitive advantage on market as enterprise management can never be such simpler and powerful as with Open ERP . Open ERP is a modern approach to integrate business and management
  8. 8. What offer really Open ERP! (1)  One software package covers all your enterprise needs (Department functionalities)  Accounting & Financial Mgt  Manufacturing resource planning  Inventory control  Document Management System  SMS and Mass mailing services  No double encoding of information  Automates tasks by integrating business processes  Automate all administrative tasks  User-friendly web and rich interface  Evolution as needed with the huge modules list MRP Business management Sales
  9. 9. What offer really Open ERP! (2) Get The Information When you need it, where you need it  Integrated Business Intelligence  Dynamic dashboards  Consolidation of data in real time  Custom report designer  Statistics available from any document
  10. 10. But you think ERP’s are risky to integrate ………Not Open ERP !  You can start with one module for a specific need.  No licence cost for you.  Light  Fast  Easy to set  Easy to use  Start playing with our demo data and be ready to work!
  11. 11. Your actual IT structure ?? Annual Maintenance: 45.000 $ Annual Licenses: 39.000 $
  12. 12. After implementation of Open ERP, this is your new IT structure!! A fully integrated management system: Annual Maintenance: 10.000 $ Annual Licenses: 0 $
  13. 13. A web based information system You may need Integrated with which provides you your online store real time statics. .And let you sampling And should be know what, when highly customized Business intelligence Stock and where to pick as per your requirements. Sales & E-commerce Purchase Provides the Information system financial statics, real 3 D analysis time balance Financials Production of your sales . sheets with Smart statics daily work using your own timesheet and HR management Dashboards data . attendance.
  14. 14. Features you may be looking for • A user friendly information system. • Complete as per your business need. • Integrated Documents management system which will take care of your designs. • You may be looking for its integration with Ms excel sheets. • You may be looking for its integration with your mail server. • You may be looking forward to provide the portals to your partner stores so to have real time statics for availability of your designs at specific store • you may be looking for an information system where you can start with a single functionality and keep adding on as you feel that needed .
  15. 15. Other options for you Software's Why I do Why I don’t ERP Futuristic solutions Very High cost :- Minimum Softwares Extremely complete installation 35 Laks of rupees Take care of your all needs of now and after 10 years Per user license SAP Well equipped with latest technologies System ridden Oracle They enables you to play with your own data using Yearly renewal license Etc .. business intelligence tools and provide you smart You need to hire trained statics system users or provide the These software's are results of the research of last 20 training to your highly skilled IT years by 1000 s of experts round the world workforce Any time extensible Application Very low cost :- You may find them in few thousands They are not futuristic . If specific of rupees ,sometimes free as of pirated technology change they fail . software's : Could not be easily integrated Very fast installation :- They will install and you can They are result of few technical Retail pro start using . experts . Wizap Tested only on very specifc Ginni Good if you vision for next few months only domains . They fail if your Tally business expands . Etc… Good if you need very specific application like Could not easily extencible accounting by tally . You become support dependent
  16. 16. Why E-nova • We don’t sell software's. • We sell information systems committed to business need. • There is no user restriction you can grow anytime you want. • With us you can begin with a single module and keep adding functionalities . • No yearly renewal / license fee. • No support restriction. • Our priority is our services before and after the implementation. • We are known for own distinguished and disciplined approach for implementation .
  17. 17. Our Approach (1) Functional Requirement Analysis Time -20 days Management vision and business flow understanding End user requirements analysis Gap analysis Time - 5 days Step at our end where we do internal analysis with our We evolve with most efficient business practices for your consultants . organization . Reengineering Time-:1-2 Day We present our internal analysis to the decision makers at your We present first prototype of new system and suggest if some end . workflow changes are required . Implementation team training Time -2 Days We train one of your guys who will be representing your organization during the implementation .
  18. 18. Our approach (2) Customization Time :- depend on requirements Changes in the existing modules Developing some specific modules Configuration Configuring the views Configuring system with your business terms Before Implementation End user training Make users to be comfortable with new system and inviting Letting users to understand the business change their comments . Implementation it include setting up system on server and defining user groups Consultant sit with users to let them know the most efficient . ways .
  19. 19. After implementation support User training after implementation online and onsite. Specific documentations. Support available anytime working hours . Consultants Test the system every week for first month to ensure proper system usage after implementation . 1 Test per month from second month after implementation .
  20. 20. Our latest project • Opt sergeant is a client in France . • He design ,manufacture and sell sun glasses . • He has several stores . • He also sell glasses online so he need magneto integration with open ERP so that he can track what to sell and from which store . • He also supply sun glasses to some of his partner store so he need to keep track . • He need to keep track of all his stock at different locations so that he can supply to his customers from nearest location .
  21. 21. Comparison : Total Comparison : Total Open Proprietary software cost Source software cost division division Total Proprietary software cost division 0% 5% 5% 0% Study System Study System 35% Licensing Licensing Cost 40% System 55% 60% Service of Service of Integration Integration Cost Benefit
  22. 22. Comparing Open ERP with other Softwares Percentage Cost 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 Percentage Cost 30 20 10 0 Cost with other ERP Cost with Open ERP
  23. 23. E-nova  We started our operations at Chennai in 2005.  Shifted to Delhi 3 years back in order to catapult ourselves in IT Domain and to tap the enormous Human Resource in the Capital.  We have Business transactions with India, US, France, Luxembourg, …  We are very few companies who work extensively on open source technologies .  French management team associated with a world wide recognized expert Indian workforce.
  24. 24. Enova-ting Open Source Open Source software: Free source code No license fee Free to distribute Free to modify  No user restrictions Pool of developers Large community Easy support
  25. 25. Our Remarkable Partners E-nova offers services to several prestigious organizations such as:  The European Parliament  The French Embassy in India  The Alliance Française Network  Adobe Microsystem (US&Japan)  SME’s like Holiway, Trykaya Photo, ND models,shanti travels etc…  We are also very proud to count among our clients several non-profit organizations such as Handicap International, the KFI Group, Speed Trust.
  26. 26. E-nova Skills  We have strong skills in Interfaces and Web design  We have consultants and experts notably in most latest technologies .  Customization and services around OpenERP, the conception of large scale web & multimedia applications based on Open Source technologies.  We also provide a wide range of consultancy services (ERP, specifications writing, security, ergonomics, hosting...).  WEB 2.0:  LANGUAGES – RSS, Blogs, Mailing-list , Chat , Mash-up – PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS,AJAX,C,C++,PERL,Java,J2EE, Python , TCL/TK  CMS  FRAMEWORKS – Joomla, Drupal, SPIP,TikiWiki,CMSMS – JQuery, MooTools, Scriptaculous, CakePHP,  E-COMMERCE : Symfony,Zend Framework ,Copix – Integration , Paypal , OS Commerce , Maganto  DATABASE Joomla+ Virtue mart – PostgreSQL , MySQL  ERP OPENSOURCE :  DESIGN – Open ERP , Dolibarr – Flash Animations ,Action Script ,FLEX, Air
  27. 27. We value our customers  We value time.  We value commitments.  We challenge no body can beat our price for same functionalities , features and services before and after the implementation.  There is a huge gap between us and our competitors because we adopted open source information systems .
  28. 28. To know more about Open ERP Contact us E-nova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Address : D 88/2 , Okhla Phase-1 New Delhi Ph :- (+91) (+91)