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Social Operating Systems
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Social Operating Systems


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • The sidesocial graph shows thetypical distinction of social networks to reflectwhether a connection with another person is direct orindirect. For example, the popular business social networking service LinkedIn,uses this model and sorts a member's social graph into different degrees of separation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Operating Systems
      SharePoint Group
      Mohammed Aamer
      Ayman Abourayan
      Ramy Aamer
    • 2. Agenda
      Social Networking Systems
      Social graphs
      Social Operating Systems
      Why Social Operating Systems
      Facebook as Social OS
    • 3. Social Networking Systems
      It is difficult for any given system to present an accurate picture of our relationships: social networking systems are unaware of connections that we have not explicitly told them about, and there is often little distinction between a deep connection and a shallow one
    • 4. Social Graphs
      A social graph is a set of
      People , referred to as
      nodes, that are connected together
      by vertices – better
      known as links or
      connections - that
      reflect their social
    • 5. Once social graph is embedded all over the internet
      your comments on others blog posts
      tagged flicker photos of you with people you know
      Address book
      c.C in others e-mail
    • 6. Why Social Operating Systems
      what social operating systems will resolve, is that today’s tools do not recognize the “social graph”—the network of relationships a person has, independent of any given networking system or address book; the people one actually knows, is related to, or works with.
    • 7. Profile Management
      Every social network has chosen to use a different system to build their network
      Social Operating Systems can provide default profile standard that can be used so one can plug into the various networking services
    • 8. Identity management
      Personal profiles ("personas")
      Privacy control
    • 9. Relationship management
      Directory and lookup services (location of people to communicate with)
      Social networking (opt-in relationship formation, indirect social connectivity via social networks)
      Spam control
    • 10. Communication
      Person to person communication
      Synchronous (IM, VOIP)
      Asynchronous (email, SMS)
      Group communication
      Synchronous (conferencing)
      Asynchronous (group discussions)
    • 11. Social Collaboration
      File sharing
      Document collaboration (communal authoring/editing)
      Collaborative filtering
      Recommendation systems
      Knowledge management
      Human powered search
      Project management
    • 12. Social Content distribution
      Personal publishing (blogging, home pages)
      Public content distribution
    • 13. Social Coordination
      Event management (scheduling, invitations, RSVP's)
    • 14. Facebook as Social OS
      Build Social Applications on Facebook Platform
      Wide range of supported Facebook Platform Client Libraries
      More than 52,000 applications currently available in the Facebook Application Directory