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Airland is the number one luxury mattress company in China. the document explains the history, awards and clients of the group and many other information

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AIRLAND presentation

  1. 1. Content: • Introduction to Airland. • Awards, honors and standards. • Clients over the world. • Mattress series. • Airland Family. • Contact information.
  2. 2. “Hello. We are AIRLAND and we specialize in the comfort Industry”
  3. 3. Founded in Hong Kong in 1966, AIRLAND is the biggest supplier of high quality bedding products in China and has successfully developed into a group integrating mattress products, bed products, furniture production, and hotel management after 46 years of continuous efforts. It has manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Huizhou, Hangzhou and Beijing with more than13000 employees. Branch offices were set up in more than 20 countries with 2000 sales Outlets around the world. Group
  4. 4. 1966 Founded in Hong Kong 1973 Sole mattress distributer for British Army Far East Command 1975 Branch offices established in Jakarta and Taiwan 1986 China’s largest mattress supplier for 5-star hotels 1990 Airland (Singapore) Private Ltd Company is founded 1994 Airland Ltd. Australia is founded 1995 Airland R&D Center is founded, specializing in scientific sleep research 2000 Gained property rights for Airland Hotel – luxury hotel in SZ 2002 Established the International Sleep Engineering Institute (joint with the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine) 2003 First company to use eco-friendly bamboo fiber fabric in mattresses 2012 Industry pioneer with “quality testing” worldwide publicity 2012 International Standardization AAAA company For detailed history and achievements visit us:
  5. 5. We worked with hotels for more than 48 years Why do Hotels trust us? Because their guests are satisfied!
  6. 6. Promotions Location Guest Experience Factors Amenities Eco Program Loyalty Program Points Price Convention Center First, Why do guests choose a hotel? And what are those Experience factors?
  7. 7. Cleanliness of rooms Employee attentiveness to needs Quality of food and beverage Comfortable beds and pillows Communication ability of employees Location of hotel Ability to solve problems Customer Satisfaction Factors Chi, C. G. & Qu, H. (2009). Examining the relationship between tourists’ attribute satisfaction and overall satisfaction. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
  8. 8. “Proficient travelers are most interested in location and comfort. Mature Leisure travelers are most interested in room rate and comfort. Newbie travelers are most interested in comfort and ability to value them” Deloitte. (01.23.2013). A Restoration in Hotel Loyalty. According to experts:
  9. 9. A quality mattress is key to the hotel experience A must have for your hotel It Provides your guests with a matchless comfort and unforgettable experience
  10. 10. How good we are? Let’s check… We think we are the best supplier of high quality mattresses you could ever work with
  11. 11. First company in China to be awarded HK “Q-mark” The only company in the mattress Industry to be honored “China Famous Brand” For detailed and complete list please check our website. Our awards are just one proof of the quality of our products
  12. 12. Over 2,000 Five-Star Hotels Around the World Choose
  13. 13. Including: And more than 3000 Luxury hotels as clients* *This includes Four-Star hotels, resorts, clubs… For a longer list of hotels contact me via email at the end of this document
  14. 14. Since 1983, Airland has been the sole mattress supplier for the DIAOYU State Guesthouse Hotel
  15. 15. 48 Years of development experience in comfort concepts 200,000x endurance testing: no deformation, no breakage. Lining 3x and padding cover 2x above national standard 6m RMB Asia’s only Swiss imported limited edition equipment 2.3mm steel wire creates a comfortable sleep system designed to support human body 60% and up spring coverage ratecreates more efficient support 0 Knots Open-ended micro-response design provides more flexible spinal protection 99% Rebound Rate Micro-response body pressure balance support, zero sinking And more* The numbers don’t lie *Please check the companion PDF file for more technical specifications
  16. 16. In AIRLAND we know how to make it unique
  17. 17. Our series for hotels* *Our mattresses generally are customized according to the client preferences
  18. 18. For more details on each mattress click Here!
  19. 19. And it’s not just about Mattresses… It’s about everything that a hotel needs Bedding • Bedding sets • Duvets • Blankets •Towels •And…Hotel Furniture
  20. 20. All of this through our family* Bedding *For a complete list of AIRLAND group click here! Group
  21. 21. How do we know your needs? We have our own Five-Star Hotel! Visit
  22. 22. For more information please Go to our Website: For any question or inquiry: Personal: Maallem Chouaib Business Development Mob:(86)15920090926 Please connect with me via at maallem chouaib Additional information:
  23. 23. Thank you! Group 2013