Trifermed Corporate Presentation


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TFM, the first Contract Business Development Organization

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Trifermed Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Excellence is our aim and our methodology, because it is only through excellence that we can guarantee to our clients the collaboration that meets and exceeds all their business and personal expectations. By Dr. Sergi Trilla President & CEO The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  2. 2. group mission To support International Business Development of Life Science Companies developing products, technologies and/or services. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  3. 3. background Trifermed Headquarters Trifermed Tel-Aviv The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  4. 4. business development concept Business Development includes all activities a company should undertake to support the development of a product, technology or service in order to guarantee the successful penetration in the market. Product, Technology or Service Development Business Development Idea Market The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  5. 5. business development activities Market Internal analysis Finding expert understanding • Strengths opinion support • Opportunities • Weaknesses • Regulatory • Threats • IP Advisory Boards Active search for Business model • Scientific development design • Business partners Active search for Service Companies Permanent commercial to support in-house Networking partners development The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  6. 6. life science stakeholders •Universities •T.T.O. (Technology Transfer Offices) •Private Companies (Pharma & Biotech) •Financial players (Business Angels, VC, Banks) •IP Firms (Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys) Research & •Government Offices Development •Spin offs •CRO (Contract Research Organizations) •CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) •Registration through National Health Agencies Registration, •FDA Reimbursement & Market Access •EMEA (Centralized, MRP, Decentralized) •Health Canada •Other Local Agencies •Reimbursement at National and Regional level •Regulatory Affairs Experts Commercialization •Pharmacoeconomic Experts •Private Companies (Pharma & Biotech) •CSO (Contract Sales Organizations) •CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) •IP Firms (Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys) The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  7. 7. trifermed services Trifermed business development services are specifically tailored to cover any and all client needs. Advice on Partner/ New Market Business Client Opportunities Research Search Strategy Search The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  8. 8. trifermed services  Trifermed’s Market Research Department consists of highly skilled, well-trained researchers with scientific backgrounds Market and a business understanding. Research  Local language  All research is performed in the requested local language for best communication: Spanish, French, German, English, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese.  Taylor-made questionnaires  Trifermed designs, together with its clients, taylor-made questionnaires for a better focus on the answers needed from the market. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  9. 9. trifermed services  Most of the companies need an external advisory board in order to make their Advice on strategic decisions. Business  Scientific Advisory Boards are commonly Strategy present in Life Science Companies; nevertheless Business Development advice should also be considered from day one.  Trifermed offers the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to assist your company to make the right decisions on your international business development strategy. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  10. 10. trifermed services  During the development of your product, technology and/or service, you may need external support from several different partners  Research & Development partners Partner/  Regulatory Affairs specialists  Financial partners Client  Manufacturing partners Search  Commercial Development partners  Trifermed will help you identify the right partners, contact them, present your projects, negotiate with them and reach an agreement that meet your needs.  For technology and/or knowledge transfer, Trifermed can also help find the appropriate counterpart and continue to support the process up to final transfer.  Trifermed can also find clients who are looking for the service platform that your company provides. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  11. 11. trifermed services  In order to ensure an adequate ROI (return on investment), there is a constant need for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies to find New new products & technologies to enlarge Opportunities existing portfolios and to maximize both the Search cost of the salesforce and the marketing investment.  The Trifermed team work as “market scouts”, constantly visiting and making new contacts in the countries where Trifermed operates. This greatly increases the chances of our clients finding new opportunities for  Portfolio enlargement  Mergers & Acquisitions  Application of new technologies to existing products The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  12. 12. commitment distinguishes us All Trifermed services are provided according to a success model based on results* Definition & Client- Payment Service Evaluation of Trifermed Development on results Client needs Agreement *Market Research Services are provided against a pre-agreed quotation. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  13. 13. trifermed team profile • Sergi Trilla, M.D., M.B.A. • Co-founder, President & CEO, Shareholder, Member of the Executive Board • After 4 years in Medical Practice, began his business career at Sanofi-Winthrop in Medical Marketing, followed by the Ferrer Group, where he gained international experience, responsible for International Marketing activities in more than 60 countries. • Founded Trifermed Group in 2002 and Trifermed Tel-Aviv in 2008. • Since 2007 takes care of Trifermed Corporate Development, driving the company to new territories such as Canada and new areas such as Biotech. • Member of the Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association. • Speaker at different conferences and forums about Business Development in Life Science. • Jaume Rodó, M.B.A. • General Manager, Shareholder, Member of the Executive Board • Began his career at Biosystems as Export Manager; after 5 years, joined Almirall Prodesfarma as Business Development and Licensing Manager for three years, and jumped to International Development Manager for the following three years, where he gained most of his international experience. • Held General Management position for five years at Laboratorios Seid. • Joined Trifermed in 2007 as General Manager, taking care of Europe, Israel and Latin America. • Member of the Pharma Licensing Group Spain. • Speaker at different conferences and forums about Business Development in Life Science. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  14. 14. trifermed team profile • Marta Fernandez, M.D. • Co-founder, Vice-President, Shareholder, Member of the Executive Board • Marta started her career as GP in Birmingham (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). • After a Master in Hospital Management, Marta joined Trifermed in 2003 as Medical Director. • In 2005 took the VicePresident position, taking care of two of the main markets for Trifermed: Spain and Italy. • Since 2008, Marta is also an active member of the Trifermed Executive Board. • Luis Ruiz, Ph.D. • Shareholder, Member of the Executive Board • Molecular biologist with extensive research and academic experience, over the last 10 years has been linked to the industry holding positions in early stage project management and business development in Pharma and CEO of four start-up Biotech companies helping them mature beyond the seed phase. • Sits in the board of several companies and biotech industry associations. • Founder & current Secretary, Catalonia Bio, Catalan Association of Biotech • Board member, Asebio, Spanish “Bio” Chapter • Board member, Biocat, Catalan Bioregion Organization • Speaker at different conferences and forums in Life Science. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  15. 15. trifermed team profile • Mario Ezquerra • VP Financial Operations, Shareholder, Member of the Executive Board • With a degree en Economic Sciences and Master in Tax Studies he has over 20 years experience in posts of responsibility in Financial Departments and as an Independent Consultant. • Accountant and tax responsibilities at Llorens Castello S.A., Accounting manager at Aplicaciones Tecnicas Del Plastico S.A., Controller at Aplicaciones Tecnicas Del Plastico S.A. (Group Reydel Ind), & Senior Consultant at Perocta managing S.L. • Joined Trifermed in 2002 as Senior Financial Consultant. • Since 2007, he hold VP Financial Operations of Trifermed Group, becoming Member of the Executive Board in 2008. • Victor Trilla, M.D., Ph.D. • Medical Director • With a degree in Medicine and Surgery, specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Pathological Anatomy, he trained in Stuttgart (Germany) for five years before becoming Section Head in the Mother-and-Child Hospital of the Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona). • He has been Professor with tenure of the Chair of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. • Joined Trifermed in 2005 taking care of the Medical Department, with the responsibility to deeply analyze under a scientific point of view any new opportunity landing in Trifermed. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  16. 16. trifermed team profile • Roy Bateman, B.Sc., MBA • Regional Director, Trifermed Latin America • More than 25 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, mainly with Wellcome in the UK and Latin America, in sales, marketing, business development and general management; also a short period with GW. Regional BD and Marketing Director, IMSHealth Latin America, President and CEO, Thomson Healthcare Latin America, Divisional Manager at Innovex and General Manager of Prescriptor in Mexico. • Joined Trifermed in 2007 with responsibility for Mexico and is now responsible for Trifermed’s operations throughout Latin America, based in Mexico City. • Founder Member of the British Chamber Healthcare Working Group and Board Member of the American British Cowdray Hospital in Mexico City. Has also contributed articles and interviews on healthcare and market entry strategy in Mexico • Rinat Dahan, B.Sc. • Regional Director, Trifermed Tel-Aviv • With a B.Sc in Biology and a M.Sc. in Medical Biotechnology, she has worked for Novartis and managed sales for Lifestyle Ltd., a company specializing in nutritional supplements. • Joined Trifermed in 2007, initially from Barcelona developing the Israeli market . • Since 2008 Rinat became the Regional Director from Israel taking care of Trifermed Tel-Aviv operations in Israel, UK, Ireland, North Europe, Greece and Turkey. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  17. 17. trifermed team profile • Esther Bonet, B.Sc. • Area Manager • With a degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she has followed the Health specialization completing her education with different internships in Brazil and Norway. • She joined Trifermed in 2008 and among all territories where Trifermed is active, she takes care of the French speaking countries (France, Benelux and Canada). • Maria Ortega, B.Sc. • Head of Market Research & Project Management • Maria holds a Biotechnology degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. • She joined Trifermed in 2008 as the responsible for the Market Research department in order to conduct and manage the interface between Trifermed, our clients and the best business opportunities in the market. • Antonio Henriques, B.Sc., M.Sc. • Market Research & Project Management • With a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) and a M.Sc. in Economics from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Spain), he has focused his career on linking business and science also through internships and courses in the United Kingdom and Germany. • He joined Trifermed in 2009 as a member of the Market Research team. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  18. 18. trifermed team profile • Markus Morcego • IT Director • Engineer in Administrative Data Processing, specializing in systems and micro-computing. • Joined Trifermed in 2004, developed the IT platform for the internationall growth of the group. • Carlos Ezquerra • Legal Department • Holder of both Law and Psychology degrees works as a lawyer and has long experience in post of responsibility in legal departments of companies. • Maria Carolina Mazzoni • Executive Assistant & Communication Department • Therapist by training, with a long record in administration. The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  19. 19. international presence Trifermed Headquarters Sant Cugat del Vallès Barcelona (Spain) West Europe & Canada Trifermed Tel-Aviv Tel-Aviv (Israel) Trifermed Latin America Israel, UK, North Europe, Mexico D.F. (Mexico) Greece & Turkey Latin America The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)
  20. 20. Thank you for your time and interest. Trifermed Team The first C.BD.O. (Contract Business Development Organization)