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Maria Occarina Portfolio

  1. 1. MARIA OCCARINA case studies
  2. 2. case studies# New Brand Language forNatura 2011 # Brand Strategy Plan forNatura 2012 # Urband-aids 2012
  3. 3. New Brand Languagefor NaturaA co-created brand language: The journey to the new language wasour most precious treasure. CONTEXT: With a philosophical and yet engaging essence, deeply committed tosustainability, Natura is one of the most beloved brands of Brazil. Speciallyin the past few years, the company has grown in amazing rates, reachingthe impressive mark of over 1 million consultants and over 6 thousandemployees, only in Brazil. But with such development, the organization grew almost too fast and thebrand that once was like a close friend, was becoming more and moreserious and distant. PROBLEM: How could a brand language help it bringing people together again? SOLUTION: Looking back to the brands essence, for what were the most meaningfulideas and concepts throughout its history: the passion for beauty and forrelationships. It was clear then, that this project needed to create alanguage that not only was beautiful, but a that belonged to everybody. The only way to build a brand language for everybody, was giving voice toeverybody. They were not only a big source of inspiration but part of theproject team: we invited partners, consultants, employees and consumersto create with us.
  4. 4. New Brand Languagefor NaturaA co-created brand language: The journey to the new language wasour most precious treasure. RESULTS: IMPACT: The result was a brand language based on the “Amateur”: More than inspiring employees, partners and the channel withthe word “Amador” in Portuguese means at the same new guidelines that would help them on the aesthetics, wetime “amateur” and lover. We believe that everything actually found a new operating model that could be applied inthat is made with love is better. any daily activity, based on co creation and love, we could giveThe brand language guidelines should, rather than being everybody a chance to express themselves adding value andcomplicated and challenging for all the brand users, work energy for the whole system. as a useful and above all, fun tool. Helping each one thatis in touch with it to have a better, more pleasant andeffective experience with Natura.
  5. 5. New Brand Languagefor NaturaOUTCOMES Launching for the consultants Invitation for launching event BEM- VINDONew Website Layout Visual Identity for the Inspiration Week
  6. 6. Brand StrategyPlan for NaturaBeyond business, through business. CONTEXT: The idea then was to make a partnership with strategicAlthough Natura is a brand driven organization, there are planning to develop a new strategy planning model for thestill some gaps between the brand strategy and the business company. strategy causing relevant losses for both of them. A system that could be both effective and interesting. But, what is the best way to engage businessman to brandPROBLEM: issues? Each year, the strategic planning team develops, launchesand disseminates a new plan for the company for the next SOLUTION: couple of years. But although it is quite an important -Inspiring: the brand contents can’t only be a mandatory itemmaterial. It was not inspiring. on the planning list, but instead, they must be interesting andIs it possible to lead a company towards innovation without relevant enough to be important. inspiration? - nvolving people throughout the process, doing together. I Excerpts from the Brand Zeitgeist Report
  7. 7. Brand StrategyPlan for NaturaBeyond business, through business. RESULTS: IMPACT: A new model for the strategic planning: The brand zeitgeist Besides having simpler and yet more relevant guidelines forreport was the staring point to map the new possible Natura, we had the chance of, not only of giving an amazingemerging values to fight alienations. Inspired by this content scale for the brand zeitgeist report, experiencing in a way,(called PEMA) the whole company was then invited for a some of the values we proposed at it such as shared value,moment to get inspired by these values ahs discuss what caring and awakening for a new social paradigm. were Natura’s biggest challenges then, on a big event calledInspiration Week. The strategic plan was then wrote as theresult of those discussions. Inspiration Week visual identity Inspiration Week audience
  8. 8. Urband-aidsFor a bruised city, colored band-aids! CONTEXT: Brazil is a wonderful place to live, with a dazzling nature,friendly people and amazing cities. But with a lot of social problems too, and out cities reflectthem right away. So, what if instead of only complaining, we could actually dosomething to help our city? Maybe starting from the sidewalks? PROBLEM: Sidewalks have been quite damaged, and besides not lookinggood, they are actually pretty dangerous. In 2011 they wereresponsible for over 100 thousand accidents in Sao Paulo. But they are there for everybody. Everybody at some pointof the day walk by them. Regardless of the transportationused, sidewalks are a path everyone passes by. And whicheverybody is responsible for. Property owners and renters must keep them in goodconditions, Public representatives must supervise them, And all citizens must help supervising and demanding forsafer sidewalks.
  9. 9. Urband-aids curativosurbanos For a bruised city, colored band-aids! v=qKMc1awg5vkfeature=plcp SOLUTION: IMPACT: Homemade colored foam plasters put by the sidewalks at In January/2013 MIS (national Museum of Image and Sound) isnight, and a Facebook fan page with a statement about the organizing an exhibition about the Urband-aids, inviting severalmovement were our vehicles to tell a greater story: Inviting urban artists to customize some “band-aids”. people to look differently to the place they live and also tocall the attention for their role as change makers. The next step is giving scale the movement, turning it into a public tool. In partnership with the Sao Paulo state office forRESULTS: public development and local communities the plan is to developAnd they got really popular: within a month there were over an “app” to map the most damaged zones of the cities and invite2 thousand “likes” on the Facebook page. People in several the community to create significant impact on thoseplaces not only in Brazil, but Italy and even in Denmark*, have neighborhoods. been organizing their own Urband-aid actions and they wereheadline in some of the most important news of Brazil, *I held a lecture in Copenhagen on October about the movement onbringing this issue as a current topic for serious discussions. an event for social entrepreneurs called “VI”.
  10. 10. Urband-aidsOUTCOMES Facebook Fan Page Tutorial Urband-aid Rome, Italy Urband-aid Assis Headline in the media Before / after sidewalks fixed Urband-aid Rio de Janeiro Urband-aid Porto Alegre
  11. 11. maria occarina Tel: +55 119 81508849 Rua 13 de maio, 1838 apto 51 – São Paulo SP Brazil - CEP 01327 002
  12. 12. maria occarina