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"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.
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"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" Publishing. About Us.


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. publishing house MANN, IVANOV & FERBER Innovative Russian publisher of business books facts and figures
  • 2.
    • The MANN, IVANOV & FERBER publishing house was founded in October 2004 by three successful managers with professional experience of both Russian and international companies. To date, it is the only Russian publishing house whose founders are themselves authors of business books.
    • Igor Mann is the author of the bestseller “100% Marketing” and co-author of “100% PR” and “Marketing Machine”.
    • Michael Ivanov and Michael Ferber are joint authors of the “Manual of Marketing Consulting Services”, and also translated and co-published the well-known titles “The McKinsey Way”, “Managing the Professional Service Firm”, “True Professionalism”, and “The Trusted Advisor”.
    • We have a clear business focus
    • We only publish well respected and useful business books
    • We have a unique and focused approach, as we release only 12 books each year
    • Half of our books are written by Russian authors and half are translated non-Russian texts
    • We partner with leading companies
    • Microsoft, The Boston Consulting Group, Ward Howell International, Atlant-M International Automotive Holding Group, Uralsib, managers’ community
    Facts & Figures
  • 3. Our Major Competitive Advantages
    • Individual approach
      • We publish only 12 books every year, so each is published and marketed with the greatest of care and attention
      • Our aim stated simply, is to make each title a bestseller
    • High quality
      • Our translators are selected by competitive examination process
      • Covers and page makeup are designed by the “Art. Lebedev Studio” – the most famous Russian design studio ( )
      • Books are printed in “Novosti” – the best printing-house in Moscow
      • Our books are uniquely supplied with ribbon bookmarks
    • Strong distribution model
      • Our books are available in all leading book stores in Moscow and all other major cities
      • Our merchandisers personally control the lay-out of our books in book stores
      • We own a chain of book vending machines located in key areas
  • 4.
    • MANN, IVANOV & FERBER is without doubt the most innovative business publishing house in the Russian market. We have pioneered a new approach in the market by:
      • Selling books through vending machines
      • Providing customers with the option to subscribe for all our books published each year
      • Personally meeting our readers, working as consulting assistants in book stores
      • Holding regular meetings for all of our writers
      • Offering the highest royalties to Russian authors
      • Enumerating all published books (each book has a sequence number)
      • Offering creative graphic design work from the Art. Lebedev Studio
      • Utilizing a unique counter for all our books’ reviews
      • Giving special discounts to our namesakes (Manns, Ivanovs and Ferbers)
      • Personalizing our books (each of our books has a space for the readers’ own details)
      • Accurately summarizing the content of our books (each book has a special index identifying for whom (and at what level) each book is targeted)
    We are the first
  • 5. Some of Our Books
  • 6. How We Publish Our Books
  • 7. How We Publish Our Books (continued)
  • 8. Feedback from Some of Our Authors
    • David H. Maister, author of books on managing professional service firms
    • Michael Ivanov was very helpful in bringing my work to the Russian audience. He is very entrepreneurial, very smart and very professional
    • James Champy, author of “Reengineering the Corporation”
    • I have worked with Michael Ivanov in the publishing of my book, Reengineering the Corporation, in Russia. The volume was published with quality, and I have always experienced Michael and his firm to be of high professional standards. Michael always responded to my requests and executed well.
    • Irina Lazukova, BCG, Moscow office
    • I’d like to express my appreciation to MANN, IVANOV & FERBER publishing house for their proactive, flexible and constructive approach to preparing and publishing “Strategies that Work. BCG Approach” in 2005. It’s my pleasure to work with you!
  • 9. Feedback From Some of Our Authors (continued)
    • Gleb Archangelskiy, author of the best-selling “Time Drive. How to Make Time for Life and Work” and “The Formula of Time: Time Management for Outlook 2007 ”
    • I enjoy working with MANN, IVANOV & FERBER . First and foremost, their advantage is a tailored approach to authors, editing, design and most importantly, marketing. The publishing house thinks out of the box, coming up with new marketing moves for every book. After publishing three books (including two business bestsellers) with various publishers, I would heartily recommend MANN, IVANOV & FERBER!
    • Anton Popov, author of “Marketing Games”, Head of Game and Entertainment Projects at Yandex
    • When I told people my book would be released by MANN, IVANOV & FERBER, I was immediately congratulated on having made the right publishing choice.
    • When I received the white volume on my birthday from the printing office, I was in seventh heaven.
    • When my partners see my picture on book covers in stores, negotiations get easier and more pleasant.
    • I’m grateful to the whole publishing house team for their impeccable work, from editing to merchandising, and my advice to everyone is to read the maximally useful books published by MANN, IVANOV & FERBER.
    • Alexander Shumovich, author of “Great Events. The Theory and Practice of Event Management ”
    • MANN, IVANOV & FERBER is turning into a unique phenomenon, a kind of publishing guru. Every book becomes a landmark, widely discussed and quoted in the business world. Keeping up to date with its latest releases is growing into a trend. Every new book is eagerly anticipated and added to the “white shelf” in people’s personal libraries. It is a great honor for me to be an author associated with this innovative publishing house.
  • 10. Feedback From Some of Our Partners
    • Moskva, the biggest bookstore in Moscow
    • MANN, IVANOV & FERBER is one of the most exciting and dynamic business literature publishers in Russia. The top priority in its well-thought-out publishing policy is to determine the target group accurately rather than release as many books as possible. That is why, in spite of its relatively modest line, MANN, IVANOV & FERBER is among the leaders in the Business Literature segment that numbers over 2,700 books at our bookstore.
    • Yekaterina Mosina, Marketing Director, Moskva Books Trading House
    •, a leading online shop
    • MANN, IVANOV & FERBER regularly comes up with initiatives to help market their books in our shop. They send us additional materials relating to their books and authors, assisting readers in making an informed choice. As a result of our cooperation, their books stay on the bestseller list for a long time.
    • Alexei Kuzmenko, Director of Books, Sales Department
    • Omega-L, the biggest specialty book wholesaler
    • With more than 10 years’ experience of the book market, we can identify potential leaders. Working with MANN, IVANOV & FERBER, we are certain they will become the leading publishers in business literature over the next few years. They have a special style and do business fairly and honestly.
    • Kirill Perepelitsyn, Managing Director, Omega-L
  • 11. Feedback From Some of Our Partners (continued)
    •, a leading specialty online bookshop
    • Being narrowly focused on business literature bestsellers, we are very selective about which books to sell. However, we can’t imagine our shop without the books of MANN, IVANOV & FERBER, which are a fixture on our top-selling list. We trust these publishers’ choice so much that we are confident to launch all of their new books without hesitation.
    • We get massive positive feedback from our customers. And of course, we read MANN, IVANOV & FERBER books ourselves.
    • Olga Zagoskina, Managing Director, Boffo! online book boutique
  • 12. Stockholm School of Economics book series
    • Moscow, June 19, 2007 — we signed an agreement with Stockholm School of Economics in Russia (SSE). Since the 1st of July authors’ rights on publishing books using the brand SSE as well as the rights to sell the SSE books relegated to the publishers Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. As a result our book portfolio doubled and now includes such titles as “Good to great”, “Funky business”, “Essentials by Tom Peter” and many others.
    • We will continue this series with the best titles. We are planning to publish 6-8 books per year.
  • 13. Contact Data
    • For all rights, permissions and translations questions please contact
    • Anastasia Gameza
    • [email_address]