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mycharitywins.com - Online Charity Auctions

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This slideshow details the services my company offers to charities; including the advantages of online charity auctions and how we can help with marketing your charity and hosting your auction.

This slideshow details the services my company offers to charities; including the advantages of online charity auctions and how we can help with marketing your charity and hosting your auction.

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  • 1. A PRESENTATION FOR SLIDESHARE: Presentation by: Mike Grindy E: [email_address] T: 0208 4819494 June 9, 2010
  • 2. June 9, 2010 CHARITY FUNDRAISING OVERVIEW: There is no doubt that charity fundraising is tough, especially in the current economic climate Fundraisers need to know that new methods to raising money really is going to bring in more money for their cause Budgets for investing in new ideas are tight and therefore risk must be minimised and funds invested wisely We aim to help you understand why you should consider using mycharitywins as a new fundraising tool for your charity
  • 3. June 9, 2010 More about the challenges faced by the charity sector:
    • Increasing demands on charity services
    • Diminishing government / central financing
    • Credit conditions impact personal giving
    • Financial / Economic climate affects corporate donations
    • Increasing funding gap (more demands, less money)
    • Growing number of charities (175,000 + registered)
  • 4. June 9, 2010 What does this mean? Greater competition for limited funding to achieve increasing demands!
    • Optimise existing marketing / brand assets
    • Widen reach of their “giving” community
    • Access the fastest growing route to charity funding – The Internet
    • Create additional funding in the most cost effective manner
    So how do you remain competitive?
  • 5. June 9, 2010 WHO ARE WE?
    • Part of a long established computer and internet services company
    • Specialising in internet marketing for the charity sector
    • Comprehensive and integrated range of services to meet the requirements of the charitable sector
    • Our service is seamless and integrated but is provided under a number of our brands (see individual websites for details):
    mycharitywins.com – Our generic auction platform mycharityservices.com – Our i nformational site that specialises in bespoke auctions for charities Esseoh.com – Provides online marketing services such as Pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation
    • mycharitywins.com specialises in applying for and managing online advertising grants for charities
    • You can advertise anything relating to your charity on google such as; causes, donations, jobs, events, auctions or other fundraising initiatives...
    • If you manage to spend $10,000 a month we can then apply for a grant worth $40,000 per month
    • The overall outcome will be increased relevant traffic to your site, increased awareness & increased donations
  • 7. An online charity auction platform that hosts multiple auctions on behalf of charities and non-profits. MYCHARITYWINS.COM IS A HUB FOR ONLINE CHARITY AUCTIONS June 9, 2010 Our auctions enable charities to directly raise money, improve site traffic and in turn increase donations.
  • 8. June 9, 2010 mycharityservices.com is our informational site that specialises in bespoke charity auctions Here you can find all you need to know about creating your own auction & personalizing it to suit your needs.
  • 9. June 9, 2010 Here you can see examples of some of our recent bespoke sites: The Prince’s Trust Meeting Industry Meeting Needs PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund Cumbria Flood Foundation
  • 10. June 9, 2010 Why should charities use our online auction service?
      • Helps raise funds directly and indirectly
      • Increases brand awareness
      • Drives increased traffic to your site
      • Projects you as a forward thinking charity
      • The overall long-term effect is to increase awareness, increase overall donations and fulfill your charities goals
    • Creates a “brand halo” effect, presenting the company’s charitable and forward thinking image
    • Allows the company to reach consumers at the point they are making purchasing decisions in the company’s sector
    • Multiple links from all items link back to the company’s website, directing more direct traffic to this site thereby having a positive effect on natural rankings within search engines (SEO)
    • Provides analysis of performance and collection of key data. Including such things as: “bounce rate”, “time on page”, “bidding history details” and “click-through-rate” to site
    • Provides a turnkey marketing program delivering measurable advertising value, leads and paying customers
  • 12. June 9, 2010 Online Auctions are beneficial to a number of parties involved:
      • Commercial organisations looking to extend their reach by moving online. Sectors that have previously shown a particular interest are the antique and machinery sector. Our experience shows that online auction marketing provides a new route to market for almost all business sectors. This can be seen as complementary to their traditional marketing and selling strategies.
      • Bidders have the enjoyment of participating in the excitement of an online auction, whilst at the same time acquiring a prized product or service as well as feeling the satisfaction of supporting a charitable cause in the process.
      • Donors, individuals, celebrities, corporates, event & venue providers who fulfill their stated commitment to the charitable community by making specific donations of goods or services whilst simultaneously improving image and brand awareness.
      • Individuals who are potential buyers of goods or services who may be seeking an item unavailable in the open market. This overcomes the difficulty that some people may have with attending live auctions, whilst affording the opportunity to acquire items at competitive prices.
      • Non-profit organisations and charities wanting to increase their funds through the use of online methods. This can be done all year round, or run in conjunction with specific events or live auctions (often the winning bid online can be used as the starting bid at a live auction event).
  • 13. June 9, 2010 Here are some advantages of “online” auctions:
    • For people unable to attend a live auction our platform enables them to bid and compete with live bidders
    • Auctions are not always about the item offered, but also about the excitement attached to bidding.
    • Our open system enables spirited bidding between friends or groups
    • A winning online bid can be used as the starting price for a live auction
    • Online auctions are exciting and appealing to people of all ages
    • Items are often unique/special/celebrity endorsed, and not readily available in the open market
    • Quick and simple way to raise awareness for your cause
    • Allows cause-minded consumers the opportunity to support a charity and receive something in return
    • Achieve financial targets pre-event
    • More bidders and more bids per item
  • 14. June 9, 2010 Here are some more...
    • Taps into the growing use of the internet for all kinds of transactions and services
    • Addresses the greater confidence with which current generations use the internet for goods and services
    • Creates access to a wider audience both nationally and globally
    • Facilitates access by potential users on a 24hr a day basis
    • Gives your non-profit an innovative and forward thinking image
    • Less labour intensive and resource heavy than the normal silent or live auction
    • Quick and inexpensive way for you to maximise the potential of your fundraising
    • Allows you to focus your limited resources on other essential aspects of the event
    • Enables you to maximise revenue but also has a promotional benefit
    • Grow you supporter population
        • Ability to fully customise auction design e.g. layout, colours, branding, sizes
        • Ability to add custom pages e.g. news/images/general info/ticket details
        • Incremental bidding
        • Auto-bidding / maximum bids
        • Hidden identity / sealed bids
        • Buy now bidding
        • Reserve bidding
        • Email alerts
        • Custom reporting
        • Custom T&C’s
        • Control management System (CMS)
        • Multiple auction functionality
        • Bid history
  • 16. June 9, 2010 Option 1 - Standard Feature: Your bespoke auction can be replicated on our hub site mycharitywins.com We have three classes that you can choose from: This is our basic offering and includes all that is necessary, particularly if this is your first experience of an online auction
  • 17. June 9, 2010 Option 2 - Premium Homepage Feature: Your bespoke auction can be replicated on our hub site mycharitywins.com. We have three packages that you can choose from: This includes all the basic features of our standard option + additional homepage coverage and features such as a charity blog
  • 18. June 9, 2010 Option 3 - Exclusive Homepage Feature: Your bespoke auction can be replicated on our hub site mycharitywins.com We have three classes that you can choose from: This is our top level package that gives above the fold, flash coverage of your online auction, regular email communications to the mycharitywins.com database + all premium features
      • Google Grant Application & Management of Pay-Per-Click Advertising
      • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    If you would like more information regarding the above services please visit our dedicated online charity marketing site
  • 20. June 9, 2010 A little more information on the Google grant …
    • The google grants scheme is a program that offers free advertising on the google adwords platform to qualifying charities.
    • The google grant runs off the same adwords pay-per-click platform that millions of businesses spend billions of pounds on worldwide.
    • We believe that the program is hugely beneficial to charities and can transform the amount of site traffic, in turn helping charities achieve their long term goals and objectives.
    • We have found that a great proportion of charities are currently allocating a percentage of the donations to marketing their cause online and are completely unaware that by using the google grant scheme these funds could be used elsewhere, whilst still maintaining a PPC account that can now have $10,000 per month spend.
  • 21. June 9, 2010 How will Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) help you?
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving rankings in search engines for key phrases relating to your charity
    • This in turn gives you more visibility online, increases relevant traffic to your site and generates an increased number of high quality leads, leading to increased funding
    • Being visible at the top of search engines for your most searched terms enables differentiation from the competition
  • 22. June 9, 2010 Mycharitywins Vs eBay – Part I
    • We specialise in marketing particular events and their corresponding auction items
    • We are not a shop that donates a small percentage to charity, rather we create specialist auction event pages, tailored to your exact needs.
    • Have 17 million visitors – Who are trying to find what they want at the cheapest price (i.e. bargain hunters)
    • eBay users may not consist of the clientele that you are targeting for a particular fundraising event/initiative
    • By holding you auction on eBay you are driving users away from your existing site
    • You can’t hold a specific auction for a particular event
    • Non brand loyal customers – Low retention rate
    • An eBay auction may seem to lack individuality
    • Items are relatively un-differentiated and therefore face greater competition
    • Lacks leverage of contacts – eBay does not supply details of winning bidders
  • 23. June 9, 2010 Mycharitywins Vs eBay – Part II
    • Specifically target users who want to donate to a your cause rather than users who just want an item cheaply and are willing to pay over the odds for this
    • Having your own auction system creates a “brand halo”, making you stand out in the market as forward thinking and inventive
    • Pro-active online marketing, driving “targeted and relevant” traffic
    • Donors are more likely to offer high value goods/items to your integrated auction site, rather than being on an eBay shopping list!
    • Google grants can be used to advertise items on your own auction site, but not on eBay
    • Help sell items well above face value such as a Gibson guitar selling for £3000 in our last online auction
    • Create a specific website/page for the event + auction, giving it more credibility and prestige
    • Site can be developed in a very short period of time
    • Creates synchronicity between The Event and The Auction
    • Supply contact details of all winning bidders
  • 24. June 9, 2010 How does it all work in practice?
    • Our service is totally integrated regardless of the package you choose
    • One point of contact to ensure a seamless provision of services
    • Work closely with you and your team to identify your specific business objectives
    • Ensure compatibility with your existing marketing strategy and brand image
    • Comprehensive reporting package, allowing measurable performance analysis
    Our offering is flexible, allowing you to choose the elements that you need most and our charging structure will reflect your choices.
  • 25. June 9, 2010 Presentation by: Mike Grindy E: [email_address] T: 0208 4819494 www.mycharitywins.com