The Convergence of TV and Tablet Experiences by mPortal


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The Convergence of TV and Tablet experiences by mPortal presentation deck. DP Venkatesh. Download at:

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The Convergence of TV and Tablet Experiences by mPortal

  1. 1. The Convergence of TV and 
 Tablet Experiences D.P. Venkatesh!
  3. 3. UNITED STATES OF TABLETS 106,726,000 Americans
  4. 4. 4 UNITED STATES OF TABLETS Tablet Ownership 2010 - 2013 Sources: Pew Internet, mPortal Analysis 3% 8% 18% 34% May-10 May-11 May-12 May-13 Apr-10 Aug-13 Tablets ! iPad 1
  5. 5. UNITED STATES OF TVS 289,000,000 Americans
  6. 6. 6 UNITED STATES OF TVS US Television Ownership M = millions in population Sources: Nielsen, mPortal Analysis There are more TVs than Americans! 289 M People own at least one television 31 M 64 M 75 M 119 M! One Set! Two Sets! Three Sets! Four+ Sets!
  7. 7. EVERYONE WANTS A CUT $ Trillion Ecosystem
  8. 8. 8 EVERYONE WANTS A CUT Over $1 Trillion Incumbents # Of Online Subscribers Challengers # Of Online Subscribers 14 M 20 M 12 M 40 M 5 M 10 M 29 M 7 M 63 M** 1 B* 4 M * Unique monthly users. ** iPad devices + Apple TV. M = Million Sources: Huffington, Time, Comcast, TWC, VZN, ATT, Dish, Direct, YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, mPortal Analysis
  9. 9. 9 THE REVENUE OF TV $86 Per Person on Earth $350 Billion Global TV Advertising $184 Billion Global Pay-TV $75 Billion Hardware Sales $609 Billion Revenue Generated 33 hours a week You watch $1,940 Per U.S. American Consumers! Revenue! Annual Revenue Produced! Sources: HollywoodReport , Trefis, Nielsen, TDGresearch, Census, Nielsen, mPortal Analysis
  10. 10. 50% TV - Living Room Tablet - Bedroom 41% CONVERGING EXPERIENCES Sources: CNN, Business Insider, Motorola
  11. 11. RISE OF “ZERO” TV HOMES 5,000,000 strong
  12. 12. 12 RISE OF “ZERO” TV HOME Sources: Nielsen, Consumer Electronics, Fool, mPortal Analysis 4 Major Broadcast Networks Primetime TV shows 15 years ago: Revenue source from pay-TV user fees and advertising. Programming time was fixed. Zero TV Homes 67% of homes get content on other services. 37% via computer 16% via the Internet 8% via smartphones 6% via tablets 360,000 TV Americans cut their cords in 2012. New Business Model Premium and web networks with commercial- free (HBO + Netflix) revenue comes from subscriber fees and ads.
  14. 14. 14 MANY EYES ON MANY DEVICES Sources: Nielsen, mPortal Analysis Tablet User! Smartphone User! Top 5 Things People Do While Watching TV! Looked up ! general information! Surfed! the web! Visited a ! social network! Look up actors, ! plotlines or athletes! Read buzz about the! program on social network! 76% 68% 53% 49% 21% 63% 55% 52% 34% 18%
  15. 15. 15 SPRINGBOARD Media® PLATFORM We enable new consumer experiences for mobile, tablet, smart TVs and other connected devices for our media partners. Discover •  See what your friends watch •  Search and save your favorite shows by provider and location Enhance •  View related show content information, episodes and cast •  Set upcoming episode reminders Socialize •  See and share favorite shows •  View, chat and post tweets about shows DOWNLOAD SCREENBEE APP!! CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO !!
  16. 16. 16 What Viewers Want Video anytime and anywhere! •  The convenience of watching TV and movies on Internet-connected devices ! Social experiences! •  See what’s popular and what friends are watching ! •  Socialize around the experience in real-time! Easy-to-find programs or movies! •  Across live TV, Video On Demand, and Premium Content! •  More sophisticated methods for finding categorized content! •  Personalized recommendations based on past behaviors! •  Record, set reminders, queue up what they want to watch! •  Catch up on older episodes of a recently discovered show! Informed browsing! •  Find out more about the show and its cast! •  Easily find related media content from similar programs to music and books! Interactive engagement! •  Have fun through trivia, polls, games and more! Source: mPortal Analysis
  17. 17. THE TAKE AWAY What lies ahead
  18. 18. 18 THE TAKE AWAY Developing for tablets is very profitable for developers and service providers. Advertising and media consumption will only continue to grow. Everyone wants a piece of the enormous TV market. Incumbent players will have to innovate to stay competitive – or be left out as consumer move between TV and Tablets. Source: mPortal Analysis
  19. 19. CONTACT ME So what? Why should you care? CONNECT WITH ME D.P. Venkatesh CEO mPortal Follow me: @DPV007 | @mPortal Subscribe to blog: Download this presentation:!
  20. 20. Company Overview! ! mPortal, founded in 2000, offers mobile software and services to telecom, cable and media providers, empowering them to deliver superior mobile user experiences for their content and services across smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other IP- connected devices. !  ! Specifically tailored to meet service provider’s needs, mPortal products are designed to extend brand and presence to connected devices, making it fun and easy for users to discover and interact with unified entertainment, social apps and communication services.!  ! As a total solution provider, mPortal eliminates the complexities involved in launching a mobile offering. Using mPortal as a strategic partner, customers can focus on their core business and rely on mPortal to provide its expertise in launching revenue-generating mobile experiences.!  ! Our customers to date include many of the world’s leading companies such as AT&T, Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cricket Communications, Cox Communications, Disney Mobile, Mobile ESPN, Reliance Infocomm, TELUS, TV Guide, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Wireless. ! 7900 Westpark Drive Suite A120 McLean VA, 22102 t. 703.852.9600 f. 703.917.7899!