Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the first edition of TechSphere!!!

Techsphere is not a technology newsletter, it won’t conta...
New Leaders
                                                Sanjay Bhatnagar
Associate News

                                Management Services Group (MSG)

A new group has been formed enhancing ...
Associate News

                      LMS Transition

Mumbai offshore team has been supporting Docent and
SumTotal applica...
The Associate Connection

X-Tra Miler

December 2008
Vivek Sharma – 74105
Anandprabhu A – 66741
Peermohammed Raja - 706...
The Associate Connection
3 Tier Award                                                                  5 year Award
February 2009

Birth Dates    Name                 Associate   Birth Dates     Name                      Associate

I want to go outside my bounds                                             **********Best Friend***********
I want...
Here I am going to ask few questions with you tell me without taking more than two seconds.
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Techsphere Itg

  1. 1. Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the first edition of TechSphere!!! Techsphere is not a technology newsletter, it won’t contain our technology strategy , our change agenda, our performance on objectives etc .It is going to be full of tit-bits around us in ITG, some key achievements, celebrations, birthdays, Rewards, a poem or two, a quiz to pick your brain etc . Hope you find it fun and interesting. This is your magazine !!! Please feel free to give any feedback anytime to me, Dawna or Neha. We would love to hear from you . You may also write your articles in this, and we will include them as appropriate. th As committed in the townhall, We will publish this once a month (around 10 ) till the end of 2009 and then take your feedback on whether we should continue this.. Happy reading !!!! Best Regards, Yash Pal ( Paul ) Syngal
  2. 2. New Leaders Sanjay Bhatnagar ITG Benefits Technology Leader Sanjay joins us from Fidelity International Limited (FIL), where he was heading the Global Delivery for Institutional Pension Business. As part of his 20+ years of illustrious career, Sanjay has managed P&L Responsibilities, successfully ran Global IT Delivery Centers across various geographical locations, managed large client accounts in Sales & Marketing and headed the Global Learning Delivery for one of the largest Learning Organizations in the world. He is an avid traveler and likes to hit the highway given half a chance. He likes to build movies collection - both Hindi and English and in his free time when he is not driving you can catch him watching movies. He is married for 21 years now and has two daughters 16 & 12. Manish Mehra ITG Consulting Leader and Group Manager GRS Product Manish has a diverse career graph spanning around 18 years of rich cross functional experience in the areas of IT Service Delivery, IT Consulting, Client Servicing, Quality Consulting and Resource Management.He graduated in 1991 and has a Bachelors degree in Physics. In addition he holds a Masters degree in Computers. Manish joins us from Fidelity and has previously worked in companies like Headstrong, XANSA (earlier known as IIS Infotech), Softek and client profile include some of the big names in financial industry like BoA, PNC, Fannie Mae, SSB, Nomura etc. He has sound knowledge of ISO and CMM frameworks. Was part of SEPG group in previous organizations and has been an ATM (Assessment Team Member) in Headstrong’s journey in achieving SW-CMM Level 5. IIS Infotech was first IT company in India to receive ISO certification. During his spare time he loves to explore new places and play sports (Golf is the new addiction. Cricket and football or soccer are the Rajdeep Mahida Group Manager Non GRS Product Rajdeep has a work experience of more than 14 years in IT Service Delivery and IT Consulting. He has domain experience in Property and Casualty Insurance (General Insurance) and on Mutual Funds. He completed Masters in Computer Applications in 1994 after graduating in 1991 with Physics as major. Certified as Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP), INS from AICPCU (American Institute Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters) and AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) He has spent close to 3 years at Fidelity and was responsible for managing projects for Asia Pacific geographies. Helped setup of Fidelity Dalian (China) software delivery centre. He has Sound knowledge of ISO, CMM and P-CMM processes and was instrumental in getting these certification for CSC in India and has handled large “distributed” teams spread across various locations.
  3. 3. Associate News Management Services Group (MSG) A new group has been formed enhancing the responsibilities of (formerly) Resource Management Group. The resource management group was formed in March 2008 to initiate and implement the processes for resource movements across teams/practices, streamline resource need generation and fulfillment, track forecasting, utilizations & team allocations and streamlining third party contractor’s governess. This group has come a long way in one year and now along with their current responsibilities they will also be responsible for • Business Analysis • Metrics and Reports Seating planning & optimization • Corporate Presentations at ITG level . This group is being renamed as the quot;Management Services Group (MSG)quot; and will be headed by Pankaj Gupta based at Gurgaon Cyber Park Office and reporting into Yash Pal (Paul) Syngal. GRS Release Name : R1.3.3 This release was focused to develop the translation work for Tier-1. The team had to deliver 74 work items spanning across survey management, data collection and data auditing, In addition to the above list additional 9 work items (SM-3, DC-5, DX-1) were also delivered due to addition in the scope. The team delivered the entire scope items along with the additional scope within the release time. The team not only delivered the Tier-1 translations & GUI work items but also delivered Tier-2 translation as well. The R1.3.3 was released on 10 Jan’09 as per plan
  4. 4. Associate News LMS Transition Mumbai offshore team has been supporting Docent and SumTotal applications since last 4 years. We started with 2 clients and were supporting 8 clients in shared pool with the team of 8 Associates prior to the transition. HCL were supporting 3 clients and were also responsible for development for all clients. A transition plan was worked out to transfer the vendor work to offshore. Within short span of three months transition was completed. During transition many process documents were created for the support and development activities which were missing. The challenge during the transition was to get this knowledge transfer along with the current client support activities, which included on call support to the clients. To deliver the project we were expected to add 7 new resources to the team. Hiring resources at short notice was a challenge, coincidently CDS collocation project was in process, due to which we could absorb some of the rolled off resources and hire few. As these new resources were going to join in phased manner the existing team members had to stretch their regular hours to meet the transition deadline. Finally, transition was completed on schedule, and the team is currently supporting 10 clients with 15 associates from offshore and performing all development activities. This transition resulted in rolling of 9 offshore, 2 onshore contractors and 1 onshore associate which resulted in saving of $660,000 annually. GTO Success Story 2008/9 Hewitt Leadership decided to outsource its Internal IT Helpdesk (CSC) in early 2008 and 15th Jan’09 was fixed as the last date of transition. The total affected population in Nov’08 was 47 associates (excluding associates who managed to secure a job for themselves outside Hewitt). Sidharth Malik volunteered to lead a project to redeploy these associates and followed a massive drive of coordination between Resource Management, HR, Recruitment, Functional leaders etc. and everyone did their bit to ensure that these Internal IT helpdesk associates are accommodated within Open opportunities available in Hewitt as per their skill, experience, qualification and expertise. As a result out of 47 associates 37 associates were redeployed within Hewitt. Out of the 9 left - 4 got a job as on date and efforts are still on for the rest 5 to help them find a job.
  5. 5. The Associate Connection X-Tra Miler December 2008 Vivek Sharma – 74105 Anandprabhu A – 66741 Peermohammed Raja - 70625 Ajay Bhosal - 83309 Ragunath A – 73739 Archanasampath Kumar – 80145 Jaspreet Singh - 103679 January 2009 Rajeev Chauhan - 83193 Shiv Nagpal - 103400 Monika Bansal – 78498 Deepak Chaudhary – 92131 Mohit Kumar Verma – 71594 V Venkatachari – 0103026 Champion Award Pradnya Kanade – 58942 Jatin Bhopale - 67403 December, 2008 Suman Shyam M -75539 Jaspreet Ahuja – 65661 Mukesh Verma - 92112 Shailendra Gupta – 0103482 Paras Madan - 69590 January, 2009 Prashanth Poojary – 0103509 Deepti Mahalwal - 69215 Narendra Yadav – 64501 Gaurav Thakuria - 93528 Innovation Award January, 2009 Renu Negi Sharma – 61357
  6. 6. The Associate Connection 3 Tier Award 5 year Award 3 Tier Award 3r Award “Service Recognition Award” 3 Tier Award 5 Year completion Award Shivani Gulati - 68724 Nidhi Benjwal - 68742 Atin Agarwal -45734 Kaushik Khanna - 68743 Bala G- 45601 Akanksha Agrawal - 68749 Deepak Bhasin- 45597 Kavitha A - 68752 Kareena Jhangiani- 53269 Hanumanlu CH - 68753 S Arul Murugan- 45602 Kenath Vasudevan - 68754 Jyoti Nair - 68757 Shahul Shaji- 45775 Yash Sharma - 68842 Chandrasekaran S- 45773 Ravi Kumar Agastya - 68846 Narasimhan R – 45769 Anshula Nagpal - 68850 Anita Pidikiti – 45190 Suneetha N - 68851 Venu V - 68852 Vasudevan V – 45726 Deepa Mehra - 69064 Swaminathan T- 45774 Alok Singh - 69066 KVDM Somayajulu – 46139 Shalini Sawhney - 69126 **** Swati Chadha - 69127 Hemanta Sahoo - 69128 Navneet Gupta - 69211 Manisha Shah - 69212 Deepti Mahalwal - 69215 Manish Arya - 69217 Vinod Kumar - 69218 Divya Prakash Aneja – 69221 ****
  7. 7. February 2009 Birth Dates Name Associate Birth Dates Name Associate ID ID Nishit Lal 0109201 Priya Nagarajan 79401 14 February Ritesh Jindal 62032 1 February Jatin Sachani 82386 K S Sudhakshinah 74584 Hemant Wani 0109847 Kunal Bharti 58263 Manoj Kumar 0110170 Anand Babu S 66634 Sudhakar Kumar 60736 15 February 2 February Saket Shah 73506 Prarthana Shiva 67599 Kamalpreet Kaur 0103536 Balaji Srinivasan K 70630 Ajit Kumar 49290 Sujith Erikandath 73127 Karthick Krishnan 68669 Dawna Chongtham 59489 3 February 16 February Amita Mehta 0103528 Deepalakshmi Suresh 62273 Sumit Saini 0103866 Kartar Bidhuri 73314 Kenath Vasudevan 68754 S Karthikeyan 64922 4 February Mihir Sharanam 81496 Yashwant Chavan 73125 17 February 5 February Ankur Khushu 0103414 Geet Bhatia 80975 Dimple Tom 0109729 Neel Parimi 81615 6 February Subash Chanda 67149 18 February Hemmu Dhunna 82497 Eti Hasija 92117 Sivakumar S 61276 7 February Vivek Longjam 79073 Sumeet Srivastava 72547 19 February Naman Mehrotra 109141 Parag Goel 77666 8 February Gargie Sharma 0103077 Anshul Mattoo 92632 Archana Verma 48732 Hitesh Williamson 54249 20 February Amit Kumar Malik 60277 Praveen Gupta 58553 Sangeeta Chaw la 70256 Shweta Singh 70440 9 February Biplab Chakraborty 71478 Sachin Agrawal 55873 Gourav Girdhar 83866 Senthil Kumar 67844 21 February Sapandeep Singh 0109891 Deepak Sharma 70301 Nilesh Kumbhar 55550 Tanushree Gupta 80706 Santosh Banerjee 57093 Sherry Gupta 77444 22 February Nupur Wadhwa 69644 Manish Singh 82380 10 February Shashank Pundir 73689 Vikas Arora 0103870 Harshvardhan Rana 79370 23 February Mahalakshmi 72350 Swaminathan Ashok Sharma 0103851 Manish Mehra 110158 Nitin Khurana 48969 Saravanakumar Sethu 45181 24 February 11 February Sharad Chandra 59157 Rambabu Chagarlamudi 84203 Gosikan Govindaraj 72328 Geetika Saxena 0103577 Manoj Arora 0104642 Natarajan Nallaperumal 67200 25 February Rajdeep Mahida 0110152 Ragesh Karammal 0104263 Sameer Sawardekar 53741 Priyanka Verma 0109927 12 February Ranjan Ahuja 63460 Lalit Balodi 51896 Neyhee Sharma 76217 Megha Bhayje 57576 27 February Ravikumar P 80209 Sumesh Sharma 67596 Ankur Srivastava 72323 Ashw ini Kulshrestha 83307 13 February Suruchi Budhiraja 96241 Priyanka Gupta 0103671 Aasheema Rajesh 50045 Sachin Joshi 61043 14 February Siddharth Saraya 70852 Gursharan Singh 79324 28 February Namesh Sharma 73511 Himanshu Singhal 83435 Vishal Katira 0103874
  8. 8. Desire I want to go outside my bounds **********Best Friend*********** I want to go beyond my sound I want to reach at unreachable place You are here in my heart, I want to fulfill my entire dream We will always be together, never apart, friends forever. Yet I’m alone But I‘ve my passion Yet I’m tired In good or bad, in glory days, But none my hope Happy or sad, forever always. I have to go The sun may always shine upon us, I have to go coz our friendship won't end, Coz my heart never listens “NO” So here I make a promise to you my best friend, No compromise with any dreams that I'll always be there for you and hope YOU will When everyone get what he actually wants be there..... And one who tried getting success in last For ME too!! Then I’m ready for each mistake Then I’m ready for each lose Contributed by: I want to go outside my bounds Runa Majumdar. I want to go beyond my sound What if I not get succeeds? What if I not get proper place? I’ll never get regret in last As I did something for my hope I am here for only positivism Negativity can’t break my heart Defeat sounds me next try Deviation looks like new way Sand, Sad times in I’ll work till defeats turns in success Write your one. d times in St And each mistake gives new thought Goo Write your While each muscle and each cell aw nard Sh George Ber Not crying only for sole thought I want to go outside my bounds I want to go beyond my sound Coz my heart never listens “NO” No Compromise with any dreams Written by Shailendra Kumar Gupta (a0103482)
  9. 9. IMPOSSIBE / “I””M””POSSIBLE” Here I am going to ask few questions with you tell me without taking more than two seconds. Can Iron float on water? Can water swim in air? Can a man alive who jumped from 100 feet tall tower. In first shot answers are “NO” and it’s not a shocking response for me. Generally what think is totally depend on what we really observe? There is nothing perfect and nor useless. A ship can float on water and an aero plane can fly in sky. Its hard to move both even a single inch yet they can run in great speed. So all depends on correct analysis, inputs, outputs, observations, evaluations. Water can also swim in air but for this you have to create zero gravity situations. So it’s not things are impossible only if you think it is impossible. When you have to work on some thing you have to exactly work on correct points only. Once you are done with all these points you will get required output. Failure is nothing we get from outside but we become part of it when we stop fighting against are challenges. And in the last if iron ship can swim on depthless sea then why we can’t. If water can float in air then why we can’t. We have to go for correct solutions and I’m in process to search to all these points. After all we can’t simply accept failure. Written by Shailendra Kumar Gupta (a0103482) Q. 1) CAN YOU NAME THE BIGGEST NUMBER THAT CAN BE WRITTEN WITH FOUR 1s Q. 2) Two neighbors were quarrelling over an egg laid by Peacock.The First neighbor claimed that the egg on the ground that the peacock belonged to him.The second neighbor claimed it on the ground that the egg was laid in his garden. In your opinion who is the owner of the egg.. Q. 3) POOR BUNNY: Bunny lives on the 8th floor of a multi-storied building in South Delhi. When he gets into the elevator on the ground floor, he presses the button for the fifth floor. From fifth floor he walks the rest of the way up to his apartment. But while leaving his apartment, he takes the elevator all the way down to the ground floor. Why this puzzling behavior? Q. 4) A worker fell of a 25 feet ladder and landed on a hard surface. But he was not hurt. Why not? Send in your answers to Hurry with your answers !!!! Prizes to be won for the first 3 associates with maximum correct answers…
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