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Pc Networked


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Wireless Networking Reference - Security Page 1 of 3 IT Developer News Small Business Personal Tech Events Jobs Get The Newsletter! Partners WIRELESS NETWORKING REFERENCE - SECURITY Product Reviews Solutions • Routers Shop • Hubs/Switches Most of the articles listed here are about 802.11b. Articles are listed in approximate chronological order, with • Wireless Gateway Login newer articles added to the top of the list. • Wireless AP Register • Wireless NIC • Network Storage Tip: Be sure to also check out the Wireless LAN Mapping and WEP Encryption Cracking tools on this • Print Servers page. • Bluetooth Adapters New submissions are always welcome. Just drop us a note! Troubleshooting & Tutorials • Networking Added Name Description • Internet Sharing The network security group in the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) • Security Division developed a secure 802.11b wireless networking system. They • Backgrounders Wireless Firewall used an off-the-shelf PC running the OpenBSD operating system, an • Troubleshooting 9/13/01 Gateway White Paper Apache web server, the Internet Software Consortium DHCP server, and Guides IPF firewall software. This paper does not contain implementation details, • PracNet How To's but has contact info for the system's developers. Security Fix for SF Gate article by Henry Norr says help is on the way for 802.11 security User Opinions 9/13/01 Wireless problems via four proposals submitted to the IEEE Task Group i. Exploiting and ZD's ExtremeTech takes to the streets of NYC, New Jersey, Silicon Valley, Practicallynetworked 9/5/01 Protecting 802.11b and Boston and finds that it's pretty easy to grab a free 802.11b wireless Glossary Wireless Networks connection. Last page contains good tips for securing wireless LANs. Find a Network Term Enabling IEEE 802.11 Microsoft Driver and HW Development paper that describes the changes 8/14/01 Networks with needed to work with Windows XP's implemention of the IEEE 802.1x port- Windows quot;Whistlerquot; based network access control draft standard. Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Paper by Stubblefield, Ioannidis, & Rubin describing details of the actual 8/7/01 Attack implementation of WEP key recovery. Daily News to Break WEP This article by workingmac's John C. Welch is a good explanation of what Compare Prices Getting the most out of 8/7/01 WEP does and doesn't do. Good to remember with all the quot;WEP sky is WEP fallingquot; alarms going off! • Routers • Hubs/Switches An Inductive Chosen Slide presentation by Univ of Maryland's Bill Arbaugh. Describes yet • Servers 8/6/01 Plaintext Attack another method of getting WEP keys. • Storage against WEP/WEP2 • Adapters Slide presentation by Ian Goldberg of Zero-Knowledge Systems, presented • Wireless The Insecurity of 8/6/01 at the July 2001 Black Hat Briefings. Describes the problems with WEP in a 802.11 reasonably understandable way! Forums Cipher attack delivers EE Times article by Patrick Mannion that describes the latest problems with 8/5/01 heavy blow to WEP security. This new discovery essentially puts the nail in WEP's coffin! About WLAN security quot;Weaknesses in the Jobs Key Scheduling Algorithm for The paper by Fluhrer, Mantin, & Shamir that the above EE Times article is Home RC4quot; (PDF) 8/5/01 based on. (You'll need a good math or cryptography background to get much out of this paper!) (alternative source - Postscript format) Often unguarded wireless networks can Similar article to the quot;War Drivingquot; one above, it's also about Peter 7/12/01 be eavesdroppers’ gold Shipley's mission to raise awareness about 802.11b network security. mine Probably the first article about quot;War Drivingquot;, or the technique of driving 7/12/01 War Driving by the Bay around, looking for unsecured 802.11b networks. ZDNet's Rich Santalesa's article talks about Marius Milner's Net Stumbler The War over 802.11x 7/10/01 and the work that the IEEE 802.11 Task Group is doing on improving Security wireless security. 02-Dec-07
  • 2. Wireless Networking Reference - Security Page 2 of 3 Secure Your Wireless Our own little checklist of simple things you can do to protect your wireless internet.commerce 7/3/01 Network LAN from intuders! Be a Commerce Partner ISS XForce: Atmel If you have a Linksys WAP11 or NETGEAR ME102 Access Point, you Economy Server Racks 6/20/01 SNMP Authentication should read this ISS XForce Security advisory. Home users probably Auto Insurance Quote Flaw don't need to worry, but business users should take note! GPS This ISS XForce Security advisory should be read by users of Symbol Desktop Computers ISS XForce: Symbol AP 6/20/01 Technologies based 802.11b Access Points (3Com Airconnect, Intel Franchise Directory SNMP WEP key flaw Pro 2011, etc.). It details another SNMP related security flaw. GPS Devices Freelance Programmers Overview of IEEE Corporate Gifts 802.11b Security Reasonably understandable article on 802.11b Security. Health Insurance (Intel) Prepaid Phone Card WEP Encryption ORiNOCO article on WEP Encryption. Contains good information on how Televisions Data Center Solutions (ORiNOCO] multiple keys are supposed to work. (PDF) Online Universities This is the paper by those troublemakers (just kidding guys!) at University Promotional Golf (In)Security of the of California at Berkeley that started all the hand-wringing over 802.11 WEP Algorithm wireless security. Your 802.11 Wireless Not to be outdone by those California guys, this paper (PDF) by a Operating Network Has No University of Maryland at College Park team, this paper says that all Systems: Clothes 802.11 security mechanisms are flawed! Other Wireless Article Topics Wireless Networking Backgrounder Operating Systems - Open a Business General 802.11 Account 802.11a 802.11b (WiFi) 802.11g Bluetooth HomeRF Find Top Operating Apple AirPort Windows Systems Schools in Antennas & Range Boosting utilities and info Your Area Community Wireless / Linux Wireless Card drivers quot;Rooftopquot; Systems quot;War Driving / Symantec Email Make your own POE Injector Wireless LAN mapping/ Archiving Other tools Wireless Bridges WEP / Wireless Security & Repeaters Other Websites Data Backup Services Don't MacGyver your grid solution! Choose Univa UD's Grid MP instead. StoreVault Whitepaper: Introduction to Networked Storage eBook: Migrating to Oracle Database 11g Keep up with the latest business and technology news and information! Visit Siemens Whitepaper: Demystifying Enterprise Fixed Mobile Convergence IT Services: Chat Live with a Consultant for Under $10 Information Technology Consulting HP Online IT Trade Show Troux Technologies - IT Transformation Services 02-Dec-07
  • 3. Wireless Networking Reference - Security Page 3 of 3 Search: Jupitermedia Corporation has two divisions: Jupiterimages and JupiterOnlineMedia Jupitermedia Corporate Info Copyright 2007 Jupitermedia Corporation All Rights Reserved. Legal Notices, Licensing, Reprints, & Permissions, Privacy Policy. Advertise | Newsletters | Tech Jobs | Shopping | E-mail Offers Home | Networking | Backgrounders | Internet Sharing | Security | HowTo | Troubleshooting | Reviews | News | About | Jobs | Tools | Forums 02-Dec-07