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Evil Twin

  1. 1. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 1 of 6 iTechNote A wealth of helpful technology tips and hints Home Technology Java Microsoft Solaris Apple Archives « 64% of U.S. Internet Users Watch Videos Online Vista Runs Smooth Only on 2G Memory » Public Wi-Fi Network Threats Published October 26th, 2006 in Technology. Wireless Network Sniffer Infinity Firewalls Get complete real-time analysis across your Performance-Sensitive Security VoIP, Video, entire network. and Data Centers. wi-fi, treats, jiwire, security Wi-Fi networking is inherently insecure. Wi-Fi and its latest security and encryption updates (WEP/WPA/WPA2) try to protect network access but not necessarily the information that flows over that network. Using public Wi-Fi network should be considered as open to the public as if you had published your accounts, passwords, and correspondence in a newspaper. There are three primary threats from bedevil Wi-Fi users - sniffers, rogue access points and worms/probes. Sniffers Wi-Fi uses radio waves to send data thus making it ripe for monitoring from vicinity. Unless a building is surrounded with a wire cage, signals leak and you must treat your access to the network as completely available to anyone within line-of-sight range. A used $200 laptop with a $10 Wi-Fi card and free software is quite effective and often used for these purposes of sniffing. The sniffer can decode any data passing by into its original form. The software packages that a sniffer uses are: Stumblers - software that reveal the existence of Wi-Fi network, e.g. NetStumbler, MacStumbler, dstumbler Snoopers - software that reveal data passing across Wi-Fi network, e.g. tcpdump, ntop, ettercapNG 05-Jan-08
  2. 2. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 2 of 6 Crackers - software that collect enough sample encrypted data to get the encryption key, e.g. Kismet, AirSnort, KisMAC Rogue Access Points A more sophisticated sniffer can setup a rogue access point (evil twin) to intercept all data and relay it back and forth to the legitimate network without your knowledge. In this process, even more data can be extracted from your computer. The “phishing” attack starts with a fake web site that mimics legitimate site to capture login credentials. The attacker can also try to force software on your PC to re-connect to services that require passwords and extract them when they are sent. There is no software on the market that is purposely designed to be evil twin. Worms, Firewalls and Probes Many Wi-Fi networks in public hotspots use the same range of private Internet protocol addresses that home and office networks employ, making those Wi-Fi networks appear exactly like each other to a firewall. This allows entry for worms, as well as probes that try to find weaknesses in your system, or access shared network folders that you have failed to password protect. The Solution JiWire Ironclad Wi-Fi Security (formerly SpotLock) claims to overcome the problems by creating its own Virtual Private Network (VPN) using IPSec encryption technology in tunnel mode. It is included in JiWire Hotspot Helper that can be subscribed for unlimited use for $24.95 a year. However, only Windows XP is supported. The one-time 10 day unlimited trial allows you to use the Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder (offline) regardless of whether you subscribe to JiWire Hotspot Helper or not. The directory is updated once a week and can be set to push to Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder on schedule. via JiWire 05-Jan-08
  3. 3. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 3 of 6 Data Loss Prevention Learn more about Proofpoint's data loss prevention & email security Network Security Through event log scanning! Detect hackers on your network. Free d/l AirMagnet WLAN Survey Perform a professional WLAN site survey with enhanced graphic tools Intrusion Prevention IBM's Prevention Sys. for Crossbeam IBM RealSecure Server Sensor 0 Responses to “Public Wi-Fi Network Threats” Feed for this Entry Trackback Address 1. No Comments Leave a Reply Name Mail (will not be published) Website Submit « 64% of U.S. Internet Users Watch Videos Online Vista Runs Smooth Only on 2G Memory » Announcements If you want to suggest an article or you think I have violated Copyright laws, please send me a feedback. Categories Apple (5) 05-Jan-08
  4. 4. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 4 of 6 Gazette (1) Infrastructure (8) Java (14) Microsoft (18) Oracle (4) Solaris (8) Technology (49) Related Entries Top 5 Risks to Use Public IM Within an Organization As instant messaging technology is embraced by information workers and their organizations, it is important that system administrators and information technology (IT) professionals within these organizations recognize both the value... Sponsors Ads by Google Network Security Threats Network Wireless Security WiFi Security Subscribe Subscribe to my RSS Feeds RSS Feed-Posts RSS Feed-Comments 05-Jan-08
  5. 5. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 5 of 6 Social Bookmarks digg reddit Most Popular Vista Runs Smooth Only on 2G Memory Anti-phishing Impacts on Web Site Owner Active Directory, Kerberos, LDAP and Unix The Fate of Microsoft Empire Run a Google-scale Web Site with Amazon EC2 9 Steps to use Windows Vista RC2 ISO e-Passports Security Risks Revisited Learn More About iPhone Limitations on Vista features in XP 4 Drivers to Mobile Computing EJB 3 in Action Debu Panda, Reza R... New $39.00 Best $34.04 Windows Vista Mitch Tulloch, Ton... New $35.99 Best $27.16 Leg Avenue Seamless Halter Cut Out B... New $4.99 Best $4.99 Beginning Xcode James Bucanek New $26.39 Best $16.21 Expert Oracle Database Architecture Thomas Kyte New $31.49 Best $16.49 Privacy Information Links Oracle Blogs Blogs MSDN Blogs 05-Jan-08
  6. 6. Public Wi-Fi Network Threats at iTechNote Page 6 of 6 A Look Into Solaris Sun Blogs XeniNet © 2006 iTechNote | Powered by Wordpress with 3 K2 Redux klein by Headsetoptions | Top 05-Jan-08