Default Wireless Router Settings
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Default Wireless Router Settings






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Default Wireless Router Settings Default Wireless Router Settings Document Transcript

  • DefaultWIFISettings Page 1 of 3 DEFAULT WIRELESS ROUTER SETTINGS Aware of some default wireless router settings we don't have listed? Let us know, so we can include them. Last Update: Nov 07 Linux MAKE MODEL SSID IP ADDRESS USERNAME PASSWORD Linux tools, Howtos 2wire <blank> wireless Tools Index 3com 3com <blank> <blank> Wireless Commands 3com Wireless11g <blank> admin AirConnect Access FC6 Build Howto 3com admin comcomcom Point FC5 Build Howto 3com admin <blank> FC4 Build Howto Advantek admin <blank> Networks Live Linux Distros Asus WL-500G admin admin Accton <blank> 0 Site Search Actiontec admin password Actiontec admin admin Allied Telesyn admin Search Allied Telesyn manager admin Allied Telesyn manager manager Apple <blank> public Windows Baystack 650/660 Default SSID <blank> Belkin admin <blank> WIN32 tools, Howtos Belkin54g admin <blank> Tools Index BreezeCOM Super BreezeCOM master BreezeCOM laflaf Air Station WLA- Buffalo/MELCO root <blank> L11 Buffalo <MAC Nfinity root <blank> Airstation address> General Cisco tsunami Miscellaneous WI-FI Cisco Aironet 1100, 1200 cisco cisco Cisco Aironet 1350 admin tsunami Default WI-FI Settings Cisco Cisco 2700 root password Rogue AP Howtos Compaq WL-100 Compaq WI-FI Certifications Dell True Mobile 1184 admin admin 802.11 Standards Dlink WLAN admin <blank> Dlink WLAN user <blank> STEP BY STEP Guides Dlink WLAN admin admin Formats / Extensions Dlink WLAN <blank> private Dlink 614+ Default admin admin WI-FI Home Security Dlink 713P Default admin <blank> Useful Links Dlink DWL 900AP WLAN admin public Edimax admin 1234 Edimax guest 1234 9/14/2008
  • DefaultWIFISettings Page 2 of 3 Elsa ELSA Intel Wireless Gateway 101 157.235.92.X intel intel Intel 101 157.235.92.X comcomcom Intel Wireless AP 2011 101 157.235.92.X <blank> Intel INTEL Intel 195 Pro/Wireless 2011 INTEL Intel xlan Pro/Wireless 2011 INTEL Intel intel Pro/Wireless 2011 LevelOne WBR-3405TX default admin admin WRT54AG, Linksys linksys <blank> admin WAP54G WRT54G, Linksys WRT54GS, Wireless admin admin WRV54G Linksys linksys-g Lucent AP-1000 public public Lucent <blank> cascade Lucent root ascend Lucent admin ascend Micronet root default Microsoft MSNHOME admin Motorola WR850G Router admin password Motorola admin motorola Netgear WAG102 NETGEAR admin password Netgear NETGEAR admin password Netgear NETGEAR admin 1234 Netgear NETGEAR admin password Netgear NETGEAR admin 1234 Netgear ME102, MA401 Wireless <last 6 chars Orinoco RG-1000 of MAC> Pegasus ACR-102-G admin Pegasus ASR-102-G ASR102-G admin Pegasus AVCW-G-AP AVCW-G admin Pegasus AVCW-G-BRG admin Pegasus TRIMAR AP/RPT TRIMAR admin Pegasus TRIMAR BRG admin Pegasus WiJET.G WiJET.G admin Pegasus WiJET.Video WiJET-V admin Pegasus WiSER2400.IP admin Pegasus WiSER2400.Plus admin WAP- Planet <blank> default 1900/1950/2000 Proxim <blank> public Siemans Speedstream admin SMC WLAN default WLAN_AP Wireless Router SMC WLAN MiniAP 2655W SMC BRIDGE WLAN_BRIDGE SMC SMC AP41x1, LA41x1, Symbol 101 LA41x3 TELETRONICS WL-Access Points any 1234 U.S. Robotics WLAN admin admin U.S. Robotics USR808054 admin 9/14/2008
  • DefaultWIFISettings Page 3 of 3 WaveLAN WaveLan Network Wireless Inc. WaveNet 2458 root rootpass ZCOMAX any 1234 ZCOMAX melo 1234 ZCOMAX Test 1234 Zyxel Prestige 316 Wireless Zyxel ZyXEL admin 1234 Zyxel ZyXEL user 1234 Netgear ME102 and MA401 default WEP keys: KEY1: 11 11 11 11 11 KEY2: 20 21 22 23 24 KEY3: 30 31 32 33 34 KEY4: 40 41 42 43 44 © Copyright 2005-2006 All Rights Reserved. 9/14/2008