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Communication policy 3
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Communication policy 3


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Symbols, based on the Widgit Literacy Symbol set, are extensively used at GeorgeHastwell School to develop the communication skills of pupils who will benefitfrom being introduced to them. It is recognised that for some pupils symbols willassist the development of more traditional orthography skills while for otherssymbols will remain their main route to decoding text as well as potentiallyproviding a means of comprehension and expression of language.The school uses a wide range of educational technology to support thedevelopment of Communication and English skills. Technological resourcesinclude: • single switches • a range of portable electronic communication devices • single and multiple message devices • Speech Viewer - a program which responds to sound • a range of computer systems • interactive whiteboards and interactive plasma screens • symbol software • word processing packages • a wide range of other computer softwareThis list indicates the range of technological resources available but is notcomprehensive.The Early Years Foundation Stage / The Primary Curriculum / FunctionalSkills EnglishYounger pupils in school focus on the Early Years Foundation Curriculum. It isacknowledged that many learners may not achieve all the goals within the EarlyYears Foundation Curriculum and that it is appropriate for them to continue towork towards the goals.At the time of reviewing this policy teachers were moving from using the NationalLiteracy Framework to implementing the understanding english, communication andlanguages element of the New Primary Curriculum (following the review by SirJim Rose) which becomes statutory in 2011. It provides a basis for implementingthe statutory requirements for speaking and listening, reading and writing.The new framework will also provide pupils working within key stages 3 and 4with an appropriate programme of learning while working towards theFunctional Skills standards. The standards provide a suitable focus for pupils toacquire meaningful skills which can be applied in real contexts. Being part of thenational pilot for Functional Skills has enabled pupils to access externalaccreditation in Functional Skills English (2008 and 2009).From September 2010 learners who are 14-19 will be taught within the FoundationLearning Framework where the emphasis is placed on Functional Skills English.George Hastwell School : Policy for Communication, Language & Literacy Page 3