IAB - ADTECH Marketplace Event 050213


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Presentation from Steve Chester from the IAB at ADTECH Marketplace Event

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IAB - ADTECH Marketplace Event 050213

  1. 1. IAB UK 2013 & BeyondSteve Chester, Head of Data & Industry Programmes5th February 2013 08 February 2013
  2. 2. AgendaIAB UK Overview2013 StrategyProgrammesMobileResearchRegulatory AffairsDisplay Trading Counciliabuk.net/contact
  3. 3. 850 members Advertisers Media Agencies Owners
  4. 4. 375 Advertisers Advertisers represent 45% of our membership base
  5. 5. Our councils and working groupsEducation – Collaboration – Standards & Best Practice Resolving industry issues – Self-Regulation Display Leadership Mobile Games Trading Regulatory LeadSocial Media Research affairs Generation B2B Video Ad-Ops Email Behavioural Affiliate Search Future Targeting
  6. 6. Council Focus/Output Research Training Events Educational Handbooks / Whitepapers Standards/ Guidelines
  7. 7. 2013 Strategy – 3 priorities “Define best practice and standards for programmatic buying and online campaign DATA measurement and promote responsible use of data” “Understanding how, why and when people use different mobile devices and how media ownersDEVICES and advertisers can take advantage of this” “Increase brand spend online. Showcase theBRAND opportunities offered to brand advertisers by digital advertising formats and new devices”
  8. 8. Programmesiabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  9. 9. IAB US Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) – What & Who? A cross-industry collaboration that will improve planning, buying and measurement of digital media and facilitate cross-platform comparison across ALL media...digital and legacy.Facilitators: Supporters:
  10. 10. IAB US - Making Measurement Make Sense(3MS) – 5 Pillar Solution
  11. 11. Programmes Overall 2013 Roadmap Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 • OPM Study • Incremental Reach seminar • Affiliates advertiser survey • Incremental Reach project • Search Barometer study • Games ROI studyResearch • Games-Brand Effectiveness • RTA Advertiser/Agency snapshotMarketing & • Blogs • Blogs • Blogs • Blogs • Newsletter • Newsletter • Newsletter • NewsletterPR • Search handbook-FMCG • Search handbook-Finance • Search handbook-Charity • Video Guide/Handbook • RTA Dinner - 22nd Jan • RTA Conference-4th Apr • Brand Forum – 16th Jul • Video Conference-28th Nov • OPM Seminar – 26th Feb • Video Advertiser dinner • Data hackathon-1st/2nd Aug • RTA Advertiser dinnerEvents • Games evening – 28th Feb • Search Conference – 13th • Data Forum – 26th Sep • Desktop vs Mobile Search • Attribution on Trial -14th Mar Jun • Video Advertiser dinner debate • Games Advertiser dinner • Games Advertiser dinner • B2B Social Media w/shop • Video Advertising for brands • Video Advertising for brandsTraining • B2B Metrics roundtable • B2B Metrics seminar • B2B Metrics webinar • Pick and mix presentations • RTA Advertiser w/shop–12th Feb • Affiliate standards w/shop • Affiliate Marketing w/shop • OLG 101 w/shop • OLG 101 w/shop-20th Mar • RTA Agency w/shop • RTA Advertiser w/shop • RTA Agency w/shopEducation • B2B Content whitepaper • B2B Metrics w/paper • Games boxed vs ad funded • Advanced OLG w/shop w/paper • OLG Brand guidelines w/paper • Online Workflow Standards • Affiliate Standards • Consumer Data Initiative • Voucher Code COC • Ethical Merchant Charter • Social Video Guidelines • Ethical Publisher CharterStandards & • VOD regulation • Video Guidelines • VAST/VPAID implementationRegulations • Measurement standards • Open RTB standards • SafeFrame
  12. 12. Mobileiabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  13. 13. Objectives 1. Prove and remove Prove the effectiveness of mobile advertising, and remove barriers to entry 2. Inspire and integrate Inspire advertisers and agencies to make mobile mandatory, and to integrate mobile into their strategy 3. Protect and promote Protect and promote the mobile marketing industry by encouraging best practise and self regulation
  14. 14. Mobile Roadmap 2013 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 •Mobile Opt study II •Retailers on mobile audit •Agency snapshot •Big, huge, integration studyResearch •Back Up Gif Report •IAB/PWC Adspend Study •Mobile Regs Study •IAB/PWC adspend study •Industry Discrepancy Report •Measurement definitions •The Big Mobile shopping •Mobile & Tablet creative •Integration white paperMarketing & PR guidelines (US) Handbook gallery •Mobile newsletter •Tablet creativity whitepaper •Mobile newsletter •Mobile newsletter •Mobile newsletter •Consumer Journey event (29th •IAB/PWC launch (10th April) •Mobile privacy event (30th July) •IAB/PWC launch (9th October) Jan) •Mob Engage VIP dinner (2nd •Advertising & creativity on tablet •Engage (17th October) •Measuring mobile event (5th May) event (3rd Sept) •Integration event (30th Oct)Events March) •Mobile Engage (16th May) •Device forum (7th November) •Mobile Retail event (18th •Mobile debate (5th Dec) June) •MRAID 2.0Standards & •DTSGbrand safety •Rising Stars • AdChoices consumer •EU-wide guidelines for •Consumer attitudes to mobile •Educate policy leadersMobile Regs campaign / support AC on mobile advertising report •Support for guidelines mobile •Mob/tab Marketing Cert •Advanced mobile • Mobile workshop • Mobile Marketing CertTraining •Mobile Workshop (agency) •Agency ambassadors •Agency ambassadors •Agency ambassadors •Agency ambassadors •Mobile council •Mobile council •Mobile council Mobile councilEducation •Presentations to agencies and advertisers
  15. 15. Researchiabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  16. 16. The digital media mix% share of revenues for the H1 2012 Category H1 2011 Share Search 58% Display 23% Classified 17% NB: Other includes Lead Generation, Search Affiliate, Solus E-mail, Mobile SMS/MMS Source: : IAB / PwC Digital Adspend H1 2012
  17. 17. Online Performance Marketing 3,000 – 4,000 advertisers spending £814 million onLead Generation 14% 10,000 publisherAffiliate Marketing 86% websites The Value of Online Performance Marketing in the UK • A new study by IAB UK and PwC
  18. 18. Project Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecPerformance MarketingSocial Media EffectivenessIncremental reachGames EffectivenessDigital AdspendB2B Brand DecisionsMajor Devices StudyMobile advertising attitudesB2B Media OwnersB2B Use of dataAd Choices awarenessCross device brand study (tbc)
  19. 19. Regulatory Affairsiabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  20. 20. Promoting transparency & control in advertising The IAB – in partnership with the entire EU advertising industry – is implementing an initiative to enhance transparency and user control over targeted ads. At its heart is a new icon in ads themselves and also on web pages. The icon links to information on data collection / use and ways to control it. Official icon providers – Evidon and TRUSTe – are currently delivering over 9.5bn icons per month across EU markets. The initiative is backed up by an independent & ‘tried and tested’ complaints handling (eg ASA) and enforcement system. It has strong political support from the UK Government and the European Commission. A consumer campaign to make the public aware of the icon and what it does will begin in Q2. We are also working the initiative to cover mobile.
  21. 21. New EU data protection reforms The European Commission is proposing new rules to update and streamline data protection law across EU markets. It announced the reforms in January 2012. The IAB supports strong data protection law to protect consumers but believe the proposals need to balanced in allowing for new business models / innovation. However, the draft proposals are very prescriptive and re-draw the regulatory landscape for the use of data in a restrictive way. This has the potential to affect the digital advertising market significantly (as well as innovative self-regulation), as well the UK digital economy – one of the leading digital economies in the world. The UK Government supports a balanced and proportionate approach. It’s recent Impact Assessment showed that the proposals will add significant costs and burdens to businesses. The proposals are currently being examined by the Council (national governments) and the European Parliament (elected MEPs).
  22. 22. Greater ad trading transparency Ad exchange PublisherAdvertiser/ 1010101010 1010101010 1010101010 Agency ATDs DSP SSPs 1010101010 1010101010 1010101010 Ad networks Travel Retail Retail Finance
  23. 23. Marketing & Communicationsiabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  24. 24. Go on, brag a bit… Enter our monthly Creative Showcase --Submit your best campaigns each month --Be a part of history – we’re celebrating the ten-year anniversary --Enter your work – it’s FREE: www.creativeshowcase.net/ Shine a light on your research --Share your research on our site and spread knowledge --Upload your own research on our site --Visit: www.iabuk.net/research/submit Share your thought leadership: blogs --Dying to say something about digital? --Send your blog & head shot to editorial manager, stuart@iabuk.net
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  26. 26. Display Trading Counciliabuk.net/contact 08 February 2013
  27. 27. Membership 2013iabuk.net/contact
  28. 28. Mission and objectives• Mission • Grow the display market by providing clarity and helping the digital industry understand the benefits and strengths of display media trading• Objectives • Show the effectiveness of display trading to advertiser, agencies, and publishers • Demystify the display trading ecosystem so that the market can make better use of the opportunities • Define best practise within the display trading ecosystemiabuk.net/contact
  29. 29. Roadmap 2013 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 •Advertiser/Agency snapshot •B2B Media Owner study •TBCResearch •Newsletter •Newsletter •Newsletter •NewsletterMarketing & PR •Blog •Blog •Blog •Blog •Attribution on trial - 14th •RTA Conference – 4th April •Open data hackathon – 2nd •Advertiser / Publisher dinner March AugustEvents •Advertiser / Publisher dinner •Data Forum TBC – 26th – January 22nd •IAB Engage – 17th OctoberTraining •RTA Workshop (Advertiser) – •RTA Workshop (Publisher) – •RTA Workshop (Advertiser) - • RTA Workshop (Publisher) - 12th February 22nd April TBC TBC •Investigate Display Advertising Curriculum •Presentations to advertisers, •Presentations to advertisers, •Presentations to advertisers, •Presentations to advertisers, agencies and publishers agencies and publishers agencies and publishers agencies and publishersEducation •DTSG updatesStandards, Best •Investigate Open RTBPractice and standards iabuk.net/contactRegulations
  30. 30. Events• Real Time Advertising Workshop 12th February 2013 A one day sessions for advertisers who want to get to grips with the ever changing display and trading ecosystem and learn how to leverage the opportunities it now offers; DTC Participation: Quantcast; Infectious Media; Google; Yahoo!; Criteo• Attribution on Trial 14th March 2013; IAB Offices Speakers: Quantcast; Google; Yahoo!; Mediamath; Infectious Media Judging Panel: Dr Wing Yee Lee, Head of Business Analysis, Adobe Pete Robins, Managing Partner, Agenda 21 Kevin Clapson, UK Head of Sales, Trip Advisor• Get with the programme: Real Time Advertising Conference 4th April 2013; The Business Design Centre, Islington Leading advertisers, agencies, publishers and networks share best practice in RTAiabuk.net/contact
  31. 31. Evolution of Online Display Advertising http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C0n_9DOlwE