Mantis Vision and Lab IX Expanding Vision through Innovation


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Mantis Vision and Lab IX Expanding Vision through Innovation

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Mantis Vision and Lab IX Expanding Vision through Innovation

  1. 1. March 2014 DID YOU KNOW? Mantis Vision and Lab IX – Expanding vision through innovation Flextronics’ innovation and design group, Lab IX, will now provide support to Mantis Vision, a disruptive technology company that develops and designs 3D image and motion capture solutions for consumer and professional applications. Flextronics and Mantis Vision will work together to provide first- to-market, scalable delivery of customized three-dimensional scanning solutions. “We believe that the 3D market is one of the best examples of a disruptive technology today,” said Lior Susan, vice president and head of Lab IX. “Mantis Vision is leading the way with its first-to-market advantage. Their technology fulfills the enormous and emerging demand for user-generated 3D content creation solutions such as 3D printing, ecommerce, immersive and augmented experiences, and the list goes on.” “This partnership, the first of its kind for Mantis Vision, is a big leap forward in enabling our customers to bring 3D innovations to market on a mass scale,” said Amihai Loven, CEO of Mantis Vision. “Together with Flextronics we will be able to sustain a long-term commitment to delivering breakthrough customized 3D solutions at world-class manufacturing levels, while maintaining the superior performance expected of MV4D technology.” MV4D is Mantis Vision’s core technology, which enables 3D capture for depth sensing, smart object measurement and recognition, and generation of high resolution 3D models. These products are designed to meet field and use- case specific requirements for consumer-facing solutions, such as 3D embedded mobile and peripheral devices, and for professional solutions for the medical, defense, law enforcement, and oil & gas industries, among others. MV4D uses a proprietary Structured Light Pattern. A patented motion-capable 3D range-imaging technology was developed to allow accurate capture of 3D data in dynamic scenes. This pattern, which is projected upon physical objects and environments, is captured by a synched camera, and processed by structured light algorithms to produce an accurate, detailed depth map of the captured scene. All delivered products will leverage Mantis Vision’s MV4D core technology, field-proven through years of usage in the company’s F5 Handheld 3D Scanner. The F5, Mantis Vision’s first product to enter the market, is a high- end, high-resolution mobile scanning solution for professional and semi- professional applications. Flextronics will provide support to Mantis Vision for the continued manufacturing, testing and production of the F5. For more information on Mantis Vision, visit Lab IX partners with startup, game-changing, technology companies, providing support and services to select technology companies incorporating hardware and software innovation. For more information on Lab IX, visit Synched camera uses structured light patterns. A handheld scanner makes it easy to generate images. The camera is a 3D scanner for real-time modeling. 3D enabled mobile device is currently in design & test. Home I Website Flextronics is a leading end-to-end supply chain solutions company that delivers design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics services to a range of industries and end-markets, including data networking, telecom, enterprise computing and storage, industrial, capital equipment, appliances, automation, medical, automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, mobile, computing and other electronic product categories. Flextronics is an industry leader that helps its customers design, build, ship, and service their products through an unparalleled network of facilities in more than 30 countries and across four continents. Copyright © 2014, Flextronics. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Flextronics. The information contained in this document is intended for use and viewing by Flextronics employees only and may contain confidential, trade secret, insider and/or legally privileged information belonging to Flextronics or its clients. Unauthorized disclosure of this content in any form is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary and/or legal action. Page 1 of 1Did You Know? 25/03/2014mhtml:file://C:UserssaomchirAppDataLocalTempDidyouknow_Mantis_0314.mht