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Ladd family movie award 1992-Present

Ladd family movie award 1992-Present



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    Laddies Laddies Presentation Transcript

    • The Laddies Yearly Ladd household winner since we were married in 1992...2011 Tree of Life / 50/50 2001 Amelie / Donnie Darko2010 Inception 2000 Chocolat / Magnolia2009 Inglourious Basterds / Up 1999 October Sky / Fight Club2008 Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog 1998 Rushmore2007 Juno 1997 Chasing Amy2006 Little Miss Sunshine 1996 Lone Star2005 Kung Fu Hustle / V for Vendetta 1995 The Usual Suspects2004 Hero / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 1994 The Ref2003 Lost in Translation 1993 Much Ado About Nothing2002 About a Boy 1992 A River Runs Through It m44ladd@charter.net
    • 84% 2011 (Michael) “The Tree of Life”This is not an easy film and mother. In thefor those who want to tradition of James Joyce’sbe entertained. It is a “A Portrait of the Artistthoughtful, personal look a s a Yo u n g M a n ” ,into the memories and Terrence Malick hasperceptions of a middle- created a non-linear butaged man trying to come beautiful impressionisticto terms with the loss of view of childhoodhis younger brother and memories and theto understand his place pursuit of meaning we allin time and the universe go through at thosealong with the dueling quiet moments when wenatural and faith-based are most reflective.sides of his own being, asgiven to him by his father
    • 93% 2011 (Kelly) “50/50”50/50 caught us by choose fantastic rolessurprise. Yes, it has all (see last year’s winner,the usual Seth Rogen Inception and 500 Dayscrudeness and stoner of Summer) that showhumor you expect, but all child actors are nota t i t ’s h e a r t t h i s total train wrecks laterinspired-by-true-events in life. And Annastory is a sweet study Kendrick delivers asin the power the new therapist whofriendship and love finds that all the book-have in helping learned rules go outovercome a terminal the window when youreality. Joseph Gordon get personally involved.Levitt continues to
    • 201086% “Inception”Talk about realizing a after getting beyond thevision. Christopher surface plot to theNolan, fresh off creating deeper meanings andtwo epic Batman films, implications underneath.returned to his favorite Great performances andsubject (the mind) via a amazing visual effectsfantastic dreamworld bring Nolan’s dreamcaper to psychoanalyze visions to life forwhat makes us who we audiences that may leaveare and the prison of the theater waiting formadness that some “the kick” and thinkingcreate for themselves. fo r d ay s a f t e r i t sThis is a film that is powerful concludinga c t u a l ly b e t t e r t h e scene cuts to black.second time around
    • 88% 2009 (Michael) “Inglourious Basterds”FINALLY, a Tarantino nothing quite like it inmovie makes it to the ’09 and you will nevertop of my annual favs forget Christopherlist! This movie has it Waltz’s Oscar-winningall: intense emotional portrayal of Col Hanspower and the requisite Landa.over-the-top bloodshedHis Quentin-ness hasbecome known for,merged with memorabledialogue and a healthydose of uncomfortablehumor. There really was
    • 98% 2009 (Kelly) “Up”T he first five that the best way tominutes tells you unburden yourselfthat Up is no mere of self pity iskids’ movie. t h ro u g h s e r v i n gAnyone who can others is a joy towithstand that behold. Pixaremotional barrage scores big again notdry-eyed is in need only with theirof a soul transplant. usual stunningThe wondrous way visuals, but an evenin which we see more moving storycrotchety old Carl as well.Fredrickson learn
    • Available via free stream: 2008 http://www.traileraddict.com/clip/dr-horribles-sing-along-blog/ act-i (then ii, then iii)User Rated “Dr. Horrible’s Sing- Along Blog” An unconventional but the misunderstood title unanimous choice for character who declares 2008, Dr. Horrible is a that “the status is not self-produced web quo -- the world is a sensation that came mess and I just need about as a result of the to... rule it” while the writer’s strike. It clocks woman he pines for falls in at only 43 minutes, for his arch nemesis. Full but packs more music of songs, great acting, and pure entertainment and a few surprises, Dr. in that span than most Horrible is not to be studio productions twice missed. Watch it free its length. Neil Patrick online now or buy it at Harris (NPH) shines as Amazon.com on DVD.
    • 94% 2007 “Juno” Why do we have to “way beyond [her] wait until the end of emotional maturity the year to get the level”. Yo u a n d really good movies ? whoever is lucky Juno arrived onscreen enough to be in the and immediately won room with you will us over with its blend chuckle yourself silly at of clever dialogue, the same time you realistic characters and really come to care for Ellen Page’s brilliant those in first-time performance of a teen writer Diablo Cody’s dealing with issues wonderful “Junoverse”.
    • 91% 2006 “Little Miss Sunshine” Every now and again, beneath the wings of there is a little what otherwise would independent film that be an easily missed gets made for all the treasure. Some in the right reasons, by arthouse community actors willing to take spurn such projects less in order to bring for being too a exceptionally well “commercial”. In written gem to the big 2006 , we could think screen. And when it of no better way to happens, often critics show them what-for take notice and a buzz than to give Little Miss helps to put wind Sunshine our Laddie.
    • 90% 2005 (Kelly) “Kung Fu Hustle” “Are you fun to watch. It’s k i dd i n g ? ” , s ay s unpredictable plot Kelly. “Cut Asian keeps you guessing men without shirts and it’s ultimate on... fighting... twist turns this works for me!” quirky little movie OK, it’s actually the into something unconventional really special. This effects, offbeat combined with a humor, and kooky touch of sweetness characters that was enough to split make this film so the Laddie in 2005.
    • 73% 2005 (Michael) “V for Vendetta”“Remember remember, the fifth “V”, a quasi-terroristof November...” A vivid, if not revo l u t i o n a r y w h oc o m p l e t e ly f a i t h f u l conceals himself behindadaptation of the a Guy Fawkes mask,thought-provoking Alan and Evey, his unwittingMoore graphic novel, V accomplice whofor Vendetta is especially receives the educationtimely in its portrayal of a lifetime and learns t h a t h av i n g f a c e dof a dystopian Englandruled by an iron fisted death, she can now liveOrwellian government without fear - the veryand the unique tool employed by thoserelationship between who would keep us down.
    • 95% 2004 (Kelly) “Hero” T h re e wo rd s : eyes, it was the It’s just beautiful. p ro fo u n d a n d But more than exquisitely just a pretty d e l i ve re d face, Hero has message that left c h a r a c t e r, me breathless in intelligence, the end. principle and m e a n i n g . A l t h o u g h i t ’s cinematic scope is a treat for the
    • 93% 2004 (Michael) “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” While quite the ex- after impulsively mindbender like its agreeing to have her cousin, Being John w i p e d f ro m h i s Malkovich, Eternal mind. It’s a strange Sunshine has a much but poignant sweeter sensibility reminder of the old in this through-the- adage that it is looking-glass “what- better to have loved if ” story of a and lost than never broken hearted man to have loved at all. fighting to retain the memory of his
    • 95% 2003 “Lost in Translation”Legendary funny man (Scarlett Johansen)Bill Murray continues amidst a truly foreignto land serious roles m o d e r n To k y op o r t r ay i n g t r a g i - landscape, directorcomic, inwardly Sofia Coppola allowswounded loners who the audience tofind themselves in appreciate the sweetpainful situations. side of what mightOnce again, in Lost in otherwise on theTranslation, he nails it surface appear to becold. By teaming him a creepy December /up with an unlikely May relationship.but kindred soul
    • 93% 2002 “About a Boy”OK, I admit it: I like Lyrics. 2002’s About aHugh Grant and he Boy works so wellhas firmly established a because of the growthknack for what so that results from amany good actors friendship thatseem to lack: the reluctantly developsability to choose b e t w e e n H u g h ’ssolidly entertaining (if unabashedly selfishnot Oscar-wor thy) man-boy bachelor andscripts like Four a young diamond inWe d d i n g s a n d A the rough who latchesFuneral, Notting Hill, on and won’t let go ofLove, Actually, Bridget the father figure thatJones’ Diary, American has eluded him for soDreamz, and Music & long.
    • 90% 2001 (Kelly) “Amelie”If I had to pick one most of all, Audreyfilm which embodies Tatou’s performancethe Laddie award, it as the title characterwould be Amelie will leave you(even though I later captivated for days asvoted to split the year you contemplate howbecause of my belated meaningful gooddiscovery of Donnie moviemaking can beDarko). Forget the when its uniquefact that it’s dialogue is properties vs. otherFrench and you have artistic mediums areto read subtitles. The leveraged to theoffbeat story, beautiful fullest.cinematography, and,
    • “Sometimes I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion...”85% 2001 (Michael) “Donnie Darko” (Director’s Cut)A terribly misleading themes, audaciousmarketing approach complexities, andthat made it look like a intelligent treatment ofteen slasher flick, the audience were socoupled with its debut refreshing that a write-in theaters the week of in campaign fromthe 9/11 attacks, a r d e n t DV D f a n sensured this gem of a yielded investment byfilm would *never* the studio in a secondhave a chance for edition - a Director’scommercial box office Cut - more clearly(?)success. Despite these presenting rookiesetbacks, Donnie director RichardDarko’s metaphysical Kelley’s visionary tale.
    • 63% 2000 (Kelly) “Chocolat”Sorry Michael, but years. Some embraceJohnny Depp and the change shechocolate will win represents, othersover an angry Tom resist. But really,C r u i s e a n y d a y. how long can youJuliette Binoche plays resist the call ofa single mother with chocolate? Subtlei t c hy fe e t w h o s e and warmly deliveredarrival in a provincial performances and anfrench town deeply intriguing storydisturbs the well interwoven aroundordered balance that our favorite candyhas kept people safely made this filmin their place for just...yummy.
    • 2000 (Michael)83% “Magnolia”Kevin Smith’s scorn hours. Aimee Mann’saside (I’ve got you soundtrack songs arecovered in 1997 down transcendent and,a bit more on the list, while I’m no big fan ofbro...), this has got to Tom Cruise offscreen,be one of the most the scene in which hisintricate and well slick-talking,thought-out ensemble misogynist hucksterfilms of all time. reluctantly strips offMemorable and the emotional armorhaunting characters to come to terms withinterconnect in the imminent passingsurprising ways as of his father (Jasoneach layer of the Robards) is worth theonion is peeled over journey and price ofthe course of three purchase alone.
    • 90% 1999 (Kelly) “October Sky” At its very best, a teacher encourages film should inspire. them to reach for October Sky does the stars. Not a just that in telling weak link in the the remarkable true cast. Perfectly stor y of Homer paced. Beautifully Hickam. In a pre- directed. Just the Sputnik football thought of the finale obsessed small coal scene between mining town, 4 Homer and his science geeks might father makes me b e p re t t y m u c h weep like the movie written off as mine wuss I am. fo dd e r. But a
    • 81% 1999 (Michael) “Fight Club” Before there was fascinating to Kill Bill, there was behold. Even more Fight Club, an action- so is the way packed movie with a director David brain. Button-down Fincher gradually regular guy Edward reveals the source Norton’s insomniac behind the dark descent into Tyler psychological edge D u r d e n ’s ( B r a d always present in P i t t ’s ) wo r l d o f this very unique and macho underground gritty film. fighting cliques is
    • 199887% “Rushmore”I a m a b i g We s F i s c h e r, a b e l o wAnderson fan, and average studentwhile his catalog is a l l o we d i n t o t h euneven in its overall school for writing “asuccess, he always little one act abouthits the mark in Watergate”. He getspresenting genuinely a real education inm e m o r a b l e life’s painful lessonscharacters and when he and mentordialogue , my two Bill Murray fall in lovefavorite film with a new teacher atelements. In school and findRushmore, Jason themselves unlikelySchwartzman is a (and, on the one side,triumph as Max unrealistic) rivals.
    • 90% 1997 “Chasing Amy”Chasing Amy surprised comedic material hereeveryone when writer/ (Jason Lee’s Bankydirector Kevin Smith Edwards character is(then of raunchy Clerks not be be missed), butand Mallrats fame) what put this film overdecided to create a the top in 1997 wasserious film about a the bold choice byguy who falls in love Smith not to take thewith a lesbian friend easy road with a tidyand just can’t get over ever ything’s-OK-in-his own insecurities the-end finale. Thelong enough to realize answer’s right therethe value of what he and Holden (Benhas. There is still a Affleck) still managesgreat deal of adult to blow it.
    • 92% 1996 “Lone Star”Writer/director John investigating theSayles is a genius and discover y of theone of those guys remains of a long-whose films I will see missing racist sheriff’sj u s t b e c a u s e h e ’s bones on an armyinvolved. Lone Star is shooting range.an intricate murder Despite warnings tomystery, set across cease his investigation,two generations in Cooper comes to findS o u t h e r n Te x a s . out more than he everL o n g t i m e f avo r i t e imagined (or wanted).Chris Cooper is solidas the lawman
    • 89% 1995 “The Usual Suspects” Who is Keyser Soze?Bryan Singer directs performances bythis modern film noir cocky detective Chazzwhodunnit with an Palminteri and crooksextremely strong Gabriel Byrne, Kevinensemble cast and a Spacey, and Beniciotwister of an ending Del Toro all lead thethat is sure to make audience skillfully byfor some interesting the nose around thec o nve r s a t i o n l o n g stage and eventuallyafter the credits roll. behind the curtainThe plot is thick, to be waiting at the movie’ssure , but quality revelatory conclusion.
    • 199476% “The Ref”House burglar Gus holidays with family(Dennis Leary) and police dropping inunwittingly stumbles at every turn to keepi n t o t h e l i ve s o f things on edge, somesuburban Connecticut real emotional“bickerson” couple breakthroughs occurLloyd (Kevin Spacey) in this sharply writtenand Caroline (Judy *dark* comedy aboutDavis) Chasseur, who the importance ofare ready to drop the communication andverbal gloves at the remembering why weslightest provocation. fell in love in the firstAs they spend an place.evening togetherduring the Christmas
    • 91% 1993 “Much Ado About Nothing”Shakespeare is screen and off witha lw ay s t r i c k y t o this beautiful andbring to film, if for enduring look at theno other reason complexities of lovethan the daunting and deceit. Treatdecision of what to yourself and take thec u t i n o rd e r t o time to sit down andpresent the story enjoy the Bard’sfully but at a work brought vividlyreasonable length. to life against aHowever, Kenneth magnificent SicilianBranagh is in his backdrop. You won’telement both on be disappointed.
    • 199283% “A River Runs Through It”Robert Redford’s film boy younger brotheradaptation of Norman (Paul) who has soM a c l e a n ’s s e m i - much promise andautobiographical semmingly-God-givennovella tells the tale talent. His penchantof competition and for poor choices islove between two contrasted by olderbrothers (Craig brother Norman’sSheffer and Brad Pitt) steadiness and hiswho are sons of a struggles to live up tominister in Montana their father’s highwho passes on the expectations. This is areligion of fly fishing thoughtful andto them. Pitt is beautiful film you willperfect as the golden remember forever.