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Ladd Xmas Newsletters
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Ladd Xmas Newsletters


Ladd family Christmas newsletters 2000-2013

Ladd family Christmas newsletters 2000-2013

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  • 1. The Ladd’s Twenety-Thirteen 2013 Our year’s events in 140 characters or less... Fun-filled FL Trips to Disney & to see grandparents in Naples including swamp tour! #everythingbitesinFL Michael’s USTA teams were 4.0 over-40 GA state champs and 4.0 18+ GA state runners-up #nottooshabby Harper continued to enjoy her Junior Olympic Archery Development program #deadeyeharper Annual NC trip had an added bonus as cousin Sarah came back to GA for a nice visit #familyisforever Kelly’s curiosity finally got the best of her, reading “World War Z” to see what all the fuss was about- and she LOVED it #braaaaainsss Kelly submitted a few scripts for review in her screenwriting class and participated in the D-Girl Project #hollywoodeast Harper really enjoyed her Spring and Winter shows with the Ta Vaci chorus #lalaLAAAA!!! 15 Years! 1998-2013 Harper started participating in her first sleepovers and Kelly built magnificent indoor tents #pinterestisnutz Michael hit the 15 year anniversary mark w/ Presidio (née Solarcom) #stillstanding Kelly wore the construction hat for the guest room renovation, but left the master shower to a pro #doityourself(ornot) The family enjoyed a Thanksgiving stay at The Dillard House & a ride on the Polar Express #Christmasmagic Harper graduated to freestyle skating after passing Basic 8! #zoundswhatleapsandbounds! As always, we would love to hear from you. Keep in touch and have a blessed holiday season!! Love, The Ladds (Michael, Kelly & Harper) /
  • 2. HISTORIC TRIP We had a fantastic time learning about this great country by visiting Colonial Williamsburg and Washington D.C. 2012 AT LAST! After 45 years of suffering, the Kings finally won their first Stanley Cup, no doubt thanks to Michael’s fulfillment of a promised pilgrimage to LA in support. BIG BIRTHDAYS 2012 brought milestones with Kelly’s “big 5-0” and Harper’s “getting-so-big 1-0” as she hit the decade mark *sniff*. ZUT ALORS! The entire family began learning French with Rosetta Stone. IN-CRE-IBLE! d Fam Please stay in touch ! ily” E / ditio MIND OVER MATTER Michael continues to insist his body is only 30-something, still playing hockey and singles tennis all the way to the 4.0 USTA city finals. BULLSEYE! Harper is in the USA Archery JOAD (Jr. Olympic Archery Development) Program and has earned her green, purple, & gray stars already! SO QUICK? In September, Michael & Kelly celebrated 20 years of marital bliss, or as Kelly puts it, “time served”. “Lad IT’S A RING THING Kelly maintains she is *not* obsessed with making wire & bead rings (“it’s just a “hobby”). n BILTMORE BLISS In November we visited the largest privately owned house in America: the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC AMPHI-BEINGS The Ladd household is now home to not one, but TWO aquatic frogs: Frogét and Marius.
  • 3. Another year has sprinted by and the dreaded 2012 looms ahead. Let’s all hope the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar. As you can see, each month held a little treasured memory for us and we hope to see some of you in the coming year. Please keep in touch and write back soon!! Love, Michael, Kelly & Harper Calendar Feb Mar Apr Snowed in! Baptized and accountable! They’re always after me lucky charms! Escaped rhesus monkey terrorizes our neighborhood!! May Jun Jul Aug House painted (we’re now the one with the red door) Cruisin’ for the folks’ 50th anniversary! Theatre Camp 3rd Grade already!!! Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Skating lessons begin This year’s costume: “Corpse Bride” Richland HOA Tennis Tourney not a bad showing for a combined 108 years! Oh crap- it’s newsletter time again! Pick a religious celebratory expression of choice, add a safe New Year’s and you get HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! MICHAEL: / KELLY: / 2011 “Laddvent”
  • 4. The Ladd Family’s Start 2010 Suwanee, GA Theater Camp as “Levi” Fleece Tie Blanket Project JAN ...because a Facebook theme was just too obvious. JUL Disney World Checkpoint! (whew!) FEB APR 1st Grade Graduate JUN Newport, NC AUG Apple Film Camp MAY SEP MAR NOV Halloween (as Eloise) New RoofBEWARE OF TACKS!! State Semi-Finalists Georgia 4.0! AA-2 Champs! OCT Jars and Jars (and Jars) of Homemade Applesauce Chattanooga, TN DEC A Few Words From The “Author”: Please keep in touch! So every December it’s a challenge to come up with a theme for the holiday newsletter and frankly, most everything gets reported on Facebook during the year. As such, for many of you, a written recap would be repetitious and I suspect that for all but the most ardent fans, our lives really aren’t interesting enough to warrant a second sitting. Enter Harper’s favorite video game character: that cute little Sackboy from Little Big Planet (available only on Sony Playstation 3 and PSP). I figured I’d enlist the help of the little guy to visually convey to any doubters what a truly exciting year it’s been... M>N>L Harper’s 8th B-Day! New Honda CR-Z 6-Speed Hybrid MICHAEL: / KELLY: /
  • 5. Jan - Mar (2009) Ladd Family Year in Review 2009 Edition 2009 Quotes -(stamping her feet upon exiting the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags): “I did NOT like that ride!” -We've noticed that Canada Dry is neither Canadian nor dry. Because it's bottled in Houston, perhaps it should be called "Texas Wet". -That’s not Santa, it’s just some man from our church... -Mommy, why are all the Beatles songs about girls? 67 % -I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I don’t look half as cool as my kickboxing instructor during class -If "Tofurkey" is tofu turkey, then what must they call tofu duckling? -Darn USTA Winter season; tennis is not meant to be played in 43 degree weather! Favorite Websites Synopsis: A family trip to Disney World, Harper’s “BF Valentines Day Tea Party”, and Kelly’s birthday girls-trip-to-NYC start the year off with a bang. So does the pain from two molar crowns... -NYC: old friends, a quality show, and oh, the pizza! It’s a meal, it’s a hand moisturizer... Kelly -The Tower of Terror was the best. I remember thinking, “awwww...this is the end”. -And thank goodness swim team is over. Bullpen duty is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. -I love Miss Tennent. She’s a great teacher who teaches in a fun way. -She’s growing up too fast. The little bundle that used to fit in the crook of my arm is now in a grade with a number in it. Michael % Oct - Dec (2009) TO M ATO M E T E R Reviews Counted:3 Fresh: 3 Rotten:0 Average Rating:8.5/10 Synopsis: King Tut and The Candy Bomber visit Atlanta and a new pet is adopted. Kelly finds out what kids’ swim team really entails, and a state tennis championship is secured. Fun at the Labyrinth sing-a-long! 67 % TO M ATO M E T E R -Gail Halvorsen (retired USAF Col. better known as the Candy Bomber) is a national treasure and a true American hero. -Ow, the tooth, ow ow ow. -I can’t wait to go to Chattanooga for my birthday to see the stingrays and river otters at the aquarium! -Really feeling those 42 years now. What an endurance test: 6 matches (5 doubles + 1 singles) in 3 days. Not dropping a match was just icing- that and making a college kid puke in the Macon heat. -You can’t be doing all bad when the Little One wants to be Amelia Earhart for Halloween and she begs to have The Hobbit read to her at bedtime. -Still with the ow! It’s not fair to be in this much pain and not get a child out of it. Harper Michael THE LADDS - 2225 Pendleton Place Suwanee, GA 30024 Friday, December 18, 2009 Reviews Counted:3 Fresh: 2 Rotten:1 Average Rating:7.1/10 Synopsis: Amelia Earhart arrives for Halloween followed by painful misadventures in Endodontics and a first pop concert with “Hanny Montanny”. After 20 seasons, the hockey team changes names. -Butters (pet gerbil Butterscotch) is a chubby little soul. He’s a mad-nibbler and diurnal, *not* nocturnal Kelly Kelly Harper Apr - Jun (2009) (obviously) -Best of all, I didn’t have to hold the (half) birthday party at my house! Michael 100 Reviews Counted:3 Fresh: 2 Rotten:1 Average Rating:7.0/10 Synopsis: A half-birthday party, visit to the Outer Banks, and Princess Camp fill the dog days of Summer. Then it’s back-toschool for First grade fun and PTA politics. -Who came up with the inferior design of teeth anyway? And who knew licorice could be so destructive? 67 % TO M ATO M E T E R Harper Reviews Counted:3 Fresh: 2 Rotten:1 Average Rating:7.2/10 TO M ATO M E T E R -17th anniversary! Still together after all these years... -17th anniversary! That’s the HDTV anniversary, right? Jul - Sep (2009) / / Kelly Harper Michael
  • 6. 2008 Progress Report Card The Ladd Family: ML =Michael (41); KL = Kelly (Female); HL =Harper (6) Evaluation for: Milestones Language HL: begin public kindergarten AC HL: read & sound out words AC KL: write & maintain a blog AC KL: write supernatural screenplay IP KL: attend screenwriting class AC ML: read only 1 book at a time NA Art HL: fill house w/masterworks AC HL: win 2 photo contests AC KL: make beautiful bead jewelry AC KL: 401K statement papier mache IP ML: watch all 7 seasons of Buffy AC ML: craft crappy holiday letter NW Address: 2225 Pendleton Place Suwanee, GA 30024 Phone: 770.235.8394 (h) / 770.595.9528 (c) E-mail: / Math / Computers HL: self-surf to Science / Philosophy AC HL: laugh at animal vids on YouTubeAC HL: diligently count allowance AC KL: count minutes until bus IP ML: queue up 6 hrs for iPhone AC ML: OS X Support certified IP HL: experiment to find boundaries IP Social Physical Education HL: learn school bus/yard rules AC KL: do PR work for church IP ALL: go to CA for sis’ wedding AC ALL: be new aunt/uncle/cousin AC ML: lvl 70 main in “WoW” AC ML: socialize; try to be friendly NA HL: time out for self reflectionAC HL: carry cat all over house AC KL: toy mercilessly w/plants AC ML: do 9-day lemonade cleanse AC ML: ponder the meaning of it all IP HL: in Mary Poppins ballet HL: on first soccer team KL: gym rat 4x per week KL: do yoga plank position ML: AA hockey finalist ML: city mixed doubles champ AC AC AC NW AC AC Comments Attendance: Trips taken to Newport, NC and Sacramento, CA to visit family and to Orlando, FL for reenactment of Bataan Death March and to visit world famous rodent. General Comments: Further info. available as follows: Key: AC = Accomplished / IP = In Progress / NW = Needs Work / NA = Not Attempted “Lantana Heart” by Harper Ladd
  • 7. 2225 Pendleton Place Suwanee, GA 30024 | The Wonder Pets Ladds save the: LADD family 2007 holiday newsletter! This is Seewious ...seriously messed up - like your speech impediment, Ming-Ming! We sincerely hope this little holiday missive finds you in good health and spirits as 2008 approaches. While we lose sight of it at times and don’t keep in touch as often as we would like, we are indeed blessed to have such fantastic friends and family from whom we have been given so much. Happy holidays to you and yours! -M/K/H Michael, Kelly and Harper too... ...this calls for some celery! Harper really came into her artistic own this year, coloring up a storm and creating some impressive drawings (not on the walls, thank goodness). Above is a favorite of ours, a rendition of our little family triumvirate, which Michael did not get a hold of with his red doodling crayon (“no tongues, Daddy!”). nnn What’s Gonna Work? TEAMWORK! Ah, the Fabulous (Fearsome?) Fours! We had a chance to work together on several behavioral modification projects this year, including: 1) Thumb-sucking 2) Hair-twirling 3) Bed-wetting 4) Yelling 5) General Sassiness mastery of the debilitating crotchpunch so often delivered to Daddy while rough-housing). Michael is working on his Mac certification, still plays hockey, and made it to the city finals of the Atlanta KSwiss singles tennis league. No non-familial trips to report this year as things were very busy at work and the homestead with several DIY improvement projects both inside and out. Can you match the behavior to the improving individual? OPTIONS: a) Harper b) Mommy c) Daddy ANSWERS: 1: a; 2: a; 3: a; 4: a/b/c; 5: a “Good Eye, Harper” Harper turned 5 , Michael turned 40 and Kelly again reported in at 39 (amazing!). She also joined a screenwriting class at Georgia Tech and awaits a callback from the Lifetime Channel or Oxygen Network for her excellent screenplay, “Ghost of a Chance”. Harper loves her Montessori school, ballet and started taking Tae Kwon Do (where we suspect she picked up
  • 8. article discussion edit this page history Ladd Holiday Newsletter 2006 From Wikiladdia, the free Ladd-family encyclopedia WIKILADDIA The Free Ladd-Family Encyclopedia The Ladd Holiday Newsletter 2006 is the 2006 edition of an annual publication sent to friends and family of Michael Ladd and Kelly Ladd, written by same. Titles for the newsletter have changed over the years from L’Addvocate and L’Addvisor with the most striking change coming in the 2006 edition: Ladds In Space: The Power of Three- a Ladd Family Adventure, Vol I.. navigation • • • • • • • • • Main Page Community Portal Featured content Current events Recent changes Random article Help Contact Wikiladdia Donations search toolbox • • • • • • • What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Printable version Permanent link Cite this article The 2006 title is a bit of a red herring as the Ladd family did not, in fact, venture into space in 2006, traveling instead to the strictly terrestrial destinations of Costa Rica, Los Angeles, CA and Naples, FL. Interestingly, daughter Harper Ladd, soon to be four years old as of this article’s writing, has not yet forgiven her parents for leaving her behind on the five-day Costa Rica business jaunt despite the presentation of several t-shirts and various local wares. Michael’s year is covered briefly in the annual newsletter, highlighting the recent acquisition of his company, Solarcom, by Integrated Solutions who also owns Presidio and NIS. Also documented is his continued participation in hockey and tennis with his first foray into singles in 22 years yielding a pulled hamstring retirement after cruising to what appeared to be a certain round-of-16 berth in the KSwiss 4.0 Atlanta regional tournament. Kelly’s new church calling of Primary Chorister is noted after her having served as Sunday School teacher for a year and a half. She is also described as enjoying the extra three hours a day now available with Harper’s five-day morning curriculum at the prestigious Oak Meadow Montessori school of Lawrenceville, GA. Kelly’s recent obsession-with and successes-in the family’s genealogical detective work is recounted in detail as are her 2006 driving adventures (a speeding ticket and a left-turn attack on a neighbor’s Dodge RAM 1500 pickup truck cruising innocently by the Ladd family driveway). Finally, Harper Ladd’s third year of life is chronicled beginning with a tale of victory over the Potty Training Beast and the associated reward of new pet cat Allison (affectionately referred to as “Ali-O” and not to be confused with Rap parody icon “Ali-G”). Next Harper’s new various increased responsibilities around the house are listed as are visits to the Atlanta Aquarium (twice with different sets of grandparents), attendance at the local Wiggles concert (sans yellow-shirted Greg who has been diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance), and a developing unhealthy obsession with Chapstick™. In typical fashion for such holiday missives, the Ladd Holiday Newsletter 2006 ends with an appreciation of the many blessings enjoyed by the family and well-wishes for all its recipients along with the following contact information: Michael, Kelly & Harper Ladd 2225 Pendleton Place Suwanee, GA 30024 (770) 235-8394; Categories: Failed Attempts at Humor; Boring Year-End Summaries; Pax Romana This page was last modified 07:40, 4 December 2006. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. (See Copyrights for details.) Wikiladdia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Privacy policy About Wikiladdia Disclaimers
  • 9. L’addvisor 2005 I confess to liking Holiday Newsletters. I love hearing from friends that I don’t see much of anymore. I love hearing how your families are growing, doing and how your lives are coming along. I love seeing the pictures of your little ones, nieces, nephews, pets, (etc.). Ever the cynic, Michael claims that most people think newsletters are longwinded (a-la-John Kerry) and self-indulgent (can you say Limbaugh & Hannity?). At any rate here’s the run down on how the year 2005 was for the Ladd family. Progeny: Harper Gretchen Status: Curious & adorable After starting the year under general anesthesia (she aspirated peanut pieces into her lungs on Jan 1), Harper began attending school twice weekly this Fall at Oak Meadow Montessori. Although tears, tantrums, and a continual flow of questions (we celebrated her millionth question in August) are part of daily life, her laughter is infectious and her single dimpled smile will weaken any resolve to deny her what she wants. Wife/Mother/Homemaker: Kelly Status: Still Academy-awardless Recently quipped, “you know you’re getting old when you find yourself thinking the hot water bottle is underrated.” She had a chance to attend her 25th High School Reunion and got a real kick from seeing old friends and walking the halls of her old school. Kelly still enjoys the Suwanee Mom’s Club and teaching the adult Sunday School class. She also had fun entering the “Next Food Network Star” contest. We expect to get a personal call from Rachel Ray any day now. Husband/Father/Provider: Michael Status: Same challenging job; teeth in tact Michael has the same job as Director of Operations for Solarcom Partner Services. This year he was voted as one of four Employees of the Quarter, which means a trip to Costa Rica in May ‘06! I hope he takes me… He also picked up tennis again this year and has enjoyed getting back into the game although his poor feet are taking quite a beating. He continues to play hockey (hence the teeth comment) and guitar. He may have also found a backup career in producing Kelly’s stellar video submission to Food Network. Pets: None Status: Don’t ask Trips: Naples, FL (Ladd Family), Morehead, NC (Humphrey’s family) Disney World, FL (Mouse Family) Status: Glad to be home sweet home Some evil person (a schoolmate perhaps?) told Harper about Disney World. It was only a matter of time before we gave in to her begging and took her to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, (etc.) in person. Favorite ride: Soarin’. Least favorite: Snow White’s Scary Adventure. (After all it does have “SCARY” right in the title). I’ll end there. Wouldn’t want to risk long wind. We wish you all the warmest season’s greetings and hope that 2006 might bring us an opportunity to actually visit! --The Ladds 2225 PENDLETON PLACE SUWANEE, GA 30024 MNLADD@BELLSOUTH.NET/K44LADD@BELLSOUTH.NET
  • 10. L’addvisor 2004 Winter Hello, and greetings from the Ladd family. My name is Harper Gretchen. I’m a Capricorn, and my hobbies include dancing in circles, squealing over any animal I see, and destroying just about anything I can get my hands on. Now that Mommy joined the “Mom’s Club of Suwanee”, we go to lots of fun activities with other moms and kids such as the petting zoo, the park, and the library. I have a great time and Mommy says it gives her a chance to connect with other Moms—whatever that means. I’ve started Nursery at church this year and can go all by myself now. It was a little hard on Mommy at first, but she got over it. Now that she is teaching the adult Sunday school class she says it’s a good thing. I just like playing with the toys and snack time! Whenever I can, I go to Daddy’s hockey games and cheer him on. I love it when he picks me up and skates around the ice with me, even if his hockey equipment kinda smells. His team won the championship, so I must be a good luck charm. At least Daddy says I’m a little charmer. This year I got to go on my first airplane trip! I went to Baltimore, MD where I met my Great-Grandmother, Helen Carr. I guess it’s not every day you get four generations together so, it was really special. We also went on the longest car ride EVER when we drove to North Carolina (10 hours). I got to visit my family there and see the ocean. I loved it, but Daddy says it’s going to be a very long time before we take another long car ride together. I don’t know what he means. I was an angel the whole time. Daddy has a new job, at the same company. He is the new Director of Operations for the Solarcom Partner Services. Mommy says she ‘s very proud of him, but he seems like the same old Daddy to me, except he does seem to be getting home later and later these days. I asked Mommy when HER next promotion was coming up, and she said “When you get potty trained”. I guess that’s something we’ll have to work on. We have a new family member. A fighting Betta fish we named Jackie. It’s hardly a replacement for a Rosie who went to live with Heavenly Father this summer. (Mommy says Rosie was old so it was time.) I enjoy feeding Jackie and watching him gobble his food and then making my “fish face”. “Wosie” In Memoriam Rosie 1990-2004 We’ll miss you I look forward to starting preschool this year and even though she isn’t going, Mommy seems VERY excited about the idea. Something about finally having time to get some things done… Well, that’s all for now. Mommy and Daddy say all the time how they are so blessed, and I guess they’re right. We sure wish y’all a happy holiday, and who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet some of you in person in the new year! Summer THE LADDS 2225 PENDLETON PLACE SUWANEE, GA 30024 MNLADD@BELLSOUTH.NET/K44LADD@BELLSOUTH.NET Spring
  • 11. JAN DEC ~ L’addvisor 2003 ~ 12/16/03 Remember MadLibs, the word game where you pre-select words and then plug your answers in for unpredictable and wacky results? Good, then you’ll know what to do here: first fill out the form below and then insert where prompted in the text to your right. VOILA! Guaranteed hilarity just in time for the holidays! *[GRUFF] ADJECTIVE 1: *SYNONYM FOR CRAZY SOUTHERNERS: *EMOTION 1: *RODENT: *ADJECTIVE 2: *[SCATALOGICAL] ADJ 3: *NON-LIQUID-OR-SOLID STATE OF WATER: *PLURAL FOR OCULAR ORBS: *EUPHAMISM FOR “HER HIGHNESS” 1: *WILD BEAST: *NICKNAME FOR PRIMARY CAREGIVER: *EUPHAMISM FOR “HER HIGHNESS” 2: *SYNONYM FOR LAIR: *NICKNAME FOR SECONDARY CAREGIVER : * SPORT PLAYED ON ICE WITH STICKS AND PUCKS : *WOOD-CHOPPING TOOL EUPHAMISM FOR ELECTRICAL STRINGED INSTRUMENT : *VIENNA-SAUSAGE-SHAPED DIGIT ON HAND : *EMOTION 2: *PICK ONE: (friend /family member/ co-worker of importance) Another year, another ([GRUFF] ADJECTIVE 1) newsletter from those (SYNONYM FOR CRAZY SOUTHENERNERS) we happen to know from Georgia. This year was filled with (EMOTION 1) as we watched our little (RODENT) begin her conquest of the world. As we have learned the hard way, while she may disarm you with her (ADJECTIVE 2) looks, she has the ability to launch a twopronged bio-arsenal assault consisting of (SCATALOGICAL] ADJ 3) bombs and (NON-LIQUIDOR-SOLID STATE OF WATER) attacks that are sure to make your (PLURAL FOR OCULAR ORBS) water (“yes Mr. President, I think we have finally found some WMDs!”). Most of the year has been spent catering to the needs of (EUPHAMISM FOR “HER HIGHNESS 1”) and planning life around meals and naptime. We also struggle to keep Harper from being torn to ribbons by Rosie, our (WILD BEAST). And nothing upsets (NICKNAME FOR PRIMARY CAREGIVER) more than losing a precious “nap unit” by being caught out and unable to put (EUPHAMISM FOR “HER HIGHNESS” 2) down in her (SYNONYM FOR LAIR) for the late afternoon snooze. (NICKNAME FOR SECONDARY CAREGIVER) continues to enjoy his career at Solarcom and can still be found playing (SPORT PLAYED ON ICE WITH STICKS AND PUCKS) and strumming his (WOODCHOPPING TOOL EUPHAMISM FOR ELECTRICAL STRINGED INSTRUMENT) to relax all the while facing the reality that he is wrapped around Harper’s little (VIENNA-SAUSAGE-SHAPED DIGIT ON HAND). In all seriousness, we are extremely blessed and (EMOTION 2) to be able to count you as our (PICK ONE). Happy holidays one and all!! THE LADDS 2225 PENDLETON PLACE SUWANEE, GA 30024 MNLADD@BELLSOUTH.NET/K44LADD@BELLSOUTH.NET
  • 12. “L’Add”vocate –2001 Because of someone out there pretending to be me, stealing my identity and setting up all sorts of fun new credit lines, I feel the need to reassure you that this is indeed the official holiday newsletter of the real Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ladd from Roswell GA. Notice the genuine amateur feel and striking similarity to last year’s newsletter coupled with the stabs in the dark at wit. Yessir, this is the real deal you’ve got in your hands now, so without further ado- let’s get to it… This year Michael proved himself yet again the stable one, staying with the same company for 3 and a half years now. His role has increased and his two titles reflect this: now both Business Development Team Leader and Unix/Storage Business Development Manager at Solarcom, a company for whom he really enjoys working. Kelly, on the other hand is once again in a new situation. Her previous company Netrail, fell victim to the Dot Bomb market and filed Chapter 11 in September. It was an unfortunate, if not predictable, turn of events, but Kelly has bounced back and found contracting work with a company that develops training courseware. It has turned out to be a great opportunity with work she really likes. As an extra bonus, she gets to work from home and has been heard to say, “Someday I might get tired of working in my bathrobe all day, but I’m not sure when.” Quebec is so enchanting, it’s like something out of a story book- c’est magnifique!. And the Grand Prix had such an exciting international feel, even Kelly enjoyed the race. In fact, it was such a great trip, we’re going to do it again in June of 2002. Rosie and Anne are doing fine. Anne, the wild kitten we “adopted” with a fishing net three years ago, has actually overcome some of her shyness and made appearances to visitors and Rosie, her big sister, has taken the art of meowing to a frenzied level in hopes she will persuade us to feed her both more frequently and in greater quantities. I guess everyone has to have a hobby. Speaking of hobbies, Michael continues playing the guitar, working with computers, and of course playing hockey (yes, he still has all his own teeth). And after years of being the bridesmaids, the Suns finally cinched the AAHL league championship in March and received the AA-2 cup (a replica of which now resides proudly in the lobby at Solarcom HQ). Kelly still enjoys singing with her Barbershop Chorus “Peach Rhapsody” as well as leading the children in music every Sunday morning. Although this year most certainly has brought us many joys, it was one of sorrow too. Kelly’s Grandfather, Donald Guthrie passed away in January. He had been sick for sometime and was prepared in every way to finish his life here on earth. My Grandfather loved to play jokes on people, bake bread, and attend church. I will always remember in particular the courage he showed toward the end of his life. I’m grateful for the influence he had on my life, and look forward to seeing him again someday. And of course, like everyone else in this country we were deeply affected by the events of September 11th. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were directly impacted by this tragedy, but how inspirational it has been to see our country rally together. The Charming Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City In the last few years Michael has discovered the exciting 800hp world of Formula 1 so we decided to visit our neighbors to the North (no, think even further North than the Waffle House/IHOP line formerly known as the Mason-Dixon) to see the Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada. In addition to visiting Montreal, we brushed up on our French and traveled from Montreal to Quebec City by train. The train was very comfortable and the scenery beautiful. Altogether, it was a wonderful trip and one that we can’t recommend highly enough. More than ever this year, we’ve realized how blessed we our in this life. We live in a wonderful country, we enjoy freedoms and privileges others only dream of and most of all, we have each of you, our friends and family, which is the greatest blessing of all. We hope that each of you feel similarly blessed and find much to be grateful for in 2002. The Ladds: 1014 Chattahoochee Circle, Roswell, GA 30075 /
  • 13. “L’Add”vocate –2000 AKA: 2000- A Christmas Newsletter Odyssey, by Kelly Ladd (it was her turn to pull a little weight around here and take a run at this thing for once) Sorry to say we are not yet pregnant. Just thought we’d get that out of the way first thing. So no cutesy pictures of a baby eating flowers, waving adorably, or grinning with some slimy substance all over it’s face, although we can’t promise we won’t fall prey to this phenomenon someday. Well, the year 2000 has come and gone. We survived the faux-millennia crisis and lived to go to work the next day (and the next). Now that the terror is safely behind us we can look ahead to a different one with a new leader at the steering wheel of America. Yet despite all the election excitement, I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is….”I wonder how Rosie and Anne are getting along?”. Well you can see for yourself in the photo that while Rosie is still not thrilled at having Anne around, the distance at which she can tolerate her seems to be getting shorter and shorter. With the exception of a hiss or two at dinnertime, love abounds in the Ladd household. (Speaking of dinnertime, I’m sure Rosie would also like me to mention that she has slimmed down considerably since the photo was taken.) Kelly and Michael have changed jobs AGAIN, bringing the total for Kelly up to 4 and Michael to 3 in the 5 years they’ve been in Georgia. Michael says his doesn’t really count as a change because it is with the same company (Solarcom), but as the “UNIX Business Development Manager” he is in a whole new department. Some merger fallout at Earthlink caused Kelly and several of her little geek friends to leave the Nirvana that was once Mindspring behind. Some of her co-workers have joined her at NetRail. Whether NetRail will be a new Utopia is yet to be determined, but Kelly thinks she has found a near-perfect job as a Trainer and Security Project Manager, so lets keep our fingers crossed. Michael continues to take guitar lessons and is starting to sound pretty good; at least his captive audience of one thinks so and we haven’t had any neighbors clawing holes in the walls trying to stifle him. He still enjoys his stress management sessions, otherwise known as his hockey games and captaining the team. As a bonus, he is still the purveyor of all his teeth, much to Kelly’s delight. His team has considered changing their name from “The Suns” to “The Bridesmaids”, because they always seem to miss that championship cup by just one game. So far this season they are 8-2-0 (8 wins, 2 loses, 0 ties in sport-speak), so maybe this is their year. Kelly has taken up singing with a Barbershop Chorus, Peach Rhapsody, and has found it to be challenging and fun. Although she has had several commercial/theatrical auditions, none of them had that certain something in the role that she was looking for, so she has been forced to turn them all down. Who knows, maybe this year she will be discovered? She did have a very small role (some might actually call it “Extra Work”) in an upcoming film “Run, Ronnie Run”. And at the risk of seeming unsupportive of my fellow thespians, I must say after spending an uncomfortable, cold and hungry 12 hours on the set only to be filmed for 10 minutes in a crowd scene, I think a more accurate name would have been “Run, Kelly Run”. By the way, here is a little tip from me to you – wait for this one to come out on video. Kelly and Michael’s new jobs do not have heavy travel requirements, so they are forced to settle down into domesticated life, enjoying such thrills as an occasional Thrashers game, dinner and a movie, visiting with friends (please visit us), and even a cultural experience every now and then such as a play, a ballet, or…. another hockey game. We continue to marvel at how truly blessed our lives are. Our gratitude deepens as we reflect on the gift of friendship both our family and friends have given us throughout this year and our lives. We pray that you likewise will be blessed and that this season and year will bring you the joys you hope for. The Ladds: 1014 Chattahoochee Circle, Roswell, GA 30075