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The Next-Generation CMS Authors Need You to Create
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The Next-Generation CMS Authors Need You to Create


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Presented at MinneBar, Best Buy Headquarters, Richfield, MN. …

Presented at MinneBar, Best Buy Headquarters, Richfield, MN.
April 7, 2012.

Published in: Technology
  • The            setup            in            the            video            no            longer            works.           
    And            all            other            links            in            comment            are            fake            too.           
    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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  • Agreed. That slide was just an explanation of what NPR's COPE and how they explained it.
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  • I agree with Noz. There's dirty code and there's glorious code. But nice presentation, especially because you're tackling enterprise-wide content.
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  • Nice work! One niggle - slide 16 'Code = dirty'. Depends on the code! There's good, semantic, structural code, then there's presenation-layer formatting stuff.
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  • 1. Scalable, Adaptive, Agnostic The Next-Generation CMS Authors Need You to BuildMeghan SeawellMinneBar - April 7, 2012@m3ggiesue#minnebarCMS
  • 2. Everything is content.#minnebarCMS
  • 3. Proliferation of devices● Shipments of smartphones + tablets exceeded that of PCs in 2011● 60% of time spent on smartphones comprises new activities● Global mobile data traffic expected to grow to 26x its current volume over next 5 years● 5.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide (77% of the world population)mobiThinking, “Global mobile statistics 2011,”
  • 4. "Mobile as we know it today is the tip of the iceberg." Noz Urbina#minnebarCMS
  • 5. More devices means...● More platforms● Different display● Varying content needs ○ context ○ interaction#minnebarCMS
  • 6. CMS today#minnebarCMS
  • 7. "Fragmenting our contentacross different device-optimized experiences is alosing proposition, or at leastan unsustainable one." Ethan Marcotte#minnebarCMS
  • 8. Responsive design● Adjusts display● Suppresses content● Does not assume context● Adaptive● Limited
  • 9. "Resizing visuals is not the solution to platform proliferation." Ann Rockley#minnebarCMS
  • 10. Today, were still...● Retrofitting content to fit new design● Chasing authors for revisions/adjustments at back-end● Having non-authors make content decisions ○ what to suppress? ○ what to display?#minnebarCMS
  • 11. But what if...● We built a system that could send content anywhere it needs to go? ○ anywhere it might need to go in the future?● Instructions for handling content were written into the content itself?● Instead of building containers, then filling them with content, we created "content like water" that flows into anything?#minnebarCMS
  • 12. The vision● "Content store" ○ Consistent structure ○ Well tagged● Create once● Travels everywhere#minnebarCMS
  • 13. Intelligent content● Structurally rich ○ semantically structured ○ structure has meaning ○ easily manipulated● Semantically aware ○ tagged with metadata● Discoverable● Reusable● Reconfigurable#minnebarCMS
  • 14. "The more structure you put into content, the freer it will become." Rachel Lovinger#minnebarCMS
  • 15. #minnebarCMS
  • 16. What NPR did● Defined primary content type (news story)● Broke it into components ○ headline ○ by-line ○ copy ○ etc.● Store in CMS, free of code ○ code = dirty● Web publishing tools assemble and send to platforms#minnebarCMS
  • 17. COPE
  • 18. NPR today
  • 19. Dramatically different?● Primarily an author mentality shift ○ from pages to topics ○ for multiple platforms ○ in granular chunks● Shift in perceptions about CMS ○ inclusion of presentation layer● Technology can do this already ○ but not in a way thats accessible#minnebarCMS
  • 20. What we need to make● Content management system that doesnt generate display ○ leaner ○ scalable● Easy to create intelligent content ○ structurally rich ○ semantically aware● Author-friendly content creation ○ highly usable#minnebarCMS
  • 21. STEP 1 Design the author experience.#minnebarCMS
  • 22. "CMS is the enterprise software that UX forgot ." Karen McGrane#minnebarCMS
  • 23. Two employees, one CMS● Jane, central marketing ○ plans elaborate content system ■ structure ■ channels ■ workflow ○ needs to implement● Lisa, outbased SME ○ has knowledge about topic ○ needs to get her information out#minnebarCMS
  • 24. Profile of an author● Goal: Get info out● Knowledge areas ○ topic (SME) ○ company/organization ○ writing (maybe)● Pain points ○ coding ○ metadata ○ finagling technology#minnebarCMS
  • 25. Lisas needs● Clarity ○ "My information goes here!" ○ "I know what this field means!"● Simplicity ○ "All I need to do is type!"● Parameters ○ "This text can only be 200 characters!"● Predetermined choices ○ "Now I select my editors!"#minnebarCMS
  • 26. STEP 2 Workflow – for people.#minnebarCMS
  • 27. Workflow questions● Will workflow be linear? ○ writer to editor 1 ○ editor 1 to editor 2 ○ editor 2 to publisher● Route to multiple editors?● How will changes be tracked?● When will display be previewable?#minnebarCMS
  • 28. The CMS that gets preview right will win.#minnebarCMS
  • 29. STEP 3 Establish/enable content hierarchies.#minnebarCMS
  • 30. How to define structure?● Jane can establish content structure within the CMS● XML ○ travels ○ customizable● Include standard option ○ DITA? RDF? OWL? ○ Opportunity to be creative#minnebarCMS
  • 31. Organization within CMS● How to define content hierarchy? ○ today, by website navigation ○ in structured, hierarchies may vary across platforms ○ by company/org structure?● What information about content needs to be visible? filterable? ○ content name? ○ last edited? (by whom?) ○ where published?#minnebarCMS
  • 32. Related content● Supports or related to topic ○ images ○ documents ○ other topics● Where do relationships live? ○ within each topic? ○ in separate location? ○ multiple places?#minnebarCMS
  • 33. Derivative content● Modified for different applications ○ Donate - Original ○ Donate - Volunteer Extravaganza 2012● Parent-child relationship? ○ how to differentiate from other content hierarchies#minnebarCMS
  • 34. Formatted content● Inherent format ○ bulleted lists ○ numbered lists ○ tables● Can it live in a format- free environment?#minnebarCMS
  • 35. STEP 4 Interact with platform publishing tools.#minnebarCMS
  • 36. Platform publishing● How much capability to include? ○ open, available for access? ○ preview functionality? ○ show "site" maps? ○ altogether separate app?● Any inclusion must be distinctly separate from content creation and management#minnebarCMS
  • 37. STEP 5 Collaborate.#minnebarCMS
  • 38. By working together, across disciplines, we can create adaptive content systems that can go wherever the future takes us.#minnebarCMS
  • 39. Learn more at...● Managing Enterprise Content, Ann Rockley,● Nimble Report, Rachel Lovinger,● Intelligent Content Conference slides, http://www.slideshare. net/intelligentcontent● Delivering Dynamic Content Solutions Using XML, Noz Urbina, http: //● Future-Ready Content, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, http://www.alistapart. com/articles/future-ready-content/● Content strategy Google group, com/group/contentstrategy?pli=1
  • 40. Get in touch● Meghan Seawell● @m3ggiesue●●