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Spider pinl


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  • 1. Spooky Spider Pin A by Make a Tarantula sized spider. Judy Markwell Materials:3/4” (2 cm) Black Bead3/8” (1 cm) Black Bead Black wire willPin finding (as shown here) look best, but I’ve20 Gauge Wire (Black would be Best) used silver color to24 or 26 Gauge Wire (same color as above) make it easier forAbout 150 Size 6 Black Seed Beads you to see the24 Size 6 Brown Seed Beads wire work. 1 5 Bend the wires up Cut a piece of 20 gauge wire about 6” long and so that you have a make a tiny loop at the end as shown here . flat underside for the spider, as shown by 2 the green line here. This makes it look more Cut 8 pieces of realistic, and makes it MUCH 20 gauge wire and make a very tiny loop in easier to wire the pin onto him the center using needle nose pliers. Using the small wire, smoothly Thread in this order onto 6 wire the pin finding onto 3 the wire made in step 1: the spider body as shown 1. The large black bead here. I went around 2. The 4 wires made in a couple of times to step 2 insure a nice smooth 3. The small black bead body for him. Again, Black wire will hide a myriad of flaws. Also, you might want to tape the stick part of the pin out of your way and open, so you won’t wire it shut. (And yes, it happened my first time)Hold everything onto the wire by making another small loop at the top of the spider - try to tuck it Thread seed beads on leg in this order (Total 19 beads) in and make it as unobtrusive as possible (this 5 Black 1 Brown and repeat 2 more times is another reason for using then put one last Black Bead.4 the black wire). I marked 7 End the wire with a tiny my loop with the green Repeat for the loop. arrow. And the legs other 7 legs. Shape aren’t finished here, I them like spider legs. just forgot the picture . earlier. Oops. That’s IT! ©2006 The Beading Emporium