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Beadalon catalog 30 tools

  1. 1. 118 Books/DVDs w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Working with Wire DVD Working with wire is fun and easy with the tips and techniques in this DVD. Learn how to use the WigJig and Wire Worker Tool to create jewelry components and findings, embellishments, home décor projects. This DVD will help to give ideas for adding a unique look to your existing craft projects. Part # AWA-V1 B. Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed In Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed, authors Margot Potter, Fernando DaSilva A and Katie Hacker offer over 50 high-fashion jewelry pieces made using unique techniques that reveal typically hidden components like beading wire, cording, findings, tubing and chain as the central focus of the design. While the pieces may look complex, the techniques are simple enough for beginners - yet sophisticated enough for veteran jewelry crafters. A comprehensive getting started section gives crafters information on the supplies, tools and techniques they’ll need to make all of the projects in the book, and the broad range of styles guarantees appeal for all audiences. The combination of three different designers presents a variety of styles and techniques, perfect for beading enthusiasts of all levels. 144 pages. Part # JBKEXPOSEd C. Beyond the Bead Join Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter™ as she shows you how to make pendants, beads and components from a variety of unexpected materials in this innovative intro to mixed media jewelry making title. A break out from her popular The Impatient Beader series, this book has a slightly different vibe and an interesting new approach for both the jewelry maker B and the traditional crafter. 25 innovative techniques are explored with over 40 gallery projects that show the reader how to integrate the ideas into finished jewelry. 127 pages. Part # JBKPOTT4 C D. Katie’s Beading Secrets Get in on the secrets! You’ll learn all the beading secrets—from a pro. Renowned jewelry designer, Beadalon Design Team member and instructor Katie Hacker spills her tips, tricks and techniques in this 40-page instruction book. It’s packed with over 100 projects, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets…all created with readily-available beads and findings. Necklaces are shown with the clasps so you know exactly how to recreate the piece; necklaces are also shown with alternates done in different bead combinations to get your creativity going! You’ll learn the basics of beading, plus the most versatile beading techniques. Full-color, with step-by-step instructions—and tips on every page! D Part # JBKHACK14 E. Learning To Bead By BarCharts and Beadalon. This laminated quick reference guide walks you through the basics of beading and will have you making stunning jewelry in no time. Illustrated step-by-step instructions will help you pick just the right wire, learn effective crimping techniques, plus how to use Scrimp findings E and EZ-Crimp findings. Includes helpful hints on using basic beading tools and creating your own designs. 6 Pages. Part # JBKLEARN2Bd
  2. 2. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Books 119 Create Something Great™A. Sensational Bead StringingBy Katie Hacker. A great reference book for using bead stringing wire to Amake many different types of jewelry. Make 40 trendy and stylish jewelrydesigns with easy to follow instructions. Combine macrame techniqueswith wire to create beaded necklaces, bracelets, lariats, anklets and more!Instructions are rated by difficulty level for the beginner, intermediate andexpert beader. Reproduce the book’s designs exactly – or get inspired toincorporate new techniques into your own designs. 32 pages. Publishedby Beadalon. Part # JBKHACK8B. Craft Wire CreationsBy Katie Hacker. Have fun bending and shaping craft wire into fantastichome decor and jewelry designs. Great for the beginning wire crafter, thebook includes easy-to-follow instructions for making 25 projects using wirejigs and various pliers. Decorate lamp shades, notebooks, and gift boxes.Make great bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. No experience necessary. 31pages. Published by Beadalon. Part # JBKHACK6C. Memory Wire MagicBy Katie Hacker. Easy-to-follow instructions for making elegant designs Bwith memory wire. Learn how to make wine glass charms, curtain tie-backs, candle wraps, Christmas tree ornaments, bracelets, rings and more!Includes step-by-step instructions and large, color photos for making up to20 different designs. No experience necessary. A great book for beginners.15 pages. Published by Beadalon. Part # JBKHACK5 C
  3. 3. 120 Books w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Coiled Wire Beads and Jewelry By LeRoy Goertz. Coiled Wire Beads and Jewelry is perfect for learning how to work with Artistic Wire and the Coiling Gizmo. Full of dozens of tips and hints with large pictures. 19 pages. Part # JBKgOERTz B. It’s Knot Hard Get inspired with 28 terrific hemp designs! Step-by-step instructions and detailed photos guide you on how to knot, bead, and wear various types A of hemp jewelry. Expect great results the first time with It’s Knot Hard! 16 pages. Part # JBKHACK9 B C. Katie’s Basics of Beading By Katie Hacker. Let Katie introduce you to the wonderful world of beading! Youll be hooked as Katie teaches you how to choose and coordinate beads, how to finish a piece with crimp beads and how to use different types of stringing material, from memory wire to hemp. Over 50 projects with step- by-step instructions: a great place to get started. Its like taking a beading class from a pro! 40 pages. Part # JBKHACK11 D. Hip To Bead By Katie Hacker. Add some zing to your jewelry box, wardrobe, and home decor with just a few beads and a whole lot of attitude. Each chapter focuses on a different technique, and every quick and easy project builds your skill level. Inside you’ll find 32 fashion savvy projects, helpful step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and project variations to keep you creatively D C inspired. 92 pages. Part # JBKHACK12 E . The Basics of Bead Stringing By Genevieve Bourget. A complete illustrated approach to beginner and advanced designers which explains how to use many Beadalon products. Well written and explanatory. 64 pages full of valuable information at an affordable price. Part # JBKBOuRg F. Complete Beading for Beginners By Karen Rempel. This book contains simple, easy-to-follow directions that show you how to make necklaces, earrings, and embroidered clothing, E dream catchers, and barrettes with beads, findings, and tools. A glossary of terms with matching illustrations is provided in the back of the book and is a great reference tool for beginners and advanced designers. 158 pages. Part # JBKREmP f
  4. 4. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Books 121 Create Something Great™A. Beading 101By Katie Hacker, Teresa Welch, and LeNae Gerig. A must for every beader’slibrary. In a concise, easy to follow format, the authors outline everythingyou need to know about beads and beading…..and then some! You’ll findinstruction on techniques to string necklaces, bracelets and earrings, designtips, and plenty of inspiration, too. This book is a great learning tool and aninvaluable reference. 42 pages. Part # JBKBEAdiNg101B. You Made It... Now Sell It!By Susie Bradford Edwards. Now that you’ve mastered the techniques, all ofyour friends and family are saying, “You should sell your work!” But how?With over 18 years experience designing and selling her jewelry, and lines inNordstrom’s and Sak’s, Susie knows a thing or two about marketing herself Aand her jewelry. Industry contact information and reference materials areprovided. With step by step plans and valuable, practical advice, this book isthe ultimate “how to” to turn your hobby into your profession. 178 pages. Part # JBKYOumAdEiTC. 30 Minute BeadingBy Katie Hacker. Katie has done it again – 63 easy beaded jewelry projectsthat can be made in 30 minutes or less. A perfect book for this busy, instantgratification world we live in. Katie covers all of the basics, and manyadvanced techniques, too. Organized by color, with plenty of tips andinspiration for variation, Katie gives all of the information you need to makesomething to match every outfit – in no time at all! 42 pages. B Part # JBK30miNBEAdD. The Impatient BeaderBy Margot Potter. Get your bead groove on with The Impatient Beader and Cyou’ll be a beading goddess in no time! The Impatient Beader gives you over40 projects plus variations that you can whip up to wear, gift or displayin only an hour or two – how’s that for almost instant gratification? Grabsome beads, and The Impatient Beader features an extensive step-by-steptechniques guide, a huge selection of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelrypieces, easy-to-follow skill level guide, and tips to help make your beadinggo smoothly and to encourage you to experiment with making your owndesigns. The Impatient Beader gives you everything you need to startmaking stylish beaded jewelry pieces right now! 128 pages. Part # JBKPOTTER1E. The Impatient Beader Gets InspiredBy Margot Potter. If you are afraid to color outside of the lines, if you stopped Dbeing creative after summer camp, then grab your smock and beret andget ready to find artistic inspiration all around you. In an easy to followconcept, Margot shows the reader how to pull color, texture and ideasfrom inspiration images and objects. With a plethora of fantastic jewelryand accessories projects, be forewarned this is not your average craft title.Going way beyond beading, Margot delves into polymer clay, decoupage,image transfer, soldering, bedazzling and oh so much more! 128 pages. Part # JBKPOTTER2F. The Impatient Beader presents: Sparkletastic!By Margot Potter. Sparkletastic has over 40 divalicious designs to tickle yourfunny bone and dazzle your friends and neighbors. This fun filled, fabulous,and irreverent title in the Impatient Beader series is positively bursting atthe seams with sparkletastic jewelry and fashion ideas for all of the facets of Eyour effervescent personality. From the girliest of girlie girls to the toughest fof tom boys to even the tiniest of future divas you’ll find a fantastic array ofdesign ideas to spark your creative fire. 128 pages. Part # JBKPOTTER3
  5. 5. 122 Bead Master Cd/dVd w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ Bead Master is the “future of beading”. This revolutionary computer-based teaching aid created with interactive flash technology makes it fun and easy to create extremely difficult looking stringing designs. This instructional system makes it easy to create classes in your store. PC requirements for CD : Windows 2000 (or later), Minimum RAM of 64MB, 500MB of free space on hard drive. DVD requires a DVD player. Bead Master is an exclusive Beadalon product. Beads, Findings, and Stringing Materials are included in Kits A-J (pages 122-123) and Kits A-N (pages 124-125). The animated on-screen instructions -with play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward controls- makes Bead Master a powerful instructional tool for beaders! $9.99 BeadMaster Econo Series These $9.99 MSRP BeadMaster kits are the perfect way to introduce this innovative computer-based M.S.R.P.! teaching aid! Using value-priced beads, these kits feature the same great BeadMaster technology at an entry-level price! This instructional system makes it easy to create classes in your store. A. Econo Heart Key Ring Kit 4mm Amethyst Color : 17pcs 4mm Lt Siam Color : 12pcs 4mm Dark Sapphire Color : 12pcs 4mm Siam Color : 17pcs 4mm Sapphire Color : 12pcs Jump ring 3*0.6mm-silver : 4pcs A 4mm Peridot Color : 12pcs Metal connector(clover)-silver : 1pc 4mm Citrine Color : 12pcs Key ring 30mm : 1pc 4mm Sun Color : 12pcs Stringing material : 160cm 4mm Hyacinth Color: 12pcs CD : 1pc Part # 550-1113 B. Econo Red Cocktail Earring Kit 4mm Lt Siam Color: 12pcs Bead chain cap 1.5mm, ant. brass: 4pcs 4mm Siam Color: 8pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm, ant. brass: 10pcs Heart 10mm Garnet Color: 2pcs Eye pin 0.6mm 30mm, ant. brass: 2pcs Triangle connector 23x11mm, ant. brass: 2pcs Ear hook-antq. brass: 1 pair Chain SF2,3,5, antq. brass: 13cm Stringing material: 100cm B Bead chain 1.5mm, ant. brass: 10cm CD: 1pc Part # 550-1120 C. Bead Master DVD & CD Collection CD contains 21 - interactive flash animations, DVD contains flash animation for all 21 projects running time 4 hours and 32 minutes with a running time of 4 hours and 32 minutes 2-D printable diagrams for all 21 projects Plays in DVD player 21 high quality photographs DVD : 1pc CD : 1pc Part # 900-0100 C
  6. 6. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Bead Master Cd/dVd 123 Create Something Great™ All kits produce high-quality, professional looking designs. DD. White Lady NecklaceSwarovski Pearl 5810 8mm-white : 11pcs Bead tip -silver plated : 2pcsSwarovski Pearl 5810 6mm-white : 22pcs Jump ring 3mm-silver plated : 2pcsSwarovski Pearl 5810 4mm-white : 111pcs Heart adjuster 9mm-silver plated : 1pcSeed bead 2.0mm SBOL010-HI0330 : 760pcs Stringing material : 440cm CD : 1pc Part # 550-0101E. Gold Line Bracelet Kit ESwarovski 5301 3mm Dorado 2X : 48pcs Jump ring 3mm-gold plated : 2pcsSeed bead 2.7mm SBME650-HI0205L : 140pcs Clasps-gold plated : 1pcsSwarovski Cup-chain 4mm Gold- Crystal : 15cm Stringing material : 200cm Part #Swarovski Cup-chain holder 4mm-Gold : 2pcs CD : 1pc 550-0102F. Flower Hair Barrette KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Hyacinth : 8pcs Swarovski Mesh stand.40 000 cry PP21 : 10pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm Lt Siam : 8pcs Barrette : 1pcSwarovski 5301 4mm Siam : 8pcs Stringing material : 200cmSwarovski 5301 4mm Garnet : 8pcs CD : 1pc Part #Swarovski 5301 4mm Jet : 4pcs 550-0103 fG. Tartan Bracelet KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Pacific Opal : 60pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBMA-To0513F : 284pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm Tourmaline AB : 41pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBMA-To0706 : 310pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Pacific Opal : 2pcs Stringing material : 400cm Part #Seed bead 2.0mm SBMA-To0559F : 192pcs CD : 1pc 550-0104H. Gold Rich Ring Kit gSwarovski 5301 3mm Aurum2X : 8pcs Swarovski cup stone 4mm crystal gold: 1pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm Dorado2X : 4pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBME610-HI0205 : 142pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Dorado2X : 4pcs Stringing Material : 300cmSwarovski pearl 5810 4mm-Bronze : 8pcs CD : 1pc Part # 550-0105I. Red Cocktail Necklace KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Lt Siam : 4pcs Triangle connector 37mm-antq. brass : 1pcSwarovski 5301 4mm Siam : 16pcs Chain SF2,3,5-antq. brass : 64cmSwarovski 5301 4mm Garnet : 4pcs Bead chain1.5mm-antq. brass : 61cmSwarovski 5301 3mm Lt Siam : 34pcs Chain cap1.5mm-antq. brass : 15pcsSwarovski 5301 3mm Siam : 4pcs Jump ring 3mm, 0.6mm-antq. brass : 20pcsSwarovski 6202 heart10mm Garnet : 1pc Clasp-antq. brass : 1pc hClover connector 5mm-antq. brass : 2pcs Stringing material : 300cm Part # CD : 1pc 550-0106J. Pastel Time Watch KitSwarovski 5000 6mm White Alabaster : 2pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm White Alabaster : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Erinite : 2pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Erinite AB : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Lt Azore : 2pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Rose Alabaster : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Rose Alabaster : 2pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm White OpalAB2X : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Pacific Opal : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 8mm-White : 2pcs iSwarovski 5301 4mm White Opal : 4pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 6mm-White : 2pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Jonquil : 4pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 4mm-White : 4pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Rose Alabaster : 4pcs Swarovski pearl 5826 90*80mm-White : 2pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Pacific Opal : 4pcs Watch face 22mm-silver plated : 1pcSwarovski 5301 6mm Crystal : 2pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm : 60pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm White Alabaster : 2pcs Head pin 0.6 30mm-silver plated : 54pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Lt Azore : 2pcs Eye pin 0.6 30mm-silver plated : 2pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm White Opal : 2pcs Bead chain 4-line 2mm-silver plated : 11cmSwarovski 5301 4mm Jonquil : 2pcs Bead chain 1.5mm-silver plated : 8cmSwarovski 5301 4mm Pacific Opal : 2pcs Bead chain cap1.5mm-silver plated : 2pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm Lt Azore : 2pcs Clasp 3-hole-silver plated : 1 pair CD : 1pc Part # 550-0107 j
  7. 7. 124 Bead Master Cd/dVd w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Modern Square Necklace Kit A Swarovski 5301 3mm Jet : 151pcs Bead chain 3-line 1.5mm-silver plated : 100cm Swarovski 5301 3mm Jet Hematite 2X : 151pcs Stringing material black : 400cm Part # CD : 1pc 550-0108 B. Caribbean Blue Necklace Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm White Opal AB2X : 28pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBTL410-HI0712 : 249pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Turquoise AB2X: 28pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBGL310-HI360 : 429pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Jet AB2X : 28pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBME040-HI0201 : 429pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Metallic Blue2X : 28pcs Seed bead 2.0mm SBME450-HI0202 : 261pcs B Swarovski 5301 6mm White Opal AB2X : 2pcs Jewelry wire 0.45mm-silver plated : 220cm Swarovski 5301 6mm Turquoise AB2X : 2pcs Crimp bead 2mm-silver plated : 4pcs Swarovski 5301 6mm Jet AB2X : 2pcs Stringing material : 400cm Swarovski 5301 6mm Metallic Blue2X : 2pcs CD : 1pc Part # 550-0109 C. Caribbean Blue Bracelet Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm White Opal AB2X : 30pcs Seed bead 2.7mm SBME450-HI0202 : 115pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Turquoise AB2X : 30pcs Memory wire : 1pc Swarovski 5301 4mm Jet AB2X : 30pcs Clasp 2-hole-silver plated : 1pc Swarovski 5301 4mm Metallic Blue 2X : 26pcs Stringing material : 210cm C Part # CD : 1pc 550-0110 D. Milky Pink Necklace Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm Rose Alabaster : 4pcs Bead chain 1.2mm-silver plated : 60cm Swarovski 5301 6mm Rose Alabaster : 3pcs Bead chain cap 1.2mm-silver plated : 13pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-silver plated : 15pcs Connector 10mm-silver plated : 3pcs Head pin 0.5mm 30mm-silver plated : 3pcs Round snap clasp-silver plated : 1pc Eye pin 0.6mm 30mm-silver plated : 4pcs CD : 1pc D Part # 550-0111 E. Strawberry Cell Tie Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm Lt Siam : 36pcs Bead chain cap 1.5mm-gold plated : 4pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Emerald AB : 10pcs Head pin 0.6mm 30mm-gold plated : 15pcs Swarovski 5301 5mm Lt Siam : 8pcs Head pin 0.6mm 50mm-gold plated : 1pc Swarovski 5301 6mm Lt Siam : 4pcs Jump ring 4mm 0.8mm-gold plated : 1pc Seed bead 2.0mm SBME610-HI0205 : 2pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-gold plated : 9pcs Cz press bead leaf 14x9mm-Emerald : 2pcs Cell phone strap-gold plated : 1pc Bead chain 1.5mm-gold plated : 5cm Stringing material : 200cm CD : 1pc E Part # 550-0112 F. Heart Key Ring Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm Amethyst : 17pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Lt Siam : 12pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Dark Sapphire : 12pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Siam : 17pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Sapphire : 12pcs Jump ring 3*0.6mm-silver : 4pcs Swarovski 5301 4mm Peridot : 12pcs Metal connector(clover)-silver : 1pc Swarovski 5301 4mm Citrine : 12pcs Key ring 30mm : 1pc f Swarovski 5301 4mm Sun : 12pcs Stringing material : 160cm Swarovski 5301 4mm Hyacinth : 12pcs CD : 1pc Part # 550-0113 G. Golden Bell Pendant Kit Swarovski 5301 4mm Aurum 2X : 52pcs Head pin 0.6mm 30mm-gold plated : 1pc Swarovski 5301 3mm Aurum 2X : 1pc Eye pin 0.6mm 30mm-gold plated : 1pc Metal bead 8mm-gold plated : 1pc Stand 62mm-gold plated : 1pc Seed bead 2.0mm SBME670-MI1053 : 91pcs Stringing material : 120cm Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-gold plated : 1pc CD : 1pc Part # g 550-0114
  8. 8. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Bead Master Cd/dVd 125 Create Something Great™All kits produce high-quality, professional looking designs. hH. Noble Cameo Necklace KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Aurum 2X : 28pcs Cameo OP30*22mm-Pearl Topaz : 1pcSwarovski 5301 4mm Dorado 2X : 28pcs Mirror 30*22mm : 1pcSwarovski 5301 3mm Dorado 2X : 68pcs Clasp 2-hole-gold plated: 1pcSwarovski 5301 3mm Aurum 2X : 8pcs Crimp bead 2mm-gold plated : 2pcsSeed bead 2.0mm SBME650-HI0205L : 2300pcs Stringing material black : 600cm i Part # CD : 1pc 550-0115I. Turkish Blue Necklace KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Jet AB2X : 48pcs Gemstone round 4mm-onyx : 12pcsSwarovski 5301 6mm Jet AB2X : 12pcs Gemstone round 4mm-turquoise : 6pcsSeed bead 2.0mm SBME650-HI0205L : 150pcs Gemstone round 6mm-turquoise : 18pcsSeed bead 2.0mm SBME450-HI0202 : 400pcs Acry-round 25mm : 1pcSeed bead 2.0mm SBME410-HI0207 : 400pcs Clasp 2-hole-silver plated: 1pcSeed bead 2.0mm SBME350-HI0210 : 400pcs Stringing material black : 200cmSeed bead 2.7mm SBME650-HI0205L : 350pcs Stringing material black : 500cm Part #Gemstone round 4mm-blue stone : 12pcs CD : 1pc 550-0116 jJ. Milky Pink Earring KitSwarovski 5301 4mm Rose Alabaster : 6pcs Bead chain cap 1.2mm-silver plated : 12pcsJump ring 3mm 0.6mm-silver plated : 6pcs Connector 10mm-silver plated : 2pcsBall pin 0.5mm 30mm-silver plated : 6pcs Ear hook -silver plated : 1 pair Part #Bead chain 1.2mm-silver plated : 8cm CD : 1pc 550-0117K. Silk Harmony Earring KitSwarovski 6620 Avant Garde 18mm - Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-gold plated : 2pcs KGolden shadow : 2pcs Bead chain 1.5mm-gold plated : 5cmSwarovski 5301 4mm Peridot Dorado : 10pcs Bead chain cap 1.5mm-gold plated : 4pcsHead pin 0.5mm 30mm-gold plated : 10pcs Ear hook -gold plated : 1 pairJump ring 4mm 0.8mm-gold plated : 2pcs CD : 1pc Part # 550-0118L. Mystic Night Earring KitSwarovski 5301 3mm Jet : 72pcs Ear hook -silver plated : 1 pairBead chain 1.5mm-silver plated : 32cm Stringing material black : 120cm CD : 1pc Part # 550-0119M. Red Cocktail Earring Kit LSwarovski 5301 4mm Lt Siam : 12pcs Bead chain cap 1.5mm-antq. brass : 4pcsSwarovski 5301 4mm Siam : 8pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-antq. brass : 10pcsSwarovski 6202 heart 10mm Garnet : 2pcs Eye pin 0.6mm 30mm-antq. brass : 2pcsTriangle connector 23x11mm-antq. brass : 2pcs Ear hook-antq. brass : 1 pairChain SF2,3,5-antq. brass : 13cm Stringing material : 100cmBead chain 1.5mm-anq. brass : 10cm CD : 1pc Part # 550-0120N. Brandy Fruit Earring Kit MSwarovski 5000 6mm Lt Peach : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 6mm-Gold : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 6mm Lt Colorado Topaz : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 6mm-Copper : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 8mm Lt Peach : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 8mm-Bright gold : 2pcsSwarovski 5000 8mm Lt Colorado Topaz : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 8mm-Gold : 2pcsSwarovski pearl 5810 3mm-Bright gold : 2pcs Swarovski pearl 5810 8mm-copper : 2pcsSwarovski pearl 5810 3mm-Gold : 2pcs Chain SF2,3,5-gold plated : 50cmSwarovski pearl 5810 3mm-Copper : 2pcs Bead chain 1.5mm-gold plated : 38cmSwarovski pearl 5810 4mm-Bright gold : 2pcs Bead chain cap 1.5mm-gold plated : 6pcsSwarovski pearl 5810 4mm-gold : 2pcs Jump ring 3mm 0.6mm-gold plated : 38pcsSwarovski pearl 5810 4mm-Copper : 2pcs Head pin 0.6mm 30mm-gold plated : 32pcsSwarovski pearl 5810 6mm-Bright gold : 2pcs Ear hook-gold plated : 1 pair Part # CD : 1pc 550-0121 NSee computer system requirements for CD on Page 122.
  9. 9. 126 OrganizatiOn/StOrage w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ Bead Design Boards Beadalon Bead Design Boards are a great addition to your stringing department! The flocked grey surface reduces eyestrain and helps keep objects in place. Recessed storage bins are perfect for organizing beads, findings, and stringing materials. Graduated beading channels are essential for designing multi-strand necklaces and bracelets. Channel Length Width Length Working Storage Inch Inch Inch Channels Bins Part # A 20” (51cm) 8.00” (20cm) 21” (53cm) 4 6 JA-BOARd20 B 34” (86cm) 9.00” (23cm) 13” (33cm) 3 6 JA-BOARd34 C 46” (117cm) 10.25” (26cm) 19” (49cm) 3 10 JA-BOARd46 D 52” (132cm) 10.50” (27cm) 21” (53cm) 5 2 JA-BOARd52 For the designer-on-the-go, this handy Bead Board Case was specifically made to fit our 34” Bead Board. See page 132. B A C D
  10. 10. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 OrganizatiOn/StOrage 127 Create Something Great™Tacky Bead MatsThe Beadalon Tacky Bead Mat is a sticky mat that keeps beads and piecesin place while you’re working. It does not leave a sticky residue when youremove items from the mat. If the mat gets dirty, simply ‘recharge’ it bywashing it under warm water until clean, let dry and it’s ready and stickyagain. 4.25” x 4.25” (10.8cm x 10.8cm). Pieces Part # Single unit 218H-200 12 Piece Preloaded Clip Strip 218H-201 It’s Sticky! • Sticky Surface Holds Small Parts • Clean With Water to Recharge • No ResidueBead Mats - The Original Bead MatsSoft, comfortable Bead Mats keep small parts from rolling around,and cushion hands while stringing beads. Made from a durable foam-like material, double-sided Beadalon Bead Mats are wrinkle-free andwashable. Don’t let those beads roll away – use Beadalon Bead Mats!Made in USA. Width Length Pieces Inch Inch Per Pack Part #A 7.75” (19.7cm) 7.75” (19.7cm) 2 Beige JA-BdmAT2/2B 9.00” (22.9cm) 12.00” (30.4cm) 1 Beige, 1 Brown, 1 Blue* 218H-020C 13.00” (33.0cm) 18.00” (45.7cm) 2 Beige 218H-030 * Color variety will vary.B1 (Beige) 9.00” (22.9cm) 12.00” (30.4cm) 100 218H-021 AB2 (Lt. Blue) 9.00” (22.9cm) 12.00” (30.4cm) 100 218H-022B3 (Brown) 9.00” (22.9cm) 12.00” (30.4cm) 100 218H-023 B3 B2 B1 B C
  11. 11. 128 OrganizatiOn/StOrage w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ Bead Counters When it’s time to tally and organize beads, Bead Counters are the way to go! Made from durable acrylic, Beadalon Bead Counters are easy to use, and easy to take with you. No more wasted energy on counting large amounts of beads – save precious designing time with handy Beadalon Bead Counters. A B Available in a variety of styles to accommodate a wide range of bead sizes. Bead Pieces Style Count Color Per Pack Part # A 2-3 mm 100 White 1 222A-090 B 4-5 mm 100 White 1 222A-092 C 6-7 mm 50 White 1 222A-094 D 8-10 mm 50 White 1 222A-096 C D Econo Bead Counters Kit New! An economical way to organize, count, and package beads. The Econo Bead Counters kit contains four trays for counting from 2mm – 10mm beads. Made of plastic with a sliding guide allowing for smaller counts. 3 1/8 in x 4 in. Actual Hole Sizes Pieces Size Size Size Size Per Pack Part # E 2-3 mm 4-5 mm 6-7 mm 8-10 mm 4 222K-199 2-3 mm 4-5 mm 6-7 mm 8-10 mm The sliding guide fits all four trays to portion- off smaller counts. Tri-Trays Plastic bead trays are great for working with small beads, findings, and other loose beading items. The triangular shape and lightweight design make them the perfect choice for quick organization. Great for displaying sample beads at trade shows! Flocked Tri-Trays (items H & I) have the same great flocked surface as our Bead Boards (page126). Length Height Ea. Side Pieces cm cm Per Pack Part # f 1.08 (.425”) 7.93 (3.125”) 3 207A-021 f 1.08 (.425”) 7.93 (3.125”) 12 207A-020 g 1.08 (.425”) 9.52 (3.75”) 3 207A-031 g 1.08 (.425”) 9.52 (3.75”) 12 207A-030 h 1.08 (.425”) 9.52 (3.75”); 12.0 (4.75”) 4 207A-051 f Flocked Tri-Trays (items H & I) have the same great flocked surface as our Bead Boards (page126). h g
  12. 12. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 OrganizatiOn/StOrage 129 Create Something Great™A. Table Top Work BenchDrawing on the popularity of the Beadalon Wooden Organizer, the TableTop Work Bench has even more compartments to keep supplies organizedand easy to access. With slots for tools, drawers for findings, spaces forbeads, and holes for tools, this Bench is also a great way for bead storesto keep production supplies organized. A wooden dowel provides a handyway to display and dispense spooled wire. Dimensions: 18 x 4.75 x 9 in. (45.7x 12.1 x 22.8cm), 9 bins, 4 drawers, 1 rack. Supplies not included. Part # 207A-005B. Beading StationThe Beading Station is the next frontier in workspace organization. Twowooden dowels give easy access and storage for all of your beading tools- this also lengthens the life of your tools by keeping blades away fromeach other. Eight hooks allow you to store strung beads, or play aroundwith different color combinations. Another wooden dowel in the bottom Aprovides space to store and dispense spooled wire, DandyLine, or any otherspooled material. Two trays hold supplies, findings, or even projects inprogress. There are so many uses for this organizer, the only limit will beyour needs! Dimensions: 17.75 x 5.75 x 13 in. (45 x 14.6 x 33cm), 2 trays, 1 rack.Supplies not included. Part # 207A-007C. Wooden OrganizerYou can organize Beadalon wire spools, Dandyline, and other items in theeight vertical bins of this Wooden Organizer. Single large drawer is great forNeedles, Findings, Beads and other loose items. The open flat bin on theend keeps tools at hand and visible. The Wooden Organizer sits nicely onany worktable. Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.5 x 3.75 in. (21.5 x 16.5 x 9.5cm), 9 bins, 1drawer. Supplies not included. Part # 207A-001 BD. Wooden Organizer - 2 DrawerThis 2-drawer unit is ideal for storing Tools, Stringing Wires, Cords, andother beading supplies. Drawers have removable dividers to keep thingsorganized. Modular with the Beadalon Wooden Organizer above, stackthem to get all the storage you need. Supplies not included. Part # 207A-003E. Acrylic Pliers RackKeep your tools handy, and your workspace less cluttered, with the BeadalonAcrylic Pliers Rack. Organize your tools by size, or by use. You’ll never befumbling around for your pliers again. Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 4 in. (20.3 x 12.7x 10.1cm). Pliers not included. Part # 207A-045 C D Wooden Organizers E (items C & D) stack together.
  13. 13. 130 OrganizatiOn/StOrage w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Storage Boxes with Removable Dividers A Keep your bead stash organized (or at least try) with these storage boxes. With removable dividers, you can size the compartments for different sizes or amounts of beads, findings, tools or stringing materials. A terrific storage container to make your own bead kits! Beads not included. Green Height Length Width Dividers cm cm cm Part # A 4 3.8 (1.5”) 8.9 (3.5”) 15.2 (6”) JA-BOX4 B 9 3.8 (1.5”) 12.7 (5”) 20.3 (8”) JA-BOX5 C 12 3.8 (1.5”) 17.8 (7”) 25.4 (10”) JA-BOX6 B C The rounded compartment bottoms make scooping-out quick and easy! Storage Organizer with Bead Scoop & Tweezers This Bead Organizer has plenty of individual containers for the most complex seed bead or jewelry projects: 34 small boxes, 16 mini boxes and 2 medium boxes. It’s complete with a Bead Scoop and Tweezers. Economy priced, but loaded with features. Beads not included. Height Length Width Compartments cm cm cm Part # D 55 4.45 (1.75”) 20.3 (8.0”) 25.4 (10.0”) 207A-500 D Storage Organizers are individually labeled and shrink-wrapped. Bead Storage Boxes Store, transport, and organize Beads and Findings in these handy Storage Boxes. Clear plastic construction makes it easy to locate just the beads you need. Hinged lids close tightly around compartments to prevent mixing of parts. Beads not included. Length Width cm cm Bins Part # E 18.0 (7.0”) 14.0 (5.5”) 8 JA-BOX1 f 27.0 (10.8”) 18.0 (7.0”) 17 JA-BOX2 f E Boxes are individually labeled and shrink-wrapped.
  14. 14. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 OrganizatiOn/StOrage 131 Create Something Great™A. Storage RingThe Storage Ring contains eight individual containers which easily slidetogether side by side. To stack them, simply snap into place. Positivelocking caps keep even the smallest items from escaping. Store Jump Rings,findings, seed beads, and other components – ready for your next project.Have plenty of Storage Rings handy for all your jewelry and craft projects.Retail-ready blister package. Beads not included. Height Width Compartments cm cm Part # B 8 2.54 (1.0”) 10.16 (4.0”) 207A-100 AB. Stack DrawersKeep tiny findings or beads organized with these handy Stack Drawers- slide them together in a stack or in a row. 10 drawers in pack. Drawersattach at the sides and top to bottom. Retail-ready blister package. Beadsnot included. Part # 207F-110 BScrew-On Stackable ContainersTransport, store, and organize beads and findings with Screw-On StackableContainers. Clear plastic makes it easy to locate beads; twist containerstogether to stack. Beads not included. Diameter Containers Size cm Per Stack Part # C Small 4.12 (1.62“) 6 207A-010 D medium 5.1 (2.0”) 5 207A-011 E Large 6.4 (2.5“) 4 207A-012 E D C
  15. 15. 132 OrganizatiOn/StOrage w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Fabric Box Case with 5 Boxes New! Tough poly-nylon case containing 5 storage boxes with moveable dividers, helps keep beading materials organized and ready for travel. Zippers along the top and down the front make for easy access to the boxes. Extra pockets on each side and at the back allow for storage of tools, spools and other odd-shaped equipment and supplies. Detachable, adjustable carrying strap makes travel easy. 8”Wx6”Dx8”H Part # 207S-040 B. 34” Bead Board Case New! Elastic straps hold a 34” bead board securely in this fold-over case. A secure velcro strap keeps the cover in place for travel. Features six elastic straps for securing tools and one large elastic mesh pouch - perfect for stringing materials and supplies! 9 ½”W x 13 ½”D x 1 ½”H Part # 207S-010 For the designer-on-the-go, this handy Bead Board Case was specifically made to fit our 34” Bead Board. Supplies not included.
  16. 16. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 OrganizatiOn/StOrage 133 Create Something Great™A. Zip Pouches New!Keep your tools organized and protected in this soft-sided carry case! Ithas multi-functional elastic bands for holding your choice of tools, andhook and loop closure for accepting odd-size containers or tools. Tools notincluded. Size Part # A Standard Tools 207F-007 B Pocket Tools 207F-005 New! Fill the Zip Pouch with your favorite Beadalon Tools! A B NEW Zip Pouchfor Pocket Tools!C. Faux Leather Tool Clutch New!For a feminine touch in tool storage, try this light-peridot and creme colored Cfaux leather clutch. Secure magnetic closure conceals 6 elastic bands forholding various shapes of tools and supplies. Closed size 6” W x 6”D x 3/4”H Part # 207A-016
  17. 17. 134 OrganizatiOn/StOrage w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ Jewelry Pouches For storage, display, or gift giving, Jewelry Pouches are a practical and economical way to give your jewelry a professional presentation. With 8 colors and 3 sizes to chose from, you can coordinate these to necklace, bracelet and earring designs. Jewelry Pouches can be used by stores to package “grab bag” beads, or give to customers at checkout. Made of Organza, these dainty pouches have a variety of uses that are sure to please! All are retail packaged. Size Dimensions Pieces Color Part # A Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 Black 750-0101 B Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 White 750-0102 C Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 grey 750-0103 D Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 gold 750-0104 E Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 Pink 750-0105 f Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 Purple 750-0106 g Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 Creme 750-0107 h Small 7.62cm x 10.8cm (3” x 4.25”) 4 Red 750-0108 i medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 Black 750-0201 j medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 White 750-0202 K medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 grey 750-0203 L medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 gold 750-0204 M medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 Pink 750-0205 N medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 Purple 750-0206 o medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 Creme 750-0207 p medium 9.84cm x 12.7cm (3.875” x 5”) 3 Red 750-0208 q Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 Black 750-0301 r Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 White 750-0302 s Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 grey 750-0303 t Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 gold 750-0304 u Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 Pink 750-0305 v Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 Purple 750-0306 w Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 Creme 750-0307 x Large 12.3cm x 16.8cm (4.875” x 6.625”) 2 Red 750-0308 A i B j C D K E f g h L Jewelry Pouches are semi-transparent, allowing a sneak-peek of the items inside. M N o p
  18. 18. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 OrganizatiOn/StOrage 135 Create Something Great™ The ribbon at the top of the Jewelry Pouch ties-up snug keeping items securely within. l Actua Size! q r sSmall Medium Large t u v x w
  19. 19. 136 adheSiveS w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ A. Beadalon Bead Stringing Glue This Exclusive Beadalon formulation is the result of extensive testing on bead stringing materials. Great for use on Silk, Nymo, Nylon, Elonga and other stringing materials. Beadalon Designer Bead Stringing Glue has a fine- tip applicator perfect for getting the glue exactly where you need it. Great for assembling “illusion” designs with plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic beads. Dries clear, will not bond fingers, and will not damage the surface to which it is applied. No-clog cap keeps the applicator always ready for use. Available in 10ml tubes. Part # 215A-020 A B. G-S Hypo™ Cement Neatly attach beads and pearls to Beadalon wires and cords with this easy to handle cement. The precision applicator allows neat placement of small quantities of glue inside beads. Available in 1/3 oz. tubes. Part # JA-gSHYPO B C. G-S Hypo™ Fabric Cement This clear-drying adhesive holds fast to fabric, textiles, leather, plastic, appliqués, costuming, beads and yarn. Great for embellishing clothing with beads! Available in 1/3 oz. tubes. Part # JA-gSFABRiC C E6000® Glue E6000 is an outstanding adhesive formulated to meet crafters’ high standards. Thicker viscosity allows it to outperform typical super glue. When fully cured, bonds are tight, clear – and it’s acid free. Applicator tips sold separately. D Quantity Part # D E6000 3.7 oz. 220A-010 E Applicator Tip 12 pcs. 220B-100 E
  20. 20. w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 adheSiveS 137 Create Something Great™BeadFix™ SuperFast AdhesiveThis adhesive is ideal for adhering glass, stone, metal, plastic, wood, andmost other types of beads. BeadFix is unaffected by cold and heat, and iswater resistant. Quick setting, even on absorbent surfaces. When attachingEnd Caps to Memory Wire, allow 24 hours drying time for maximumstrength. Precision applicators only available with 3 gram BeadFix. Size Part # A 10g JA-BEAdFiX B 3g 215K-100 C 3g 215A-050 A B Use the precision applicator to add a dab of BeadFix adhesive to the screw of a • BeadFix Gel doesn’t run Scrimp finding for the most secure hold. • Excellent gap-filling propertiesD. BeadFix™ Adhesive SquaresDouble-sided, extremely thin adhesive squares make easy work of gluing.Use BeadFix adhesive squares wherever a bond is necessary in jewelryapplications. Simply peel the front paper from the backing paper, thenattach item to be glued to the sticky side of the backing paper, trim excessthen carefully peel the backer paper off. The item is ready to be stuck toanything. Great for use with Cabochon stones, Glue on Bails and many otherapplications. Allow 24 hours for maximum adhesion. 1”x1” squares either in24pc retail package or 1000pc rolls (all come pre-cut in 1x1 squares). C Part # Pieces Per Pack 215A-200 24 215A-201 1,000 1 2 Easy to use and super adhesive! Just peel, cut, and stick! 3 4 D BeadFix Adhesive Squares are great for building dimensional 5 6 jewelry. Add a crystal to a disc, then add a pearl. 7 8
  21. 21. 138 Tools w w w. be ad ® 1- 8 6 6 - 423 -2325 Create Something Great™ BE A DSTROM TMDESIGNER EUROPEAN STYLE PREMIUM PLIERS AND SETS • Extra cushioned ergonomic handles for comfort • Double leaf spring construction returns pliers to open position • Adjustable Lap- Joint Construction A • Chrome Vanadium Steel • Side mounted adjustable • Allen wrench adjustable thumb screw for precise adjustments (Round Nose and Semi-Flush Cutter) • Available with Long or Short Handles B Beadstrom™ Chain Nose Pliers Beadstrom Chain Nose Pliers have ergonomic handles and precision tips to help you create the very best wire wrapped jewelry. Specially designed for forming wire and wire wrapping, but great for all kinds of jewelry tasks: wire forming, close bead tips, open and close Jump Rings, attach findings in close spaces. Lap joint construction with adjustable Allen Screw (Allen Wrench included) to keep lap joint tight at all times. Double leaf spring action creates less stress on hands and provides an always open pliers. Item A features the long handles and is 6.25 inches (15.88 cm). Item B features the short handles and is 5 inches (12.7 cm). Size Part # A Long Handle 201P-011 B Short Handle 201P-111 Beadstrom™ Round Nose Pliers C Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers have ergonomic handles and precision tips, and a lap joint construction with adjustable Allen Screw (Allen Wrench included) to keep lap joint tight at all times. Double leaf spring action creates less stress on hands and provides and always open pliers. The Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers also feature a side mounted adjustable thumb screw. This screw allows perfect adjustments to the pliers to avoid pinch marks on wire. Adjust the screw so that when closed the tips do not mar the wire. Great for creating loops and other wire forming. Item C features the long handles and is 6.25 inches (15.88 cm). Item D features the short handles and is 5 inches (12.7 cm). Size Part # C Long Handle 201P-014 D Short Handle 201P-114 D Tools not shown actual size.