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Students of UMT, Lahore has represented an election campaign on PML-N

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  1. 1. GROUP MEMBERS• M.USAMA MANSOOR 110603-010SYED ALI HASSAN 110603-002M.ABDULLAH 110003-004
  2. 2. PML-N
  3. 3. The Pakistan Muslim League (N) is a centre-right,fiscal conservative political party in Pakistan, beingthe largest conservative political force and secondlargest political party, roughly representing 19.6%of votes in the Parliament (both in Senate andNational Assembly), in the latest nationalparliamentary elections. The Pakistan MuslimLeague (N) is currently headed by former PrimeMinister Nawaz Sharif.
  4. 4. PML-N is the only party in the history of Pakistanto receive a two-thirds majority in parliamentoutright through parliamentary elections, in 1997.
  5. 5. Historical Background1988 to 1990 PML had Punjab Government.1990 to 1993 PML was the Government ofPakistan, and Prime Minister was MianMuhammad Nawaz Sharif.1997 to 1999 PML was the Government ofPakistan with two third majority and it was the 1sttime in the history of Pakistan that single partytook two third majority.
  6. 6. PML-N Vision• Khushhal, Khuddar, Khud Atemad Pakistan• Mulk may Ayen ( Constitution ) aur Qanoon ki Hukmarani.• Adliya ki Azadi aur Parliament ki Baladasti.• Allmi Baradari kay sath Kome Waqar aur Ezat kat sath Dostan Talukat aur Tanazayat ka Alami Insaf kay asolon kay mutabiq Mazkarat kay zarye pur aman Hal.
  7. 7. Slogan: Justice, Peace, ProsperFounded: November 16, 1988Headquarters: Central Secretariat, IslamabadCapital Venue and 180 H Model Town Lahore.Student wing: PML-N Youth
  8. 8. Religion: IslamColors: GreenElection symbol: LIONWebsite:
  9. 9. President: Mian MuhammadNawaz Sharif
  10. 10. Chief Minister Punjab: MianMuhammad Shahbaz Sharif
  11. 11. Chairman: Raja Zafar ul HaqChairman: RajaZafar ulHaq
  12. 12. Senior Vice President Sartaj Aziz Sardar Yaqoob Khan
  13. 13. Secretary General Zafar Iqbal Jhagra
  14. 14. Deputy Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal
  15. 15. Assistant Secretary GeneralSalah Ud Din Tirmizi Ad. Qadir Baloch
  16. 16. Secretary Information Mushaid Ullah Khan
  17. 17. Deputy SecretaryInformation Khurram Dastagir Khan
  18. 18. Secretary Finance Ayaz Sadiq
  19. 19. PML-N ElectionCampaign
  20. 20. Mian Nawaz Sharif in Public
  21. 21. PML-N Worked For Youth
  22. 22. Top Position Holders Tour at Europe
  23. 23. Chief Minister with CommonPeople
  24. 24. Bhawalpur Division
  25. 25. Dengue
  26. 26. Which Political Party of Pakistan do you like?70%60%50%40%30% Series120%10%0% PML (N) PPP PTI MQM
  27. 27. Do you Think PML (N) will ruler next 5 years?70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10%0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  28. 28. Do you think Shehbaz Sharif is DoingAppreciable things for the youth of Pakistan?80%70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10%0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  29. 29. Do you think that Punjab Govt. was workingto make good infrastructure of Lahore only?60%50%40%30% Series120%10%0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  30. 30. Do you think Punjab Govt. was in friendly oppositionwith PPP for last 4.5 years?60%50%40%30% Series120%10% 0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  31. 31. Do you think that Governance of Punjab much better than other Provinces?90%80%70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10%0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  32. 32. Do you think that Metro Busproject is useful for People?70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10%0% Yes No May Be Dont Know
  33. 33. Do you think That Ashiyana Housing Schemes,Labour Colonyand Modern Village projects by Government of the Punjab forpoor people are really appreciable?80%70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10% 0% Appriciable Not Appriciable May Be Dont Know